Leonard Cohen/Jew Telling Americans how it is!

Leaonard Cohen-Singing jewish mentality song-Coldcomplete control. my blood it started to boil.YouTube - Martial Law and Swine Flu Part 1..2View ConversationReportToday 12:16 am - permalinkhevidtdon't know if you have seen this one. universal draft.YouTube - Obama's Plan for The Draft- MANDATORY SERVICE everyone 18-25View ConversationReport04-24-2009 01:54 am - permalinkscottnone worse than this:Give me back my broken nightMy secret room, my secret lifeIts lonely hereTheres no one left to tortureGive me absolute controlOver every living soulAnd lie beside me, babyThats an order!Give me crack and anal sexTake the only tree thats leftAnd stuff it up the holeIn your cultureGive back the berlin wallGive me stalin and st. paulIve seen the future, brotherIt is murderChorusThings are going to slide in all directionsWont be nothingNothing you can measure anymoreThe blizzard of the worldHas crossed the thresholdAnd it has overturnedThe order of the soulWhen they said repentI wonder what they meantWhen they said repentI wonder what they meantWhen they said repentI wonder what they meantYou dont know me from the windYou never will, you never didIm the little jewWho wrote the bibleIve seen nations rise and fallIve heard their stories, heard them allBut loves the only engine of survivalYour servant here, he has been toldTo say it clear, to say it coldIts over, it aint goingAny furtherAnd now the wheelsof heaven stopYou feel the devils ridingcropGet ready for the futureIt is murderChorusTherell be the breaking of the ancientWestern codeYour private life will suddenly explodeTherell be phantomsTherell be fires in the roadAnd the white man dancingYoull see the womanHanging upside downHer features covered by her fallen gownAnd all the lousy little poetsComing roundTrying to sound like charlie mansonGive me back the berlin wallGive me stalin and st. paulGive me christOr give me hiroshimaDestroy another fetus nowWe dont like children anyhowIve seen the future, babyIt is murder
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