Insight of Human Resource Management

Management is the core of every business house. Business concern can appoint any number of employees to fulfill their demand and supply. But the recent economic downfall has observed a sudden cost cutting within the organization and the demand for a better resource management is felt. Business houses are switching over to human resource as a key for better management of their work force as well as to enhance profitability and performance of the concern. It is a set of programs, activities and function designed and moved out to increase both individual and organizational potency.

Human Resource has the ability to serve the organization to extract the best from their staff. Organization can reach their goals by following effective and strategic management of Human Resources. It is the process of attracting, selecting and training, assessing and rewarding the employees. It is a method of creating business values through systematic movement of work force. Earlier it was limited to payroll and benefit management but due to globalization and advancement in market strategies it is no more limited to payroll but also looks after merger and acquisitions, succession and diversity, talent search, social responsibilities etc.

To get the most from the employee’s human resource has been devised in such a way that it enhances the motivation, performance and productivity of the staff. Human Resource keeps a constant search in developing better and new methods of working

For large establishment it is impossible to work without an HR division as it is wholly responsible to look after the day to day working, and which affect a company’s work force. They are responsible with the task of wages, insurance, safety codes, transportation and other function attributed towards the proper business functioning. Over the years human resource management has proved be an integral part of the organization and it has developed in it to give the best out of it. It is essential to handle human resources as they assist in the prosperity and progress through the committed and creative efforts and competencies of their human resources. A strong work condition can occur only when the working relationships between all the workers are constituted, leading to an overall development of every individual employee as well as the organization on a whole and human resource is best in delivering that.

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