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3828561962?profile=originalHow many of us truly possess the divine knowledge, wisdom and understanding of what a relationship is and what

of thought does your relationship understanding hail from? There are many preconceptions about relationships circulating around society and unfortunately, we are a part of a society that does not respect women and is extremely man driven, creating a very strong male biased understanding. We live in the United States of America: the most mentally, physically, spiritually, sexually and financially dysfunctional nation on the planet and we, the inherited members of its society, find ourselves being plagued by all kinds of mental handicaps and prejudices.

Many of us have been sold on a concept of love that is not doing its nor serving any purpose in the realm of reality. Commercially, love, the cliche, the 4 letter word, the , grosses billions of dollars and metaphorically speaking, breaks as many hearts and so many have succumbed to this false sense of what so many loosely call love, but this love has yet to put out the fires of war, domestic violence, child abuse, murder, rape. If it was real, wouldn't it truly overcome these negatives and a whole lot more? A lot of the time we find ourselves referencing older generational relationships, but whoever said that because a man and woman find themselves married for a long period of time means that that relationship was healthy and progressive in its growth. If a lot of these older past generational relationships were truly and fact the epitome of what a relationship should be that knowledge, wisdom and understanding should have rolled over and been passed on from generation to generation until today, but something is wrong or went wrong because where is the love that so many of us seek? Well, I'll tell you I have come to an understanding of love after surviving its commercial counterpart. Being a man in this society I have had more than my share of run ins and negative conflict in the attempt to come together and manifest this commercial love that hurts more than it helps for it is not real. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing! This love and how it is taught leaves you with no true understanding of what to give yourself and others mentally, physically and spiritually and that is the problem. This commercial love does not reflect the Creator's design of us. Anything that we find ourselves involved with that does not reflect who we are mentally, physically and spiritually, it's not real! Motive without means, we still come up empty and it is that emptiness that we spend a lifetime trying to fill. When a man or woman is being fed mentally, physically and spiritually on a consistent and constant basis they grow and they grow strong always having much to share with others in the process of helping more than themselves to grow and prosper. There is something that I find quite disturbing the Creator created sun and moon, water and fire, day and night, positive and negative, male and female in part, to fulfill a role unique in their individual design, all having validity on their own. But the understanding circulating around society is that the Creator created woman for man this false understanding has enslaved the minds of many women in thinking that their sole purpose in existence is to serve man and that cannot be any further from the truth. A man has validity on his own in part and serves his role. A woman has validity on her own in part and fulfills her role, but when you bring the 2 together they have the power to manifest something godlike. The procreation and creation of another human being, the cycle of life, but in this cycle of bringing new life into existence there is to be an acknowledgement of new life in 3 parts: mind, body and spirit, passing on all that which has been learned so that this new life will grow and evolve and progress in life with an understanding of self and others, making a contribution to its family, community and society at large. So, I say this to say what, with all the inhabitants of this society if this healthy process was taking place we should see the working positive manifestations of it. Love the spirit is very real! Once you have been introduced to the spirit of love, it will possess you and overtake you and move you in ways that you never knew possible mentally, physically and spiritually. Smiling!!

In this society in which we live and share, will we be able to heal and save all? NO! Why, I say? The overwhelming amount of us do not move and operate in an old world indigenous state of mind. We do not study, practice and worship in the way of our ancestors in the mind state that they possessed for hundreds of thousands of years prior to their arrival into the US. But, there is hope because I am living proof that the spirit of love can be found,! It's all around us, but we must learn to tap in and channel that love. People, live in your modern day, but we must incorporate the old with the new for the past is our blueprint for the future in all things. We must cool and calm ourselves, be rational and think, clear our mind of anger, accept the part that we play and stop pointing fingers, we need solutions. Know and understand any man or woman that we happen to come across that we feel has problems and issues. Note: they were not born that way. There are many offspring of this dysfunctional society running around under the negative influence this society teaches, but the key to unlocking the door of the spirit of love is the woman. We all know far too well the evil that men do but women have always been produced in great numbers for a reason that when things get out of hand, off track and out of balance she is cool, calm and collective in her abilities to restore life back to order without anger, resentment or prejudice, but with understanding of the negative side of things and how that side moves and operates. This time around the women are taking their hardest hits ever because they have an enemy that fears them and their ability and possibilities and their power to overthrow this negative. Inside of a woman lies the mysteries, secrets and power to maintain order for within old world societies the woman was the foundation and the structure of the family and community. That understanding is not shared amongst many. We have been told for far too long that knowledge is power, its time to get back to knowledge, living in the know so that we may share, sustain and maintain and bring about the love that is needed to heal self, our mates, families and communities heavily impacting our society, swinging things back into our favor, learning again truly what it means to love and be loved. For there are many that do not know and will not know, if we do not take out the time to know and share. Let's make the difference going forward, down this road, deeper into this new millennium, let's pull together groups who truly have the power to make the difference. The healing must begin, for I do not wish to love alone! I am Kongolini zulu Mau and I stand committed!!Look at what Love Made!
Look at what Love Made!
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