Get A Functional Unity Calendar for Your City

A Functional Unity Calendar for Your City? What would it mean if all or most progressive African (Black) organizations and institutions in your city all used a single online calendar to post their events and to check the events of other organizations and institutions? And what if the calendar allowed for great detail; including contact phone, web and email information? And what if the calendar was dynamic: letting you post events months and years ahead? And what if the calendar and a dedicated email account were offered to your city at absolutely no cost – FREE? The African Community Centers for Unity and Self- Determination, Inc. is offering an online Functional Unity Calendar to cities with significant African (Black) populations throughout North America. The only requirement is that two or more Brothers and/or Sisters volunteer to manage and promote the calendar in that city. The mission and aim of the African Community Centers is to develop and perfect a System of Unity for our people globally. The “Functional Unity Calendars” are one aspect of a comprehensive undertaking to promote respect and cooperation among various elements in our community. Individuals and organizations interested in having a Functional Unity Calendar for their city should email us at and include a contact name and phone number. And please, list your city. Review the Atlanta “Functional Unity Calendar as an example:
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