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Monique Caradine recently peaked at over 30,000 viewers on her weekly "Perspectives" TV Talk show that airs Sundays at 12:00 Noon (CST) on FOX Affiliate WPWR My50 in Chicago. These were a hard foight for 30,000 viewers for when you look at My50 Chicago during the week, you will see station promotions for all other network programing to watch for, BUT you never see any local promotions to watch Monique Caradine's Sunday Talk Show, or The Chicago Urban League's TV News show on the network!!
Over these years of watching the show, Monique Caradine has passed the hat from her commercial supporters and from local supporters and used her own money to pass out flyers, done weekly e-mail blasts, used Facebook pages and other social media networks, and now that she is back on WVON-AM on Fridays mornings to promote and recruit viewers for her weekly Sunday Talk Show. But if Caradine can do all this self promotion that has now having her reach over 30,000 viewera, JUST THINK how many new viewers her show could reach if The FOX Network would actually do some real station promotions on Monique Caradine, as well as the parent station MyFoxChicago (WFLD) could also use Caradine with it's local news outreach on its various special community news broadcasts. The community surely knows her after she became known as "Mo In The Midday" on Chicago's legendary 24hour Black news/talk station WVON-AM 1690.
Many people end up watching Caradine when they are watching an existing program, or just channel surfing, but Caradine in my judgement in her 15 year broadcasting career as well as The Chicago Urban League has earned the right to be better supported by WPWR station and would certainly generate thousands of more viewers if they did more local promotions of these Sunday shows as they do the major network programs. You see absolutely NO local promotion by WPWR on ANY of their local programming promotions of Monique Caradine. Its almost as if they only have these Sunday shows on just to satisfy some local community programming FCC commitment but not seriously promoting viewing the Sunday news shows as they do in regularly reminding viewers to watch"House" and other shows on the station.
I would make this public appeal to WPWR to make the right decision and start some real investment with new local promotions of The Monique Caradine "Perspectives" TV Show as well as The Chicago Urban League's show on Sundays on the My50 station. And I would encourage the local and national FOX stations to use the talents of Monique Caradine for their many special commuinity news outreach efforts since she uses the same station facilities as the other known FOX News persoanlities like Robin Robinson, Darlene Hill and others!!
Again, with her own grassroots local promotions, she has recently peaked at 30,000 viewers, and JUST THINK of how many more thousands of new viewers Caradine would reach with some real promotion from WPWR.
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