By Gloria Dulan-Wilson ~

  This venerable event has been around now longer than most of Brooklyn's residents- celebrating 54 years and counting. It's full of wonderful, creative work from time honored and new artists – local and national. Interestingly enough, with June also being Black Music Month and Caribbean Heritage Month, there is a cross section of cultures converging on this tiny, yet highly signficant little part in Bed-Stuy – on Fulton between Lewis and Marcus Garvey Boulevards.

Starting every Saturday and Sunday, from 12:00 until 6:00 PM, there wil be paintings, sculptures, photograpy, collages, stained glass creations, as well as entertainment – Jazz artist, R& B and Gospel performers, dancers, poets – you name it, they'll be there. And, according to the weather report the days will be beautiful, balmy, perfect for getting out and about – hanging with your friends, sampling the savory food, and of course, purchasing some of the original, one of a kind art work that you'll find no where else on the planet.

Those artists interested in exhibiting at the upcoming FULTON ART FAIR should contact them at 347-661-7258; or go online at www.fultonartfair.com. Those interested in becoming members, or volunteering to make this undertaking and even greater success can likewise contact them via the same information. Member benefits include broadenig your networking base, with greater access to the public; free exhibition space at the annual Fulton Art Fair; elgibility for juried awards and prizes; referrals to other art venues; and being prominently listed in the annual FAF Brochure and on the Website.

So mark your calendars for the next three week-ends in June, starting today: Saturday, June 16; Sunday, June 17; Saturday June 23, Sunday, June 24; Saturday June 30; Sunday July 1 – and of course the following week end is theAFRICAN STREET FESTIVAL at Commodore Barry Park. That should keep you busy for at least a New York minute or two.

The Sensational Josephine Baker, a triumphant tour de force on the life and times of Diva and toast of Paris, Josephine Baker, will be performed at the Beckett Theatre,410 W. 42nd St (bet. 9 & 10 Ave.); will do a benefit performance in honor of African Voices Magazine, which recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary. This wonderful historical play about the life and times of LaBaker, was written and performed by Cheryl Howard, taking us from her early life in St. Louis, MO, to becoming the toast of Paris, and an activist and advocate for her people. The show starts at 6:00PM, Tix are $50.00, and will go to support and expand the wonderful work African Voices does in support of Black writers and Black literati. For additional information contact African Voices at (212) 865-2982; or log on to www.africanvoices.com.

There are a ton of Junteenth Activities coming up, but to me, as a New Yorker, this one is the most important of them all – so try not to miss it:


MAYORAL DECISION: 2013 - Party and Politics

With Former NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson - Candidate for Mayor of the City of New York. The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce will showcase, along with NDD Chairs Thomas Acosta and Howard Teich,  an opportunity to meet, hear and have conversation with all the NYC mayoral candidates, as well as network with other business and professional New Yorkers.  It's called Party and Politics. We are particularly proud to have Former NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson special guest in this second in the series. Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6:00 - 7:30 PM; TAMMANY HALL TAVERN - 218 East 53rd Street (betw. 2nd&3rd Ave.)

Cash Bar.   A festive time for all. Please note: All Member Contributions will made payable to NY Chamber PAC will help fund candidates running for elected office . Friends $20; VIP $100; Sponsors $250. RSVP TO: jaffe@chamber.com.

 Personally, just so you know, I'm backing Bill Thompson, and I truly hope that New Yorkers have learned their lesson this time around and will go all out to make sure there are no more slip ups in securing a mayor for all New Yorkers, not just the elite, well heeled sychophants who have managed to continue grinding the rest of the city under their heels.

Chet Whye, head of Harlem for Obama, is bringing EMERGING YOUNG WOMEN to The Apollo Soundstage this Tuesday June 19 at 6:30PM.  The actual title is, "The State of Women in Politics - Emerging Women Speak" and includes  Michaela angela Davis as moderator, with speakers Esther Armah, Glynda Carr, Tamika Mallory and L. Joy Williams.   According to Chet: “ We were examining the true status of women in the political landscape when we came to this realization: Enterprising young women in New York and right here in Harlem run businesses, civic organizations, non-profits and institutions.  Yet, there is a profound underrepresentation of women running for elected office. In this time of major transition and as we make decisions that will affect our community for generations, we need to break down any barriers perceptual and structural to our best and brightest taking the reins in elected office.  event is ticketed to cover costs.” The ticketed event will include a networking reception (complimentary wine and hors d'oeuvres). Contact (646) 593-7911 or log on to: www.emergingwomen.eventbrite.com.

Tuesday, June 26: VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE – I am unabashedly saying to all my fellow New Yorkers, as well as those in other states who may have primaries coming up on this, or any other, date – don't allow this time to slip by. Vote, make sure your neighbors, friends, associates, vote. And make sure you vote Democrat so that President Obama will have the support he needs when he is re-elected. Let's not allow any opportunity to secure our base to pass us by. The last two years should have taught us something about taking things for granted, and for allowing the elections to be determined by dollars and yellow journalism. A great deal of ground was lost because we didn't do our job and support those candidates President Obama needed to help get important legislation passed. Our majority went from Democrat to Republican, and the rest has been constant harangue to get the Rep-ugh-blican to pass just simple humanity oriented legislations. I strongly suggest that, unless you are a raving masochist, you don't let thishappen again on your watch.

