And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” Ephesians 5:11


"NOT THIS TIME, SCHLUMBERGER LIMITED!!! STOP THE DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN, AFRICAN AMERICANS & MINORITIES IN 2008!!!Announcing the official campaign in the fight for "Truth & Justice". It seems to be a constant battle over "Constitutional Rights" in the United States. As we were able to witness, a "CHANGE" has happened, but remains a work in-process. Let's unite as human beings, and hold ourselves, lawmakers and others accountable. It is up to us to influence positive changes within our future. Here is the opportunity to do what God originally intended, unite against evil only to do good. Your support as my brother's and sister's keeper is needed in the fight for "Truth & Justice" against the Goliath of a corporation, Schlumberger Limited (SLB).If you think this is not your fight, just wait...Become educated as of means of holding yourselves and lawmakers accountable. For example, do any of you know the following?- How many lives have been lost all due to the "Black Gold" used in your gas tanks? (Genocide)- How many women and African Americans face discrimination at the hands of Oil?- How many lives have been "jeopardized" due to unclean drinking water.- What ever happened to one of the most and historical Lake Chad located in Africa?- Have you ever researched and/or have any previous knowledge of Schlumberger Limited (SLB) – Largest oil services corporation in the World…- How many regimens were hired to sacrifice innocent men, women and children in Africa and Globally- Did you know Schlumberger Limited received guilty convictions related to illegal visas, perjury, EPA…?- How many of the illegal visas could have had the potential of being “terrorist” in 911 or potential “terrorist” in the present and/or our future in America?- How many valid cases were dismissed, regardless of “proving” evidence?- How many “innocent” victims are in prison, and what is protecting them from “PRISON RAPES”?b>As of November 10, 2008, Schlumberger Limited defense attorney Amy Halevy of Bracewell & Guiliani requested a Federal Judge in Texas Southern District to Silence me. Therefore stripping me of my 1st Amendment. (freedom of speech, press...) . Due to knowledge of my constitutional rights, it did not happen. Ironically, I shared a video of an actual attempt hacking my personal computer in an attempt to destroy any possibility of evidence and/or with a purpose to sabotage the radio & talkshow, GenXTalksUrNews.Take a look for yourselves:
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GenXTalksUrNews Radio & Talkshow was inspired by the many victims of discrimination at the hands of oil service giant, Schlumberger Limited. The show itself acts as a vehicle of communication in the hopes of healing. Diverse topics are discussed with an objective of "breaking the lease on ignorance." However, the show shares occurrences of being victimized by racism, sexism and other discriminatory practices.What are your thoughts on these obvious attempts to cover-up the truth of discrimination "confidentially" practiced by this oil service giant, Schlumberger Limited (SLB). Investors beware...Criminal Activities in process.The level of racism and sexism has existed for decades within this cooperation. It is of no secret and/or coincidence, as Schlumberger Limited were already found guilty of a number of criminalNothing “great” will never come easy, but if “no action is taken”, “greatness” will never come.TAKE ACTION RADIO & NEWS - GenXTalksUrNews:JOIN JUSTICE, AS YOUR HOST TO DISCUSS THE REAL ISSUES:


I'm not ready to shut-up, unless I decide!!! Additional information will be provided at a later date. We are all human beings... You are encouraged to "Stand-up".TruthBlack Talk Radio Southwest Affiliatemaatpap2.jpg
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