DECEMBER 20, 2010 ~


In the first of three “End of Year Statements,” H. Khalif Khalifah may have given an early “New Years Resolution” to many in Black America when he called on Blacks in high and low places “to leave your system jobs and do for self” in the coming year.


In no uncertain manner and tone, Khalifah who lives on a 123 acre farm, a tract of the birth land of Nat Turner, previously stated that “corporate America do not deserve the precious minds of our children.


“We must raise up a generation of Black children who will never work in corporate America; nor will they ever have a desire to ‘get a good job’ anyplace in the system.”




The declarative statement is made in a Chapter of his new book, “The Acquisition and Proper Use of Power: The Destruction of White Supremacy. In the Chapter called: Raising a Generation of Black Youth Who Will Never Work in The System” he also gives explicit instructions in how to carry out his suggestion.


But in a “End of Year Statement,” radio show, “Black News Updates,” 12/19/2010, Khalifah effectively raise the stakes in Black America: he asked career folk to give up their job to come into the community and “Do For Self!”


Of course, since the unemployment rates in Black America always hover around 25%; and is presently at an estimated 40% for adults and an astronomical 75% for Black Youth, it will not take much effort to now walk the short distance between not working and futilely looking high and low, being stressed out looking for a non-existent J.O.B.


On first “blush” it may appear ridiculous to ask Black people to give up employment in these tough times. But Khalifah also offers an out when he also declares, “this does not mean leave immediately! Get your affairs in order and commit to insuring that your own children will never work in “the system.” But plan to leave!






Since the “Rulers of America” have “mis-managed the greatest wealth in the history of the world,” Khalifah, an economics student in college, says the  $12-15 Trillion economic debt is because of mis-management.


He openly declares that the trouble in America has a historic, prophetic meaning: so the first thing he advises Black people to do is “insure that you are not on the wrong side of history.” And not to be distracted by the background noise, as people, Black and White, who have taken ownership of the country bicker over what may be the remnants of a failed experiment in White Supremacy (governing people based on the color of their skin).


The next “End of Year Statement on blogtalkradio will be this December 25 between 3 and 3:30 pm.


By H. Khalif Khalifah



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  • South
    I"ve raised my childeren on the concept of having a YOB ( your own business ) instead of a JOB . We learned the word " Entrepernuer " early vocabulary , by any means necessary . Spirit , land , water , Cyberspace etc.
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