Black Holocaust Memorial Day

Black Holocaust Remembrance Day” will be held this year at

1:00 pm, Saturday April 10, 2010 the New Horizon Mission Hall at 2207 Varnum Street at Eastern Ave.
(Near the Kaywood Theater) in Hyattsville, MD (outside
Washington, DC)

We are inviting Educators, Scholars, Historians, Teachers, Students, Parents and Elders to attend this memorable event. We are also inviting the followers of the Honorable Silis Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to attend this event, as well as, members of Pan Africa, Nationalists, Bi-racial, Black
African Americans, Bilians, N’COBRA, New Africa, NAACP,
National Action Network, The Black Panther Party, The New Black Panther Party, Uhuru Movement, UNIA, Moorish Americans, Uhuru Nation,
Black Orthodox Muslims,
Hebrew Israelites, Five Per Centers, Black Fraternities and Sororities, the National Black Law Students Association (NBLSA) and the Congressional Black Caucus.

We ask you to make plans now (clear your calendar) to join us on

Saturday April 10, 2010 to honor our forefathers, whose shoulders we stand on

Watch the historic video of our sojourn in America:

For more information regarding this up-coming event, please download and read the attachments above.

UNITY is the key to our success!

April 10, 2010



Black Holocaust Memorial Day will be held at 1:00 pm at
the New Horizon Mission Hall at 2207 Varnum Street at Eastern Avenue (Near the Kaywood Theater) in Hyattsville, MD (outside
Washington, DC)

The members of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, under the Leadership and Guidance of the Honorable Silis Muhammad, will celebrate the life and legacy of our forefathers, who endured the “unspeakable” horrors of slavery.

Back on the coast of Africa, mothers fought slave traders fiercely to save their children. They offered their bodies to slavers if they would leave the children behind. On some slave-ships that are known, and many that will
never be known, manacled Negroes crawled from the holds and fought unarmed
against guns and knives. On slave plantations, parents fought, stole, sacrificed
and died for their families.”

More than 100 million Africans were uprooted from their original Homeland in Africa and brought to the Western Hemisphere in shackles and chains. They were forced to build America’s infrastructure and the foundation upon which it stands today.

Dr. Martin Luther King said, “For more than two centuries our fore-parents labored in this country without wages; they made cotton king; and they built the homes of their (white) masters in the midst of brutal injustice and shameful humiliation.”

It was their slave labor that built the white man’s heaven (America). It was their blood, sweat and tears that were shed in the cotton, rice and tobacco fields. They were worked before sunrise in the morning to the sunset in the evening. During slavery, cotton, rice and tobacco fueled America’s economy. It created heaven on earth for white America.

Dr. King said further “After emancipation, only 5 per cent of the slaves could read.” This was after the slave masters had stripped our forefathers’ of there original names, religion, culture, history, language and identity.

Dr. King goes on to say “After (slavery) liberation, countless mothers wandered over road-less states looking for their children who had been taken from them and sold. And finally, in the past decade; mothers, fathers and their children have marched together against clubs, guns, cattle prods and mobs, not for conquest but only allowed to live as humans. The Negro was crushed, battered and brutalized, but he never gave up. He proved that life is better than death.” The Negro family is scarred; it is submerged; but it struggles to survive.”

Their long suffering, during slavery, amounted to nothing less than a “Black Holocaust in America.” The record shows that Blacks suffered the worst treatment in recorded history. The Holocaust that the Jews suffered in Germany during World War II lasted approximately 6 years. On the other hand, the chattel slavery phase of the Black Holocaust in America (1555-1865) lasted for 310 years. Can you believe that blacks suffered 304 years longer than the Jews during the Holocaust in Germany?

Our forefathers’ ability to overcome enormous odds (learning how to read, write and survive) proved that they are a great and resilient people; even though their descendants, you and I, are still suffering from the lingering effects of slavery.

Since the Jewish people commemorate their grandparents’ suffering in Germany every year, it is only befitting and proper that every year all Descendants of Enslaved Africans in America and throughout the Western Hemisphere should honor, commemorate and celebrate the life and legacy of our forefathers. They suffered a far worse Holocaust in America than the Jews in Germany. To this day in the year 2010, we as a people still suffer intensely from the ethnocide and forced assimilation currently imposed by the U.S. government. We are still fighting for our Human Rights.

