The Pan Afrikanist Steering Committee of Namibia against The United Nations Resolution 1973 (PSCNAUNR)        

6th June 2011


The Bombardment of Libya is an act of War and a  Desecration of the Afrikan Homeland by a set of Europeans


a)   The Pan Afrikanist Steering Committee of Namibia Against The United Nations Resolution 1973 (PSCNAUNR), notes with deep sadness, the appalling atrocity being committed by NATO’s bombardment, the protracted sponsoring of mercenaries described as rebels by European Governments to kill, maim, destroy local infrastructures, attack Afrikans and presenting to the world Black Afrikans as Gaddaffi’s forces, thus leading to ethnic cleansing, where such people are living in fear of their lives within Libya. This violates Afrikan human rights and violates the territorial integrity of Afrika and its people. The PSCNAUNR now calls upon the Government of Namibia, a member state of the Afrikan Union (AU), without further delay, demand that the United Nations Assembly put an immediate cessation to the aggression and genocide against the people of Libya and the Afrikan people therein.

b)  We note, with deep regret that there was an Official AU Road Map in place under Article 20 of the United Nations’ Charter, wherein the AU Delegation was positioned to meet with the sovereign leader of Libya and the Western sponsored Rebels. Before the AU could carry out its legal and moral duty, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), under the guise of the UN, deliberately started its bombardment under a hidden agenda for Regime Change, contrary to the principles enshrined within the said Article.  This represents a desecration of Afrika and genocide, as part of the Fratral Doctrine.   [They will attack one state together while others watch until their turn to be attacked comes, and they will fight all by themselves and get defeated. No individual state can defeat these fellows]. Yet when we are united as like during the independence struggle we will emerge victorious. The Europeans through NATO cannot be allowed to ignore the AU and override Africa in the second colonial bid.  It is now crystal clear that the motive behind Resolution 1973 was of a sinister nature, in the first instance representing a Declaration of War, as demonstrated by attacks and acts of aggression against a sovereign state of the AU. This has thus culminated in Crimes against Humanity. Therefore we demand the immediate removal of those NATO terrorists from that area and that they be speedily brought to justice.

c)    As Pan Afrikanists, the PSCNAUNR calls upon our brothers and sisters across the globe for the defense of Afrika and its people in respect of NATO’s act of war against an Afrikan State. An attack on one is an attack on all; we therefore reserve the right inter alia to defend ourselves by any means necessary. 

d)  The PSCNAUNR further notes that the United Nations 1973 Resolution was a deception from the first instance, the Brain Child of the USA, France and Britain, a group of reputed war mongers within the Security Council and whose track records are well known on the globe, who had indeed succeeded in fooling the Members of that Honorable Council of the UN, under the false pretence that the said Resolution was for the protection of civilians.  From the evidence so far, NATO and the Western backed mercenaries are the ones killing civilians and destroying the infrastructure of that Afrikan state, where genocide has become an every day occurrence and where NATO has gone beyond the scope of the Resolution, in attempting to assassinate  the sovereign leader of that state, which according to the International Criminal Court (ICC) statute Article 5, 6 and 7 constitute an unlawful act. All these actions have nothing to do with the protection of civilians and that the real motive manifested so far is for Regime Change and a programme of re-colonization.

e)   PSCNAUNR  demands that, in the interest of safeguarding humanity, our territorial integrity and in the pursuit of Justice that two Permanent Seats be created on the UN Security Council within the same time span it took to enact Resolution 1973 and this should not go beyond three months. One Seat for the AU and One for Caribbean Union (CARICOM).

f)     In the mean time PSCNAUNR calls upon our Government and fellow AU members to recall our Ambassadors and to expel all Ambassadors whose countries are directly involved in the bombardment of Libya within 3 days, until the war of aggression is called off.

g)   The PSCNAUNR encourages the AU to continue with its policy of non recognition against governments via coup d‘ etat  which historically  has been the mechanism through which the West, particularly those bombing Afrika under the NATO flag ,has maintained Afrika’s backwardness, continued with the exploitation and plundering and  prevented democratic progress. 

h)  We the Pan Afrikanists demand an immediate Trade Embargo and the freezing of all assets of those governments and their people that have declared war against Libya and we call upon the AU Assembly to effect this programme of action without delay.

We the Pan Afrikanists, Friends of Afrika and the peace loving people of humanity hereby, call upon the Government of Namibia and the AU to mobilize a National March (es) on the  11th June 2011 against the UN, NATO, US, France, Italy and Britain program of Regime Change in Libya.   


The Pan Afrikanist Steering Committee of Namibia Against The United Nations Resolution 1973 (PSCNAUNR)

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  • Canada
    Praise God,,,this is the call that is needed,this is life or death,knowing the hard work that bro. Col.Gadhafi has put in to unite Africa,if all AU members do not rise to defend self than we can say that africa and its children has been betrayed,we must stand up to our enemies...praise is due to the PSCNAUNR
  • Europe

    Praise is due to the PSCNAUNR for taking this honourable and principled stand.

    We have been lied to and have been fed nothing but vicious imperialist propaganda

    about this affair.

    It is now clear that the role of the UN is to provide a "legal" cover and justification for the

    hypocrisy and criminality of the imperialist powers. The UN is nothing but a tool for the promotion of the imperialist's economic interests.

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