Additionally, if you have relatives, friends, associates in those states that are hostile to the President, make it your business, as a committee of one, to send them ongoing updates of the good things the President is doing, and why it's important for them to make sure they vote for him. No doubt, the information is not getting to them, and we can't leave anything to chance. The Koch brothers and the red-neck tea baggers are hoping that we will, and that they will have enough money to buy the election from under the American people. I'm betting that we won't get fooled by their garbage.

We have lot at stake here in New York. Not only do we have to re-elect Yvette Clarke, of the llth CD in Brooklyn, but Congressman Edolphus Towns, who is retiring this year, has two equally competent brothers vying for his seat: New York State Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries, and New York City Councilman Charles Barron. I know, like and respect both of these Black men. Both have strong track records, both have large favorable, positive followings. But unfortunately, only one can be sent to DC. And because I consider them both friends, I am only going to say that either way you chose, you can't go wrong. And whoever emerges victorious from this, I truly expect the other will give complete and full backing and support for the other.

Speaking of support – President Barack Obama has endorsed Yvette Clarke for re-election to Congress. President Barack Obama Endorses Caribbean-American Congresswoman, Yvette D. Clarke (D-NY) for Brooklyn's redrawn 9th Congressional District.

The President said: “Rep. Yvette Clarke has stood by my side as we tried to create an economy where everyone has an opportunity to own a home, support their family, and look forward to a secure retirement. For over a decade Rep. Yvette Clarke has been working to give a voice to the voiceless, whether it was improving educational opportunity for children, expanding access to healthcare for women in need, or helping small businesses expand and add new jobs. Rep. Clarke is a true public servant and we need her back in Congress, to continue to fight for residents of Central Brooklyn and for our nation.”

Congresswoman Clarke graciously accepted the President's endorsement, stating: “I want to thank President Obama for his endorsement, and I look forward to going back to Washington to work with him and to fight for the people of Central Brooklyn.” said Congresswoman Clarke, who was first elected to Congress in 2006. Rep. Clarke is a champion on immigration, small business and homeland security issues; and sits on the Homeland Security and Small Business Committees. She also serves as Secretary of the Congressional Black Caucus and Senior Whip of the Democratic Caucus. Normally our primary is held in September, but this year's New York Congressional Primary election is June 26. You don't want to miss or overlook it – if you do, you'll blow it. And remember, because of low participation in the 2010 Census, Brooklyn's lines have been redrawin, which is why we have a new “9th” district. Congresswoman Clarke is being challenged by Sylvia Kinard, who is a resident of Flatbush. I am, of course, backing Congresswoman Clarke.

So tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, etc., to make sure they get out and vote on Tuesday, June 26 – the community they save will definitely be their own.


As promised, I am writing an OBAMA-A-DAY to keep the stupids away:

President Obama drew a sharp contrast between his presidency and what it would be like if America somehow slips up and Romney gets in. Can you say total reversal of fortune boys and girls? That's what it would constitute – jobs, health, education, affordable housing – all would be swept out the door, and the rest of America could possibly end up living on the sidewalk should you allow Romney to become president. Be Afraid – very Afraid – and make sure you use the greatest weapon you have at your disposal: YOUR VOTE.

After speaking in Ceveland, Ohio, President and First Lady Obama flew to New York – first visiting the World Trade Center, which has now 104 stories nearly completed. Obama inscribed on the beam, "We remember we rebuild we come back stronger!" followed by his signature. After complimenting the 50 workers on doing a great job, the President and the First Lady went on to attend two New York fundraisers - The first at the home of Sex and the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker; the second at the home of Pop-Diva Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, and their adorable little twins. While the fundraisers were considered “high powered” the President provided opportunity for those whose pockets were not quite so deep to win the honor of also attending the event via a drawing. Those who contribute as little as $3.00 toward his campaign are eligible to win an all expenses paid trip to where ever the fundraiser is being held. In addition to being a great incentive, it also keeps voters mindful that everyone can and should contribute something, no matter how modest your means. What would you ask the President, if you had the chance? Make a donation today to be automatically entered to win dinner with President Obama, along with a guest of your choice and four other supporters. You can make a contribution by logging on to www.barackobama.com and hitting that button. Find your nearest local campaign headquarters and volunter to help with the upcoming camaign; get involved, and get the rest of your family and friends involved as well. No job is too big or small; all contributions count, and your vote is the most important thing you have to ensure this country continues upward towards healing, not downwards deprivation.

If you have something positive you want to share about President or First Lady Obama, Vice President Biden, or any of the others in his camp or campaign, please feel free to email me at gloriadulanwilson@gmail.com. I am also urging my fellow bloggers, journalists, writers, radio and TV personalities to make it their business to keep the positive, good news about our President in front of America. It's our job. We are the front line to the truth about our President, not the meanstream press, the hostile Koch brothers, the tea baggers, Romney or anyone else.


An OBAMA-A-DAY keeps the stupids away.

Stay Blessed &


Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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