"Come join VaNessa Duplessie this week as she takes the mystery out of Outsourcing. Have you ever wondered how the most successful and productive people get it all done? Article Writing, Blogging, Social Media, Video Marketing, Prospecting, Lead Generation, oh my! In the world of running your own home based business there's only so much time in the day, especially if you are only working your business part time. Heck, even if you're working your business full time - you are only one person and there is so much that needs to get done. What about those of us who aren't technical? Or maybe we're technical and not creative? Help is available! It's called Outsourcing. In this webinar you'll learn: What Outsourcing really means to your business profits Learn what to outsource and what to keep in-house Find out when it makes sense to start Outsourcing Get information on the top 5 places to find outsourcers for your specific needs ( Learn how to write your job posting and evaluate potential freelancers Find out how to avoid a bad outsourcing experience (this is no fun and wastes time and money) VaNessa will take you inside her business and show you what she has done over the last few years to increase her productivity, reduce her stress level and raise her profit margins." -VaNessa And of course, there will be time for Q&A, so bring the questions you want to know more about."


-Ms Duplessie and I are members of the same organization, EMPOWERED ENTREPRENEURS, LLC, in different capacities. I am an affiliate marketer tied into 12 or more programs within the system.

 This seminar, like so many others is for members, so it is private. If you, as a home-based business owner, feel you need to be kept up-to-date on all the technology that is cutting edge in our industry, I would suggest you join me in THE7FIGURENETWORKER ? Once you are a full member, this webinar will be held in your online back-office for future review any time you choose. Please join me below?

My cost as a member monthly in 7FIGURE  is $49.77. Please read the 'disclaimer' on the online application as you have a 7 day grace period at a cost of one dollar before you are billed the $49.77 monthly fee. Realize too, EMPOWERED ENTREPRENEURS has other products for its membership and they do have a cost. All is the price of doing business any place on Earth. I certainly believe they are all worth it via Jonathan Budd and company.

Thank you for this moment,

Mr. Torgbui Ametefe

(Van Brown)

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