Once you get to a certain age, women start to recognize signs and symptoms for vaginal issues almost immediately. They range from redness, dryness, itching, odor, pain during intercourse, painful urination, and discolored discharge can wreck a woman’s day, week, or month depending on how long the irritation persists. To make matters worst, over-the-counter products are usually promoted in a manner that exploits our insecurities. We shouldn’t be made to feel our genitals look weird, taste funny, and smell bad. The commercials and ads are from a position of embarrassment instead of empowerment.


Vaginas are soooo BADASS. These things are incredible. Not only do we push life out of them, but they also provide so much pleasure sexually (the clitoris contains over 8,0000 nerve endings), and they secrete pheromones that attract our partners without having to mumble a word. Yeah, sis, that’s real Black Girl Magic.

My self-care days include taking care of my vagina aka my PURSE. I take care of my moneymaker and she takes care of me. As of late, I have ditched the popular feminine hygiene and period products in exchange for dried organic edible herbs due to the unending list of health benefits.

Basil — uterine stimulant.

Calendula — cleansing, lessens inflammation.

Chamomile — soothes vaginal tissue

Cornsilk — diuretic, reduces inflammation and bacteria build-up.

Damiana — improves blood flow to sex organs, increases libido, reduces dryness, balances menopause symptoms.

Dandelion leaf — antioxidant and diuretic.

Fennel — helps in sexual function in menopausal women.

Lavender — antiseptic, sedative, relaxes nerves and muscles.

Lemon balm — soothes menstrual cramps, relieves PMS symptoms, and relaxes bladder and uterus spasms.

Marigold — helps reduce abdominal or menstrual cramps.

Motherwort — great for fatigue, cramps, and to aid relaxation.

Mugwort — promotes suppressed menses.

Nettle — Rich in iron, deeply nourishes the womb tissues after childbirth.

Oregano — soothing, brings circulations and cleansing to the uterus.

Plantain leaves — heals wounds and reduce inflammation.

Raspberry leaf — strengthens and tones the uterine and pelvic muscles, and is a pelvic and uterine relaxant.

Red Clover — reduces hot flashes in menopausal women, relieves PMS symptoms, can help prevent cancer.

Rose petals — cooling and astringent to the vaginal tissues.

Rosemary — increases blood circulation to the reproductive organs.

Sage — astringent, spiritual cleansing.

Violet leaves and flowers — moisturizing

Yarrow — astringent, cleansing, help fight infection.

These are usually the herbs and botanicals I am looking for in my vaginal care products. And luckily for me, most of them are found in my purchases from Empire Essentials.


XOXO Yoni Bar, $7.00

Your yoni is like a self-cleaning oven. Inside a healthy vagina are microorganisms that are naturally present and, most of the time, this maintains normal vaginal flora (flora is the bacteria that live inside the vagina). So it’s important to protect what is protecting you. Cleanses and washes can be detrimental, however, the XOXO yoni bar is formulated to balance your pH, purposely created for the vagina. This bar, naturally fragrant with chamomile and rose petals, cleanses and detoxes the vagina from odor-causing bacteria.


TRYBE Yoni Gown $30.00

This gown falls to the floor whether you wear it to the bust or the waistline. It is completely full coverage which will retain the steam while you stay on the throne. It is a one size fits all gown, up to 4x-5x. Bold and bright patterns are available, drawn taut with a ribbon to wear securely while you treat yourself to physical, spiritual, and emotional cleansing. Machine wash and hang to dry.


Yoni Steam Herbal Mix $8.00

If you are not familiar with the Yoni steam process, allow yourself to get familiar. Yoni steam has been an indigenous custom by women from various cultures from around the world for centuries as a healing and medical practice. Steaming water infused with herbs contributes a lot to a woman’s health down below. Typically the herbs and botanicals used in vaginal steaming encourage the natural shedding of the uterus.

How to steam: Pour luxury herb mix into your basin. Boil water and pour boiled water into your herb-filled basin. Simmer for 5–10 minutes, enough time to disrobe and change into your yoni gown. Lift toilet seat, place bowl in the toilet, lower toilet seat. Then, sit over the simmering herbs, allowing the steam to travel up her vaginal canal to your uterus. Sit as long as you like, until they no longer feel the warmth of the steam. While seated, embrace this alone time. Reflect on having optimal vaginal and uterine health. Channel your inner goddess.


Lotus Yoni Oil $8.00

The warmth of the yoni steam may cause arousal and tempt your libido. The Empire Essentials Lotus Yoni Oil, rich in antioxidants, and anti-fungal properties, acts as a personal lubricant, perfect for self-pleasure. It also soothes irritated skin after shaving or waxing, leaving skin supple and glowing. Comprised of grape seed oil, almond oil, lavender, rosemary, chamomile, roses, and dandelion combine to create a sweet-smelling fragrance that lasts leaving your sacred place balanced.


Reduce menstrual cramping by v-steaming 2–3 days before your period begins. Quicken the healing process after childbirth. Sage your va-jay-jay from exes and trauma. Utilize all three products and wear your gown for the maximum benefit. Don’t forget to connect with Empire Essentials online and on Instagram.


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