First, I list the words “Black and African” in this commentary with a slash because I view these words to be interchangeable. I believe that all Black people are some type of African people, given the evidence, so I don’t debate it.  Next, I am not a professional writer, nor do I plan to be.  There’s already enough Black scholars, writers, professional speakers, etc. What we need are more doers, more problem solvers, more sound-minded strategic leaders.  I try to be one of the Black folks mentioned in this latter group.  Finally, I want list some solutions at the end of this “rant”, that is probably way too long.   However, I want to drive home the gravity of the situation, hence the long “rant”.

Now.  We notice that global anti-Black racism and violence is growing against Black/African people... from the uninhibited police killings here in the United States to Chinese business owners imprisoning and beating their African employees…on the African continent…to  the brutal treatment of Blacks in the Saudi Arabia (especially domestic servants), all the way back to a resurgence in anti-Black violence in Europe!  When one examines the obvious global state of siege Black folks are facing, one would think that Black social media and traditional media programs would be immersed in practical, self-empowerment articles, news, and videos designed to help us SURVIVE and PREVENT the genocide that is being planned against us.  Sadly, they are engaged in petty squabbles, excessive entertainment news, “gender war” posts, attacks on other Black people, conspiracy theories with little to no conspiracy facts, Black folks openly supporting anti-Black supremacy under the guise of “conservatism”, and foolishness of all kinds.

For example, let’s take the Black YouTube channels dedicated to criticizing Black men and Black women.  I noticed that at the same time “Black Love” became more popular, and we see several POSTIVE Black folks on traditional media and social media: promoting positive Black relationships and counseling for Black men and women, Black married men & women, etc…there was almost an exponential rise in Black female bashing and Black male bashing on so-called “Black” YouTube channels to counter this positive movement!  Additionally, the founders of these platforms are very good at pointing out “news” that support their views, while ignoring news to the contrary.  The comment sections of these channels are filled with rhetoric angry, misdirected Black folks and agents of anti-Black supremacy designed to encourage Black men and women to hate each other, while offering token criticism against anti-Black supremacy, when anti-Black supremacy is mentioned at all!  Simultaneously, these “Black” Youtubers are telling you to “like and subscribe” to their channels, buy their tee shirts, and support them financially on Patreon.  Some of these traitors are not content to stay on social media sights that support their dirty work.   As usual, even on the most positive, solution-oriented social medial posts for Black folks, there’s always someone who has something negative to say.  I remember visiting a blog within a website designed to encourage healthy Black family relationships.  A relationship expert presented a problem and suggested solutions for the readers to use.  The naysayer said her piece.  It was so mean spirited and contrary to purpose of the website, that I felt compelled to reply to her.  She then revealed that she was a member of a group whose sole purpose was to promote the interracial relationships with White men!  I then stated that she was on the wrong website.  I don’t know if the webmasters banned her or not, but it was a reminder of how intensely we Black/African folks have been mentally conquered.

