Leaving Meat Behind and Going Vegan

Eliminating animal use from your life can seem quite straightforward at times, while at others it may seem challenging. For instance, opting out of animal use in entertainment is as simple as not supporting activities that use animals (zoos, circuses, rodeos, etc.). However, once you start looking at food and clothing labels, it can be surprising how many of them use some sort of animal product.
Contemplating the Transition to Vegan

When it comes to clothing, new vegans may find it challenging to replace dress clothes and coats with vegan alternatives, particularly because wool and leather are so frequently used. But, because animal products are not necessary to human health--nor are they generally required to conform to any corporate dress code -- there's no justification for not making the extra effort that may sometimes be involved to source vegan belts, shoes, ties, purses and so forth, much of which can be found online. Locally, used clothing stores and thrift shops tend to carry large quantities of plant-based clothing and synthetics, including cotton shirts, faux leather belts and shoes, wool-free suits, and so on.confused about transitioning to vegan

Some people, compelled as they are to eliminate their use of animals for clothing and entertainment, may still be somewhat concerned about remaining healthy without any animal products in their diet.

Fear not! Anyone can eat a plant-only diet.

The American Dietetic Association stated in 2009 that appropriately planned vegan diets are "healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases." You don't need to live in a larger city with natural food stores and vegan restaurants to be vegan. Vegan foods are merely foods from plants, and those can be found everywhere.3828563310?profile=original

Though plant foods already make up part of your diet, switching to a plant-only diet will likely involve an adjustment to the way you typically plan a meal. Making the change is not as much work as it might sound. Because you can find all the foods you need for a healthy vegan diet at any grocery store, and because many of the basic ingredients you’ll need already reside in your kitchen, cooking vegan can simply be a matter of developing a new repertoire of recipes.

Search the web and you’ll find a wide variety of vegan cooking blogs and recipe sites. Vegan cookbooks can be found at the library or for purchase at your neighborhood bookstore, with many more available for sale online. Put these tools to work, and you’ll soon be putting together satisfying, balanced meals.

Making the Transition Happen

Some people become vegan with no delay. It is quite understandable that, upon recognizing that using animals conflicts with one’s beliefs, one would want to immediately stop using and consuming animals and their products. When taking this step, make sure to do so responsibly. You don't want to leap in without first looking, and then give up because you don't like the way it's going or the way you feel.

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