SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA JANUARY 19, 2009 While the United States of America, and the world celebrate and anticipate the inauguration of the first African in history to the presidency of the “American experiment,” as Dr. Obadele I Obadele, former president of The Republic of New Afrika refers to it – Black Community Organizers held series of summit meetings on the land where one of Black America’s most reverent Community Organizer in history, Nat Turner, led the Black Liberation Army of 1831 in a revolt to free every Black man, woman and child that was held captive in chattel slavery at that time. Most of the Meetings deliberated around strains of traditional Black nationalist principles and practices that is one of the philosophies that made it possible for Black people to survive to see the election of Barack Obama, and his wife Michelle to the highest jobs in the USA. There was complete agreement about the nature of work that still must be done, just as it was when Nat Turner, and INDEED, when Obama was a Community Organizer. The rise of Community Organizer Barack Obama represent the rise of one kind of aspirant who serve as Community organizers. The discussions expected to enhance the possibilities for the rise of others. The aftermath of the chattel slavery, even in 2009, causes Black people to live fundamentally the same. The 400 years of captivity, second-class citizenship, and other forms of oppression is a prevailing bloody, brutal experience. Everyone at the gathering at the Khalifah Estates, in Southampton County, Virginia agreed that the inauguration Obama is good and, is in the Natural Order of the creation; they also agreed that prevailing the “energy” in community today, not Obama the person, would have a significant impact on all aspects of life in America – INCLUDING the life of the noble descendants of captured black people, whose forced migration was for the expressed purpose to “beat back the bush where the skyscraper now stands.” For the good, welfare and enrichment of white people. It was also agreed that there would no fundamental difference in the present day status of the Black man and woman unless the dreams and aspirations of Black descendants whose guiding principles and practices are Black nationalist are also achieved. GUIDING PRINCIP0LES AND LOVE FOR BLACK PEOPLE The “guiding principles”, practice and love for Black people, liberty and freedom are specifically the ways and means that are employed by Black nationalist, independents and other sincere Community Organizers who do their work in the “gut” of the Black community by choice. As the world knows by now, the graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, soon to be, President of the United State, Barack Obama also made such a choice. While this is a good thing for all concerned, it was also agreed that the rise of Barack Obama from Community Organizer to president, is but a sterling example for one stream of thought that caused the survival of Black people. To the last delegate who attended the Black Community Organizers Summit, it was agreed we must work harder than ever to evolve the other streams of Principles and Practices that prevail in the National Black Community. The summit began on Friday, January 16, but it was not formally convened until Saturday, January 17. The following is the Opening Address by its Convener, H. Khalif Khalifah: IN ALL OF THE MOST MERCIFUL, MOST GRACIOUS, MOST DEVOTING, THE MOST SUPPORTING NAMES OF ALLAH, THE CREATOR, SUSTAINER AND CHERISHER OF THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH ALL PRAISE TO THEE FOR BLESSING US TO BE WITHIN THY GRACE, AT THIS TIME, IN THIS PLACE, IN OUR SEVERAL STATES OF MIND Brothers and Sisters, friend and …I don’t see any, but I know you are here in one form or another…friends and enemies! Welcome to the summit of Black nationalist, students, and independent Black community organizers. We are here today to deliberate on and discuss plans to network and strategize, ways and means to do our work, now that the president of the USA will be a Black man! We know there may well be some folk who are confused, and think that the election Barack Obama means Black people are now free. But these are folk whose aspiration for our people was always equality within the confines of the systems that was built on our blood, sweat and tears. Now that one of their aspirants is the president of the country, they too are discussing what their posture should be. So our people are not fooled. We all know the election of Barack Obama means we must work even harder to achieve our objectives. This is especially true of us ‘Community Organizers” whose aspirations for Black people are the same as Barack Obama – PLUS! We want complete equality under every law in the book. But we are convinced that equality under the law will not mean complete freedom for black people – things like Reparations and Self-determination… It is my pleasure and honor to welcome you to the land where the best known Black community, organizer, activist, worker or whatever we are called, in the history of Black America, was born, slaved, found his life purpose, planned, organized the Black Liberation Army and enacted our the most successful revolt in history. Yes, Nat Turner was the best known Community Organizer until the advent of Barack Obama. Like Barack Obama Nat Turner acquired a great knowledge about life and the condition of his people. Once he got the knowledge he was of a mind to apply that knowledge to the condition of the Black people. As he contemplated on this desire, knowledge of self caused him to also realize his life purpose. Then in trying to develop a course to fulfill his life purpose, he realized he had choices as to how to achieve his task. They, Nat Turner and Barack Obama, like many of us understood there were choices to fulfill their purposes. Barack Obama decided not to follow the Natural progression in America from Columbia University and Harvard Law School. Nat Turner, after running away from the plantation, also decided not to follow the Natural progression and continue to get as far away from the brutality as possible. Both made decisions to return from whence they’d come and become Community Organizers. Nat Turner went back to the plantation in 1825 and planned, planned and made more plans, while he prepared himself to fulfill his purpose. Barack Obama went back to the modern equivalent of the devastated Black community. It is obvious when you examine his life in Chicago that he was planning to be elected president of the USA all the while. He planned, planned and made more plans… The point I am making is that Both Black men decided to work in the black community by Choice. And that is what those of us who are invited to be a part of this Summit Meeting also does: We choose to live and work in the Black community by choice! When Barack Obama reach the limits of his idea about Freedom, Justice and Equality, we are here to insure that “aluta continua’ – the struggle will continue. Are there any questions? We will answer any and all questions. Since there aren’t any questions, we will convene two meetings, one this morning and one this afternoon to discuss the following: 1. REPARATIONS 2. FOOD AND SHELTER 3. SECURITY 4. THE DOCUMENTATION OF OUR SURVIVAL FROM 1555 TO THE ELECTION OF BARACK OBAMA. 5. TOUR THE NAT TURNER TRAIL Contact: H. K. Khalifah…(704) 277-1462
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