By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Actually, that should really be pretty easy to do since there aren't that many of us who watch CNN on the reg anyway.  And I suppose that's what they're counting on.  The fact that we really don't subscribe to their brand of reporting. 

But we need to send a message. Roland Martin was treated unfairly, stupidly and with prejudice by CNN. As an associate and friend of mine used to say that CNN stood for "the continuously negative news."   And I totally concur.  But they've gone a little too far with their stuff now.  In trying to appease a lunatic fringe, they are  about to take on the Black community over a comment about, of all things, some underwear most Black men wouldn't be caught dead in.

No disrespect to Beckham, or his advertisers, or promoters - go ahead and make your money, get your endorsements,  play soccer, what ev!!   But don't think there's anything sacred or special about the underwear or the people who made it; or those who conceived of that weird advert.  Because it's not

What is serious is the fact that CNN has the audacity, the temerity and the gall to fire a prominent reporter over a tweet about the ad, which in no way whatsoever even mentioned the word "gay" or "homosexual."  Now if any of the individuals in the "tweet" happen to be of that persuasion, "it sounds like a personal problem to me."  But not Martin's. 

I am hoping that the fact that NABJ (National Association of Black Journalist), NAACP, Urban League, or the usual "leaders" have yet to speak on this unspeakable insult is because they are operating behind the scenes, and will be forthcoming with a solution to this issue shortly - like now.

I also think the fact that the tweet Roland made in jest, not calling anyone any explicitly negative names, or otherwise denigrating them, should not be inveighed as some sort of denouement of gays.

Right now those of us who are Black, or people of African Heritage, who have had real civil rights violated, have to stand together for our brother, who is likewise facing a public lynching, based in the South, by a group of people who can hardly be considered the most outgoing or supportive when it comes to things Black.

Furthermore, it is Black History Month, and here we sit - are we really too busy or otherwise occupied to address this BS? We need to make a little history of our own; be the heroes and heroines we want our youth to read about in the future.  We have to take what worked for us in the past, and apply it to this current situation.

It's as simple as this: Return Brother Roland Martin to CNN or we will begin to systematically boycott the station, it's sponsors - especially CoCaCola, and any one or thing else that supports this lunacy.

I will sign and circulate any petition to that end. I expect CNN  to hear from Rev. Sharpton, Rev. Jackson, Ben Jealous, Marc Marial, and any and everyone who positions him or herself as being in the forefront of Black leadership.

But we must likewise be leaders, individually and collectively,  and make it known that we of the Black community are not going to take this insult from CNN or GLAAD.  To silence of one of us is to silence all of us.  And we will not be silent. 

Roland is a voice for Black people.

Black people had better speak up.

Stay Blessed &


Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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  • West

    I boycotted CNN when they called us "looters" during Katrina in 2005.

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