On Thursday, May 19th, the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee will observe the 86th anniversary of the birth of Malcolm X with the annual pilgrimage to his gravesite at Ferncliff Cemetery in Ardsley, NY.

 Joined by the Sons and Daughters of Afrika and the New Black Panther Party, busses will assemble at the Harlem St Office Building, 163 W. 125th St. in Harlem at 9am.


There is a donation of $8.00 and $5.00 for adults and children respectively. Families and groups interested in making reservations must do so in advance by calling 718 512 5008.

The pilgrimage to the gravesite was conceived by Malcolm’s late ‘big’ sister Ella Little-Collins and has been observed every year since 1966. The Malcolm X Commemoration Committee expanded participation in the pilgrimage by more than double its early participation since their first participation in 1993.

In 2000, Baba James Small who has maintained the pilgrimage and has overseen almost everyone since its inception, asked the New Black Panther Party, to serve as the ceremony’s ‘Honor Guard.’ The Party has proudly been a fixture in that role ever since.


This year’s pilgrimage takes place on the heels of a controversial biography that we recently released that serious supporters of Malcolm’s legacy deplore and are deeply resentful of how it is being promoted as “definitive.”


“Last year, we faced the drama of the release of Talmadge Hayer, one of the assassins,” said Zayid Muhammad, the organization’s press officer.


“This year, we face the promotional campaign of a book that directly attacks Malcolm’s personal, literary and family legacy with a viciousness we resent to the fullest.”


Muhammad was referring to the recently released biography, Malcolm X, A Life of Reinvention, by the late Manning Marable. It has been condemned by Malcolm’s daughters and others close to his legacy.

“Malcolm’s critical revolutionary clarity and disciplined, principled and incorruptible example of practice is as crucial to us in these times now as he has ever been,” said a furious Zayid Muhammad, press officer for the Committee.


“This book, with its cowardly attempts to cheapen Malcolm, is being used to undermine that legacy in order to deny our youth an appreciation of that most needed clarity and example.”


A more detailed critical review of the controversial work will be forthcoming.



PO BOX 380-122, BROOKLYN, NY 11238
718 512 5008

“You get your freedom by letting your enemy know

that you’ll do anything to get it!”…

Malcolm X




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  • DMV
    I have made this pilgrimage before (2007) and know how spiritual it is. I even got the chance to meet one of Malcolm's daughters. If you can make the trip, do so. You won't regret it.
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