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Book Review Sovereign Evolution: Manifest Destiny from "Civil Rights" to "Sovereign Rights" by Ezrah Aharone (Reviewed by Dan Tres Omi, The Liberator Magazine) http://weblog.liberatormagazine.com/2009/08/from-civil-rights-to-sovereign-rights.html When the topic of legal sovereignty is brought up, it is usually masked by spookisms and gobbledygook. When one attends lectures on sovereignty one is bombarded with quotes from the Bible or the Qu'ran. Sovereignty is sold as this mysterious legal und
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Ezrah Aharone: During his European debut, a reporter in Strasbourg, France asked President Obama if he subscribes to the school of “American Exceptionalism” as did his predecessors. Being the first Black president and known as a uniter, the question weighs heavy in irony since America’s self-grandiosity is tied to military aggression and presidential legacies that are littered with unapologetic ethnic and cultural indifference. Although not a common term, African Americans should form long line
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Ezrah Aharone's New Book: "Sovereign Evolution"

SOVEREIGN EVOLUTON MANIFEST DESTINY FROM “CIVIL RIGHTS” TO “SOVEREIGN RIGHTS” _____________________________________________________________________ Ezrah AharoneAuthorHouse • 301 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-4389-3858-5 ____________________________________________________________

From emancipation to segregation to integration, African Americans exist today by virtue of a continuum of political evolutions, each of which is built upon prior legacies and achievements. In advancing our political
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