Erected Noses Play :( my own symbolic drama)

There were chairs and a clock shaped in nose form including Secretary with long nose too in medical office in Tehran in June 22.Dokhi: I was waiting for 4 yrs. and it was nice to make an appointment finally Doctor skilled in nose removal and have him examined my nose to make decision.Chol Mokh(Half-witted brain) : O h . yes , he is skillful for healing , he puts a huge nose on the face and forces the man to fly like eagle .Vow! All the time blush and make up in the front of mirror and repeats emotionally his words , she is the nicest but dull because she always makes up herself and talk with her cell phone yes the New Year , New Nose , New Year & New Nose ….Doctor : The waiting room darkened but examine room lightened (First of all, I really never operate , I put my emotional statue on your face in order to make you nicer , more attractive and delightful encountering with you companions , it is evident that you seem nicer ) .Panduli(Pendulum) : Dear Doctor , what is the latest fashion ?Doctor: See, we concentrated on respectful organ, what a amaze that you ladies think materially!Panduli(Pendulum) : What model is up to date nowadays ?Doctor: Look surprisingly!Panduli(Pendulum) : Vow , I asked stupid question , everybody knows that the French model seems upright .Doctor: Stretches his hands toward him.Panduli(Pendulum) : Of course it is manipulated by your agile hands.Doctor: Dropped his hands and turned his face and continued that we are men as a result we are able to make decision; it is pity to see people are defeated easily by European models.Are ready Panduli ? Are you Nose modeler or culture maker?Doctor: I do cultural task.Panduli(Pendulum) : You have nothing for cultural woks because you are careless about other believes , you would better to find other job .Doctor : let me make my decision first then you shall abide by it .Panduli(Pendulum) : Ok , I am agree with you .I am always agree with , now it is better to do that too.Dr. : OK. At first we check out up to date the 3 D fashions popular among the youths and finally we print 2 top models , a copy set aside for yourself in order to show it to your friends and relatives the remaining copy retained by myself to check it with renown painters , statue makers and graphic designer to find out the best choice.Panduli(Pendulum) : What a beautiful fad !Dokhi: The waiting room gets bright (I have a friend who hated to meet her lovers ,therefore she have rhinoplasty and closed up by one 1st class lovers) .Imitator (Dahanbin, Whimsical): she was disclosed by herself with new nose in the New Year, new nose, the New Year, new nose….Secretary : She switches on the T.V. to start off training film (the logo training man , why you have yours nose healing patch ?the logo training woman , I have it truncated then I put a healing patch by doctor to suppress its re-growth ).The logo training man : You have rhinoplasty for me …. Whose permission granted to take such decision , it is pity I am going to break the marriage.The logo training woman : Are you permitted to make body building and fitted your chest and arm for showing muscles ? It is stupidity to take your permission for rhinoplasty .The logo training man : I spent a lot of time to make body building , what if I managed to reach the optimal fitted body by pills and ampoules within several months.the logo training woman : Is it impossible to take my own decision to have rhinoplasty ? you should be proud by such a body building so as to control my freedom easily.the logo training man : I am wisdom to take rightful decision but you are tender emotionally by encountering harsh reality , you seem like French who are seeking freedom , whether you ought to shape your nose similar those people by bleeding and struggles , you had better to have your mind surgery instead of nose then you proudly claim freedom on one hand and keep your nose upside position to show your nose like French.the logo training woman : Sarcastically (freedom breeze …!!!, talk , put down slogan , why you try to keep the freedom inside of your fashionable mind.the logo training man : Why are inflexible , I am not a wisdom man irrationally , I operate a few of fledging figures , puppets and models of stupid men every day, I am really oppose to those functions , I usually sleep with confusing senses , but everybody choose a job to make money ,the logo training woman : But you are nonsense about justice , you manipulate the strange women but your don't care about my nose ? It is hard to say that you are partner.the logo training man : I am your partner for life not for your nose, there is an area in delta form between your nose and mouth it is prohibited point otherwise it affects brain negatively.the logo training woman : Either negative or positive effect what is the consequences , you have a ruined brain , how long are you going to live more ,May be it gets 20 to 30 more years, at aging time it is impossible to do any more .the logo training man : Our body never to be body insure like a car, we maneuver it by ram and hammer ,because beforehand we got permission to do that and we collect our fee without caring about the result even it is possible to develop problem in breathing even the nose may get bad shape and to lose smell sense due to surgery made by surgeon , but if a unskillful specialty operated the nose then the Hiroshima disaster may reoccurred on the face of doll , I knew the woman who had her face rhinoplasty by a skilful specialty but her nose truncated badly it seems butt as a result she forced to have prosthesis nose.Chol Mokh(Half-witted brain) : Addressed the secretary , please turn off the set it is hard to see those showsImitator (Dahanbin, Whimsical): Please save us from negative energy .Secretary : We are bound to show those people who are going to get nose operated , I am oppose to rhinoplasty ,but I had to watch it many times , we ought to tolerate it like the smokers who afford the images of healthy & hurt lungs.Dokhi: speak politely madam , how you dare to compare us with addicted people, you should make pardon ,otherwise we say good bye and leave your office.Secretary : I never maintain this office but this office drives me to stay here , therefore you have problem with contradict ideas and democracy , hence you are free to have rhinoplasty so