As Descendants of Enslaved Africans in America, we should stand bold and strong and tell the truth of our forefathers’ pain and suffering. We should tell the
history of their trials and tribulations. We should tell the history without
compromise, without apology and without shame.

Black Holocaust Memorial Day (April 1, 1555) is a day that the members of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam have set aside to honor our forefathers who fought and struggled for their freedom.

Each and every year, Descendants of Enslaved Africans in America celebrate or take the day off work for Christmas, Kwanza, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Valentine Day, Good Friday, Easter, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Fourth of July,
Labor Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving but what about Black Holocaust Memorial Day?

There is a time and place for everything; football, basketball, golf, music, partying, and dancing etc. It is also a time to commemorate and celebrate the life and legacy of our forefathers.

We should all, young and old, take time out of our busy schedule to give thanks to our forefathers and their unwavering spirit and the overcoming of the unthinkable horrors of slavery that were heaped upon them.

If they had not overcome the insurmountable odds, we would not be here today.

We have invited numerous speakers for this year’s Black Holocaust Event.

Hodari Ali (Chairman) of Social Justice Task Force, Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA)-Washington,DC

  • Queen Mother Dorothy Lewis
    of the" target="_blank">
    CTRL + Click to follow link">National
    Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in
    -Washington, DC )

  • Adib Nabawi (Minister and Representative under the leadership of the Honorable Silis Muhammad in Baltimore, Maryland)

For this year’s up coming event we are proud to announce that we have invited a “bold and uncompromising” speaker. Minister Najee Muhammad
will deliver the keynote address: titled”
Never forget”

Minister Muhammad is the Honorable Silis Muhammad’s Minister and Representative in Washington, DC. He has been selected to tell the “truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” about our fore-parents’ unwavering ability to endure the worst treatment ever in the history of the Earth. He will explain in
great detail that their pain and suffering was not in vain; instead; it has
placed us in a unique position to demand full and complete Reparations
(justified compensation and restitution) from America, and to establish an
everlasting government, that we can call our own, so that our children,
grand-children and all the other generations to come, can live in peace and
harmony and enjoy complete freedom, justice and equality, never again to be
oppressed by the evil minds and hands of the living devil.

The educated and mis-educated among you have been led to believe that having an independent government outside of America, that you can call your own, is a pipe dream.

While living in America, Blacks were told that they could achieve the “American dream” but it appears that they are living an “economic nightmare.”

Since this economic nightmare will not end, which one will you choose, an independent government that you can call your own, outside America or continue to live (pay check to pay check, laid off or unemployed)
through the “economic nightmare” that is now befalling America?

In light of the recent earthquake that struck Haiti, Minister Muhammad will delve into the history of Haiti and answer three important questions.

Did America, France and Europe conspire to prevent the first black republic in the Western Hemisphere from developing and prospering as an independent nation?

  1. Was America’s approaching economic collapse written in the Bible scriptures and foretold by the prophets of God?

  1. Can President Barack Obama prevent America’s economic collapse?

Come and learn what your History Teacher and College Professor did not teach you. Did they ever teach you about the suffering of a black woman named Mary Turner? If they did not teach you about Mary Turner during
Black History month, you should ask yourself, why?

Go to

Knowledge is power; when it is applied correctly, it raises you above the gravity that is holding you down. The gravity that’s holding you down is sincere ignorance and the lack of knowledge of your true history!

Come early to get a good seat. This will be one of the most memorable events of the year.

Please do not miss this year’s Crowning Event of Black History in Washington, DC!

The Lost-Found Nation of Islam

P.O. Box 90792

Washington, DC 20090

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  • South
    I wish I could attend. I second the last comment. "This is great." Louis Farrakhan is fantastic. People only scared of him because the man is smart and takes not junk off of folks. We are still suffering a Black Holocaust. The West cannot stand a Black President. It is a conspiracy. Look at the Bilderbergs! I never learned of these devils until recently. I am astounded at how such a smart man like the President can be stuck with an idiot like Joe Biden for his Veep. It is about undermining President Obama and making it look like it is him. It is all into action and we need to stop worrying about the latest Wii game and other mind crack that is out there. This is real yet people do not want to believe the horror of reality but want pretend instead.
  • DMV
    This is great!
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