Photo: "I pledge allegiance to my own Black self-respect and to the respect of all other Black and shades of Black people on planet earth; all of whom are victims of the system of racism white supremacy and I pledge to use all my life energy, intelligence and creativity, in all areas of people activity, to eliminate the global system of racism white supremacy on planet earth and to replace it with justice; so that there can be peace. So help me God." Francis Cress Welsing


Terrell Gausha

*In protest of the George Zimmerman verdict, former U.S. Olympic boxer Terrell Gausha is vowing to never sport the red, white and blue again, reports TMZ.

Gausha, who boxed in the 2012 London Summer Games, began wearing the American flag on his boxing trunks following his Olympic run. But he tells TMZ he’s done with that now in the wake of Zimmerman’s acquittal in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

“How can I wear my stars and stripes proudly in a country where they make a big deal out of Mike Vick fighting dogs; but not a young innocent black male’s life,” he said.

Gausha has turned pro, so he’s not eligible for the U.S. team in 2016.

“When I represented my country in the Olympics I was proud to wear my flag,” Gausha added. “I even wore it on my head on the way to the ring. What happened this weekend was a slap in the face.”

Gausha says he refuses to rep a “nation with so much racism and hatred.”


Stevie Wonder Boycotting Florida Following Zimmerman Verdict

Stevie Wonder at Obama Rally - H 2012
Getty Images
Stevie Wonder performing last year.

The singer refuses to perform in the state until its Stand Your Ground law is "abolished."

Stevie Wonder won't be performing in Florida anytime soon.

In the wake of the George Zimmerman acquittal, the singer said he would not be performing in the Sunshine State until its Stand Your Ground law is "abolished." He also said he would not be performing in any other state that recognizes the law, which some say contributed to Zimmerman's acquittal in the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26, 2012.

"I decided today that until the Stand Your Ground law is abolished in Florida, I will never perform there again," Wonder said Sunday while performing in Quebec City. "As a matter of fact, wherever I find that law exists, I will not perform in that state or in that part of the world."

Some have argued that the law played no role in the acquittal. However, The Atlantic's Ta-Nehisi Coates pointed out that it was cited in the jury instructions.

Meanwhile, Wonder also called for his fans' support of his boycott.

"The truth is that -- for those of you who’ve lost in the battle for justice, wherever that fits in any part of the world -- we can’t bring them back," he said. "What we can do is we can let our voices be heard. And we can vote in our various countries throughout the world for change and equality for everybody. That’s what I know we can do." (Watch Wonder's full announcement below.)

Protests have broken out in major U.S. cities including New York and Los Angeles since the jury rendered its not-guilty verdict last week.

Recording artists including BeyonceYoung JeezyWyclef Jean and Lil Scrappy have already paid tribute to Martin.

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  • NYMetro

    Now we're talking. Spread the news wide and far.  BOYCOTT.

  • Caricom

    Congratulations to all Black performers who refuse to entertain in Florida. I think this is one way to strike back non-violently against a system of historical violence toward Black people in America.

    Racism is a team sport and we are not even in the game, much less know what the rules are.

    It has been suggested that we consider other, equally effective, yet non-violent ways to let the white racist system understand our rage and our pride of being Black. What would happen if we, as a people, made the very deliberate and conscious decision to spend as much of our money with our own Black porters at the airport, taxi drivers, resturants, clubs, entertainment venues, etc. Let's quit financing our own destruction by rushing to spending our money with our enemies.

    Since the Civil War and integration, Black people have made almost no progress in this country, by design. We are the victims of a real life Monopoly Game. All of us have played the game and know that at the beginning every player is given the same amount of Monopoly money - a level playing field. However, Black reality is that Whites were given $10,000, Jews $5,000, Koreans $4,000, East Indians $3,000 and Blacks $50.

    How are we supposed to compete with no resources? 

    Today, Blacks control over $1 Trillion dollars. We are white America's Number 1 trading partner. Yes, bigger than China. As an economy, Blacks rank #8 world-wide. Yet, we own nothing and control nothing. Why?

    Because when we get a dollar, we run past Black businesses to spend it with our enemies. This is economic suicide. Let's wake up and smell the racism folks. Spend your money, whenever and wherever possible, with your own people and help us collectively pull ourselves out of this mess.

  • South
    4 what-PEOPLE DID FREE ZIMMERMAN--stand your ground freed Zimmerman-locked MARISSA ALEXANDER UP 4 20 YEARS--come with me--lets GET THIS MADNESS RIGHT--NO HUMAN LEFT BEHINDCheck out "FEELS GOOD" by MARLI GOD STAR-HUSTLE HOUSE ENTERTAINMENT - download me today-4 great effort-ROTATIONpleze
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