that nobody to annoy you for large nose .Imitator (Dahanbin, Whimsical): Angrily (shut off , shut down the set) .Dokhi: Don`t worry and let us to be relax , bring a paper to sign it and confess to watch that film a lot of times and we are aware of implications arisen by rhinoplasty .Imitator (Dahanbin, Whimsical): Speaks over the New Year , new nose following set shut down , everybody laughs ,meanwhile the hall door opened suddenly , there was an angry woman walking toward the medical office but the door was latched.Nahanjar(Abnormal) : Madam , talk to physician that I wanted to see him .Secretary : Why are you in hurry?..... Where are you rushing to?Nahanjar(Abnormal) : to any place better than this placeChol Mokh(Half-witted brain) : You want to shortcut the destination rout .Imitator (Dahanbin, Whimsical): We are not nonsense creature that everybody wants to enter immediately .Nahanjar(Abnormal) : I am not ordinary person , I am the wife of doctor .Secretary : Everybody seems alike against the rule of law, you are his wife at your house not here.Nahanjar(Abnormal) : Loudly and proudly (It is an ugly conduct to treat with wife of employer ) .Secretary : I didn`t know that Dr. Zi Zi is here.Nahanjar(Abnormal) : He turned you curt to say bad words , I force you to leave the office right away.Doctor : Called up (what is the magnitude of the earthquake over there?) .Secretary : It is magnitude free , it is your wife .Doctor : The door opened (what a beautiful , welcome )Chol Mokh(Half-witted brain) : She hasn't come here by force ,she joint you without an appointment .Imitator (Dahanbin, Whimsical): She came here by lip money .Nahanjar(Abnormal) : What is lip money , it is a struggle , I came here to shut down your shop and comeback home , we have collected enough money for daily expenses.Doctor: You turned crazy , I am sorry for bad news over nose of your friend .Nahanjar(Abnormal) : Accident ! Did you operate her in spite of recommendation .Doctor : It is routine , whenever I made surgery over recommended client …. I am sorry , I am ready to pay damages in spite of no commitment for nose deviation correction .Nahanjar(Abnormal) : Kicked garbage bin angrily (listen doctor :I came here of block the accident for ever).Doctor : He addressed the secretary (Call police ) .Secretary : Pardon , she is your wife !Doctor : It is my office , I secured obligation , therefore I don't care .Secretary : A woman came here and caused problem and interfere with business of a citizen .Police : HelloNahanjar(Abnormal) : You called police for me ? I am your wife.Doctor : The present moment is critical , you serve my competitors .Nahanjar(Abnormal) : Are you unable to tolerate my objections and called up police , are you a nobleman ?Doctor : See , I hate to hurt a woman physically , but if you resist and confuse my clients then I smash you .Secretary : The law supports us .Doctor : Which rule, the law which is changed by governing powers or it is confiscated by wealthy men, laws means we can do whatever want .Nahanjar(Abnormal) : Puts his two index fingers on his head as horn and mews like a cow… (you are stick man not a doctor).Doctor : Punch the nose of his wife .Nahanjar : Brings out a napkin to clean her nose (did you see that he hit me) .Police : He checked out your nose , if you defame me , we have to arrest you.Nahanjar(Abnormal) : Secretary (madam you always talks about rule , what is your opinion) .Secretary : I am unable to say beyond what the police say.Nahanjar(Abnormal) : Did you blind to see what was happened just one minute ago.Chol Mokh(Half-witted brain) : We looked the scene from a single angle , it is better to handle the issue carefully.Clients : clapping and whistlingImitator (Dahanbin, Whimsical): Stood up from his chair and talked with handset and exit the office (yes , my nose not enough large not understand what happened around myself) , Whispering and exits the office (oh, my nose it was an opportunity to save unhurt) . everybody surprised .Nahanjar(Abnormal) : I feel somebody depressDokhi: Rose up from his chair and communicate his dialogs with others and exit the office (keep my turn I shall turn back latter on).Chol Mokh(Half-witted brain) : Speaks nasally and exit the office too (the cutting blade shall never be sharpened by this money maker doctor) .Doctor : Addressed his secretary (I employed you by such a big nose in order to sooth my consciousness on one hand and hated to encourage the clients to have rhinoplasty. now it is your turn to get your nose operated with free costs after 30 years of work experience).Secretary : Rose up and talked to doctor and exits the office (The French are renown for their noses, while our villages in Ardebil afford more sophisticated facilities, it is unfair to let myself ) .Nahanjar(Abnormal) : Oh , Dr. (as status quo) , rubs bloody nose (it should undergo surgery in spite of my believes & trust) .Doctor : Says utterances without caring his wife and exits (I left you alone with your broken nose and believes) .Police : Discussed (we risk and cause pacific atmosphere, in the contrary the employees at oil refinery receive high salary under peaceful work area as a result they repel us ) ,Nahanjar(Abnormal) : They transgress rights of other people .Police : It is odds , you are educated woman , it is unusual to speak oddly at public areas.Nahanjar(Abnormal) : It is true either it seems ugly or real that our community sense those ideas , I am unable to tell lies and act like hypocritical people.Police : At least utter in low tune .Nahanjar(Abnormal) : I want to speak loudly in order to make sense for those who disguised they are deaf .Police : They talk to each other and left there (don't care , he speaks like this , he damaged and repelled by community , it is better leave him alone )Nahanjar(Abnormal) : The scene is dark, the profile of the woman projected by a rounded light (to feel the freedom it is not necessary to undergo rhinoplasty like French) , just it enough to speak proudly and keep our head upright .Panduli(Pendulum) : ( The visiting room is lightened ) a client waits for doctor and looks watch ,meanwhile puts his right leg on the ground then rose and groaning and left the room , he exits the room (when our community forget the people easily , who care about the nose) .
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