Major Media Not Reporting The Mobilization For Carol Moseley Braun !!

Dr. Cornel West today led a Black History Month Rally For
Carol Moseley Braun

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The major media goes to great lengths to report when Carol Moseley Braun goes down in major media polls but doesn't seem as balanced to report events like this weekend when over 500 people attended The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Get-Out-The-Vote Rally featuring Carol Moseley Braun, The Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr, Jonathan Jackson, Congressman Bobby Rush, representatives of The National Organization for Women. After that rally, over 100 new volunteers signed up for The Braun campaign. The Black History Month radio specials on WVON radio have generated hundreds of new volunteers. During this upcoming Black History Month election, the major media did not report how Braun and others pointed out where Rahm Emanuel's career as a Congressman voted 128 times against legislation sponsored by The Congressional Black Caucus!!

And continuing with the Black History Month mobilization for Braun to make Black political history again by becoming the next Black to be elected Mayor since Harold Washington, Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Conrad Worrill led a rally today at The Parkway Ballroom adding to the momentum for Carol Moseley Braun. This is a historic election day for it was on February 22nd that Chicago elected its first Black Mayor and its on this same February 22nd date that the Black community can use it's power to elect Carol on the same date as Harold -- a theme that most major media or political pundits wont discuss, but for Carol-like Harold, the grassroots community will keep on pushing while we keep challenging the major media for fairness and balance in its reporting on the Braun campaign.

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