However, I wisely avoid most of the foolishness listed above, though I used to wonder about it and often am frustrated by it.  Regardless, our wise race soldiers, to include scholars and even a couple entertainers, reminded me of the concepts of meritorious manumission and the reward modern day “slaves” get for buck dancing on behalf of anti-Black supremacy.  During the period of chattel slavery among most European controlled nations, meritorious manumission involved an enslaved African gaining his freedom by saving the life of a White person, snitching on enslaved Africans who planned to rebel, some equivalent form of property or life-saving act, or other ways to betray Black enslaved African people.  Nowadays, it involves Black people attaining instant fame…or infamy…and money, by criticizing everything about Black/African people that is a threat to anti-Black supremacy.  Unfortunately, “brothas” and “sistas” with low ma’atian /moral character realized that YouTube, Instagram, Facbook, and other social media platforms can help them obtain this meritorious manumission from their current socio-economic status!  Now it all comes together.  These Black/African folks are modern day profiteers, exploiting the pain of the mislead masses of our people!  The more “likes and subscribes” you give them, the more they will “expose” this sister or that brother.  The more $15.00 Patreon donations they receive from you, the more their competition will get “demolished” in a verbal rant on their next video.  Meanwhile, racist cops are still killing us in America.  A plethora of white men and women: “Beckys and Brads” they are called; are so confident in the system of White supremacy they benefit from, that dozens of them are losing their jobs just to call the cops on Black folks for…breathing!  Then, these “jobless” White folks open up crowdfunding websites, some of them receiving up to 5 figure income of monetary donations in a matter of hours!   Even on the African continent and the Caribbean, the Chinese are bold enough to discriminate against, beat, sexual assault, and even shoot their Black employees.  Modern-day capture and enslavement is alive and well on the African continent…with Arab participation so bold, that the Lebanese Ambassador to Nigeria recently walked out of a meeting targeting the mistreatment, AND ENSLAVEMENT, of Nigerian domestic workers in Lebanon.  No respect for Nigerians at all!  As recent as May 3, 2020, the White mob mentality was so prevalent here in the U.S., that an off-duty police officer, still in uniform, escorted an armed White mob to the house of a Black teenager they assumed had something to do with the disappearance of a White teen.  Due to the efforts of the teen and his mother, the mob eventually learned that not only did they have the wrong Black man…but the White girl just ran away from home!   Meanwhile, “back at the ranch”, Black folks on both sides of the Atlantic are arguing over the slave-master created differences between continental Africans and descendants of enslaved Africans…differences that were literally brutalized, and raped into our ancestors.  None of these so-called “differences” are natural…so why do we keep giving our enslavers more imaginary power, behaving as if their man-made differences are of OUR making??? Simultaneously, while our Black talking heads are immersed in the alleged marriage problems of Jada Pinket Smith and Will Smith…Richard Spencer, Steve Bannon (former Aid to the current president and founder of Brietbart Magazine), and Don Black (founder of Stormfront magazine) continue to conduct their world tours of White supremacy in Europe, the United States, and even South America.  The regime of Brazilian president, Jair Balsonaro has appeared to be indistinguishable from the current regime here in the United States, defending the Portuguese-to-Brazil slave trade of the past (largest in the Americas, by the way), endorsing racist police violence, surrounding himself with Black sell-outs that claim racism does not exist anymore, etc.  Not too long ago, before angering too many White folks in Newton, CT, and therefore receiving an economic punch in the form a law suit…Alex Jones (White American founder of Info wars propaganda posing as “news”) was encouraging White people here in America to go to South Africa and save the racist land thieves from the imaginary epidemic of murders that Black folks were inflicting on White famers.  In reality Black “employees” of these White landowners are routinely mistreated and beaten…just like the “good ol” apartheid era!  To make matters worse, Alex Jones called for reparations for White folks in the recent past…not the Black Americans whos ancestors made it possible for a demon like him to get an opportunity in America!  And once again, what do we find on Black social media while the likes of these demonic anti-Black supremacists are growing in organized militarized, and economic support…foolishness.  More Black men bashing, more Black women bashing and getting paid for it.  Black “conservatives” openly siding with White supremacists and White supremacist talking points.  Keep in mind that these Black “conservatives” are well paid by the economic wing of White supremacy.   

Generally, no solutions to many problems that our people face are offered by our social media pundits.  Too often, when solutions are offered by these “talking heads” , they are generally weak, misleading, or one dimensional…while anti-Black supremacy’s attacks are multi-dimensional (cultural, economic, political, physical, educational, military). Whenever comments are directed on them by anyone calling them out on their foolishness, a ruthless cycle of “exposing” someone as an alleged “agent” ensues.  End result:  everybody is overly suspicious of each other, less educated brothers and sisters coming to them are discouraged from doing anything of consequence that is “pro Black” or Pan-African, and the talking heads get contributions on Patreon as they post another video of railing accusations against another Black person on Facebook Live and Instagram.  We even have foolish Black folks saying Black people don’t need leaders as a result of this foolishness.  Meanwhile, the LEADERES of White supremacy are gorging themselves on our lands, resources, and suffering!   I won’t even take the time to go into the “preaching to the choir” videos that remind us how much the world hates us (Black/African people).

So, what should be done to STOP this madness and REVERSE THIS TREND.  First, we African/Black folks must be about solution-oriented methods to our plight.  Next, we must DRASTICALLY reduce our time on watching and listening to these media platforms while we actually WORK our methods.  Then, we must strategically watch and listen to media platforms that, while highlighting the problems in the Black/African community, express means to alleviate these problems!  Solutions oriented news can go a long way.  Solutions oriented conversations do too.  There are success stories that need to be shared and nationalized…liked and subscribed to.  Like When Black folks shut down a gas station of a guy who was disrespecting the Black community in Houston a few years ago…then opening up a Black-owned gas station. There’s practical ideas that will work…if they get the critical mass of Black economic and public policy support they need…like the proposed URLEIA law, concerning racist, unbridling policing here in the United States (  There are Black folks attempting to focus on 22 items that are practical and will work for Black folks…and does not require anyone to be a profiteer of Black pain and despair (  If things are done right, Black folks can actually make a spiritual and moral justified profit in the form of true Black liberation.  Don’t be fooled by the profiteers of Black pain.  They’re promoting foolishness in the face of genocide.


Well, I’m not a professional writer, so if you’re looking for something more “prophetic” or something to move the crowd, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re looking for some solutions…I just provide at least a couple.



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