Don Cornelius and Richard Pegue, Both Broadcast Legends With Roots AT WVON Can BOTH Be Honored by Broadcast Hall Of Fame

I was pleased to hear that legendary radio broadcaster Marv Dyson state on WVON radio, to the major media and at the Chicago Memorial Tribute to Don Cornelius that he wants to nominate Don Cornelius to Bruce Dumont for inclusion in the Radio Hall of Fame as his legendary career started with Don Corneilus being a part time news reporter with the legendary WVON on air team called "The Good Guys."

As a former WVON staffer myself, I would love to publicly second the motion that Bruce Dumont consider the immediate nomination of Don Cornelius, and I would also like to recommend to Bruce Dumont that he also use this opportunity to also honor Cornelius as well as the 2009 nomination of another WVON "Good Guy" and broadcast legend, Richard Pegue.

Honoring Cornelius and Pegue would be a double honor for the broadcast legacy of Don Cornelius as a news reporter with The Good Guys and Richard Pegue, one of the actual DJ's who made up "The Good Guys" from the legendary WVON.

Mark S. Allen, Chairman of Black Wall Street Chicago 4655 South King Drive, Suite 203 Chicago, Illinois 60653 773-392-0165

Attached below is the original letter I submitted on behalf of the late Richard Pegue immediately after his death in March, 2009.

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO..... The Name of Richard Pegue Was Officially Placed Into Nomination Into The Radio Hall Of Fame sent to Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To Bruce Dumont and Committee: I understand that March 27th is a deadline date to submit qualified names of persons to be considered for inclusion on various levels of the Radio Hall of Fame. While there may be others that may submit additional qualifications and endorsements, I would like to officially submit the name of Mr. Richard Pegue for strong consideration for inclusion in the Radio Hall of Fame and I am certain that his career of over 40 years in Chicago uniquely qualifies Pegue for inclusion. Mr. Richard Pegue died on Tuesday, March 3rd in Chicago, ending a career in local entertainment and on-air broadcasting in Chicago that reached various of level of achievement in those areas as well as in community, civic, and political relations in Chicago.

Mr. Pegue was best known for being one of the few local DJ's known as the now legendary "Good Guys," from the historic lack radio station WVON, a group that also included current Radio Hall of Famers Wesley South and Herb Kent. Bruce, you may remember when you paid tribute to Mr. Wesley South and he looked in the audience and identified me as a person who was a part of WVON and who would be a part of the future of WVON and its impact on people like me and the overall community. Well WVON was indeed a part of my life, but that was because of the impact of Richard Pegue. I was around 14-15, and it was Mr. Pegue who started me as a guest on-air teen DJ then on WOPA -AM. It was then influence of Mr. Pegue and Herb Kent who allowed me and others to answer their request line phones. meet and interact with other station DJ's and management and other exposures.

From that, it was the influence of Mr. Pegue that helped me become an official station intern while in high school and eventually got me a paid staff position of Assistant Producer of The Hotline Talk Show and in years to come I would even become the host of my own talk show on WVON. And throughout my 35 public service career, central to my success was the relationships that were started and continued because of my association with WVON. And there are so many recording artists, businesses, broadcast employees, and local neighborhoods in Chicago that are better because of how Richard Pegue used himself and his talents on and off air to the benefit of others. Many people whose names you know well, like Herb Kent, Richard Steele, Dr. Cecil Hale, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr, Lucky Cordell, Cliff Kelley, and others have already offered their public support for Richard Pegue to be included in the 2009 Inductees into the Radio Hall of Fame. And I know that if need be that there would be thousands of people in Chicago and around the country who would call you with their overwhelming public support for Richard Pegue's inclusion in The Radio Hall of Fame. As an on air DJ, Richard was known for his theme that the music he played was "The Best Music Of Your Life," which was featured on WKKC-FM and on special holiday broadcasts on WVON, and the theme and banner by which he provided the music for any and all of his public appearances.

As a manager, Richard was the Music Director in the late 60's and 70's of WVON, and helping the careers of so many including that of the legendary Tom Joyner when he was assisting Marv Dyson in programming the new WJPC-AM. Richard also helped program WKKC and WGCI. In the days to come, you will receive even more documentation on the 40-50 year broadcasting career of the late Richard Pegue which more than qualifies him and his legacy and who will indeed be remembered after his successful inclusion into The Radio Hall of Fame as an example for future generations. The purpose of this communication was to mark this day as his name being formally submitted before the March 27th deadline. I was with him for one his last public DJ appearances where I had a chance to publicly salute him, which he witnesses a crowded room stand and cheering him, and he told me how proud he was of me since he began to mentor me as a teenager and throughout my 35 year public service career. With that lasting memory in my mind, I had to be one of those who for the record, who officially placed the name of Richard Pegue into nomination into the Radio Hall of Fame.

Most Humbly, Mark S. Allen Former staffer at WVON/WGCI

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