Jennifer Hudson A Better Choice For Aretha Franklin

With Halle Berry Saying No To Aretha Bio-Pic, JENNIFER HUDSON is a better choice for Aretha


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Its not all bad news for Aretha Franklin that Halle Berry declined to accept the role to portray Aretha Franklin in a future film on the life of Aretha Franklin. It should not in my judgment be any level of disrespect by Berry of the historic career of Aretha Franklin in that she is a great actress but I had a hard time picturing Berry in the role of Aretha Franklin, but the also award winning singer/actress Jennifer Hudson is a much better pic for Aretha Franklin and I hope that Aretha Franklin would consider, and I hope for that matter Jennifer Hudson had an opinion on whether she feels she fits the part of Aretha Franklin.

Jennifer Hudson was born and raised in the inner city like Aretha, and like Franklins roots and career, Jennifer Hudson is also grounded in the foundation of the church as her foundation in music and spirit. Jennifer Hudson, like Aretha Franklin keeps her roots in the church even as she soars in R&B and pop music and while different circumstances Jennifer Hudson like Aretha Franklin has had to overcome personal and professional challenges that their foundation in their families, church and faith and their music saw them through. Yes Jennifer Hudson is a natural fit for the role to capture the life and legacy of the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin.

And of course, because of the natural talent that Jennifer Hudson displayed in her role in The Dreamgirls movie showed her ability before the major movie screen, and of course there would be NO NEED for her to have to have any other female vocalist or Aretha soundtracks to be played over her lip syncing, for any music critic or fan would agree that Jennifer Hudson's own vocals are a natural to perform her own vocals in portraying the legendary music of Aretha Franklin.

Of course I am not on the list of known music and film critics whose opinion people would consider legitimate to discuss my point of view, but I did not jump for joy at the announcement that Aretha announced that Halle Berry was chosen to portray her for nothing other than ensuring that she had someone of star studded status for box office appeal in the choice of Berry. I was however later overjoyed to read the following headlines that Berry had not accepted the role of Aretha Franklin and did not even read the entire story as to why she declined, but in my judgment it was the right choice for she was not the right fit. But as far as star status and box office appeal or however the film will be distributed, Jennifer Hudson has gained star status as an actress and of course she has as a R&B and pop music artist; and movie/film critic appeal and would more than be followed to the box office or Cable network as Aretha Franklin.

With the latest health scare facing Aretha, now is the right time for Aretha Franklin to finish this biography of her historic life and Jennifer Hudson is uniquely qualified to fill the role of Aretha. She certainly has the look, sound, and vocal power, as well as the gospel roots of a young Aretha whose music and career laid the foundation during an era which ultimately crowned her The Queen of Soul. Jennifer Hudson has my four stars for consideration by Aretha Franklin, and hope my unprofessional opinion can catch the interests the actual film noted analysts in music, film and music, and of course Aretha. .

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