Certain smells and scents can literally impact my mood. The part of our brain that processes smell just so happens to also stores our memories. The scent of sugar cookies reminds me of my Nannie. Woodsy earthy scents are sensual and remind me of a certain ex. Just like a fond memory can change your mood, an aroma can also change the atmosphere. The scent that lingers in my home is so important to me. More than just a way of eliminating odor, home fragrance is also a means of self-expression. When I have company over, I want them to feel welcome and I do that by making my home fragrance an element of design, like the colors of the art on the walls or the accent rug — I let the essence in the air compliment my personality.


Whether I am having visitors or indulging in some alone time, I reach for the nearest candle, and why not - they smell great, beautify your living space, and aid in relaxation. Epiphanie Yohou owns a great line of home essentials to transform your personal space. Ayoka Essentials, previously known as Ayoka Candles, is a woman-owned, small business home essentials company providing plant-based, vegan, and eco-friendly soy candles and newly introduced reed diffusers, and room/fabric sprays.


Products from Ayoka Essentials are made from proprietary blends of hand-selected essential oils and fragrances producing the most luxurious scents that are intense but not overpowering. When you purchase Ayoka Essentials products, you are enjoying toxin-free and environmentally sustainable products including packaging that is manufactured in a wind-powered facility. No longer just a candle company. Ayoka Essentials now offers reed diffusers and room/fabric/linen sprays available in all 7 signature scents.

With home fragrance options like incense, spray air fresheners, or plug-ins, it is wise to invest in products that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and safe for their homes and family. If that comes in the form of candles, powdered carpet fresheners, fragrance gels, pillow mists, or the like.

When asking Epiphanie about the evolution of her business and how the expansion has changed her, she quipped, "The real question is- how has the process NOT changed me? [There are] many ways the process has changed me that I could mention patience - learning to wait on God’s timing, self-empowerment- remember you’re in charge of your destiny, and not taking no for an answer - when one door closes, there are always several windows to go through."


When I received my candles from Ayoka, I couldn’t pick a favorite scent, but if I had to choose one to light first, it would be Southern Night which is a spicy bourbon vanilla scent although Ayoka Essentials best-sellers are currently - Secret Garden, a lavender and vanilla blend and Sensual Bliss, a combination of sandalwood, musk, and amber. The signature collection is actually a custom blend impossible to replicate and is uniquely inspired by some amazing women in Epiphanie's life.

The addition of reed diffusers and fabric spays is not the end for Ephiphanie and Ayoka Essentials - a Yoruba word that translates to gratitude. Epiphanie intends for her company to be a globally recognized eco-friendly brand with placements in most, if not all, major retailers, boutique hotels, spas, etc. To prepare for greater exploits and in addition to the addition of her new products, owner Epiphanie has added new members to the Ayoka Essentials family to increase marketing, engagement, and improve customer service. Kua Lumei-Smith now heads up Sales & Marketing Operations while Donald Jacques leads all Digital Strategy & Customer Experience.

Epiphanie offers some advice to other candle makers that want to start their own business? "Please do your research to better understand the candle market/industry and how you plan to distribute," she stated. Likewise, she added. "Don’t be afraid to start anywhere." Following her recommendations, you may very well not only mirror her success but also the delight she experiences when creating products. "The process and the reaction I get when my team and customers experience the resulting product for the first time. It’s about taking complex notes and combining them in an innovative way to entice your senses...that, for me brings me joy," she shared.

When Epiphanie is not producing products that generate peace and gratitude, she prefers to be outdoors in a peaceful and serene location (preferably a beach or a quiet hotel room). This is her happy place, allowing her to do what she loves - think, strategize, create and innovate.

Epiphanie Yohou curated Ayoka Essentials with one thing in mind - helping others express their gratitude uniquely and simply- the concept of giving back has always been a priority. Not only is Ayoka Essentials a remarkable brand, but 10% of the profits are also donated to charity. That spirit of gratitude for others fuels the passion of Epiphanie and her team for ensuring their products help others as they seek to support other women and partner with other women-owned businesses as well.

For more information about Ayoka Essentials, connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and visit www.AyokaCandles.com.


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