DRAKE Too Much

Originally Aired Friday 13, 2013 on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show

Ever since last night I've been listening to "Too Much" over, over, and over again... And it seems to get better every time. I've tuned in to it through my speakers and with my headphones and of course when you go Hi-Def you're gonna hear every thang! You'll receive that layer that is signature in many Drake's songs. Either way it goes, nothing can surpass a moment in the spotlight with his pianist/singer guest Sampha. All I can hear in my head repetitively are the keys to the piano and Sampha's signature line "Don't think about it too much, too much, too much, too much". This single debuted live on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, last night Friday Sept 13 which not only gave Fallon bragging rights but also announced upcoming tour beginning October 9 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois [click here] with R&B's hottest contemporary edition Miguel as his crooning wing-man for all the sets. It's gonna be sizzlin.'

Drake's message at the beginning letting his family know "...[he] wants the best for everybody and he loves them" is giving us the premise of the 13-track album (and Deluxe with bonus tracks "Come Thru" and "All Me"). Expect it all to come through when he states:

I'm trying to get back to that kid in the basement. To say what he has to say. And I'm trying to make it last.

When an Artist tells you what they want to do then they will provide. Drake's direct and impassioned delivery gives this single the contrast and rawness to voice his story thoroughly. The content will put you more in his shoes and allow you to walk in them. For the 26 year old to reach a distinctive mindset in his life while still so young can be a catalyst for all of us to come to grips with our pasts and to face the future with it left behind and not holding us back.

I'm Ready! Are you Ready Kool World to hear what the man is talking about? It's going to be something you've never heard before and he's going to bring it. Personally I think it's great he wants to make music and not just throw track after track of rap music. Remember back in the day when it was the norm for Rap Artists to have actual singers/musicians on their tracks and it made you feel like you're getting a full perspective of their message? Perhaps made you boogie down just a lil' bit more. Maybe I'm the only one preaching to the choir but that was the kinda stuff I was diggin. There seems to be a revival so hopefully cats will catch on and bring that flavor back.

Make sure to check out when the tour will be coming to your locale destination and buy your tickets here. There's going to be guest appearances including ATL Rap Artist Future as hopefully one of many on the line-up. So stay tuned ;)


Tracklisting Provided:

"Tuscan Leather"
"Furthest Thing"
"Started From The Bottom"
"Wu-Tang Forever"
"Own It"
"Worst Behaviour"
"From Time"
"Hold On, We're Going Home"
"The Language"
"305 To My City' Feat. Detail"
"Too Much"
"Pound Cake' Feat. Jay Z / Paris Morton Music 2"

DELUXE Edition has 2 additional tracks provided:
"Come Thru" and "All Me"

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