An Obama A Day Keeps the Mitt-twits Away

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

I've been rolling this concept around in my mind, and I've come to the conclusion that it's better to be a pro-actionary than a re-actionary.


As a writer, journalist, Eclectically Black woman, Blogger, mother, grandmother and US citizen, it is my duty and responsibility to keep the stupids from inundating us with their propagandistic BS. So, starting to day, August 11, 2012 (the 91st anniversary of my dad Warner Dulan's birth) I am writing something positive every day – and twice on Sunday – about President Barack Obama, and/or his family, the people who work with him; as well as all the wonderful valiant work they are doing to pull America out of the sink hole the Rep-ugh-blicans put us in.

If we Bloggers, writers, journalists would each write something positive about the President, it would go a long way in thwarting the crap that the Koch's, Bushes, Mitt-Twits, the Supreme Court, multimillionaire corporations - so-called super pacs (who have now been declared individuals) try to level against him, in a vain attempt to keep him from being re-elected, and complete the work he set out to do.
An Obama A Day is good for what ails America: like taking vitamins to fortify your immune system, and strengthen you against diseases - in this case the disease of distortion, poverty, lies, and disempowering legislations leveled at the middle class and poor.  It's like an antidote for the virus of economic downturn from too much greed, and not enough need. It's like an innoculation against small meanstrem propaganda.  It's the serum for strength, self empowerment, and standing for our rights as American citizens.  It's like body building.  The more you exercise your Obama muscles, the more power you have to transform yourself and this country into the America for all people.  Not just for the wealthy few.  An Obama A Day means that our children will not be stepping backwards into mediocrity, but forward into confidence, competence, success and a better quality of life.

It's not that difficult; actually, it's a pleasure. At least it is for me. It's kind of like putting together a “brag book,” where you're bragging on all the great accomplishments Obama has achieved thus far.

It's a no-brainer, really. He's consistently given us so many examples of what a great president he is. Even if we all write the same thing, or if we repeat ourselves, it's no problem, because in that way we are accentuating the positive, reinforcing it, burning it into the psyche of people who don't have access to the truth, or who are either too lazy, confused or nonchalant to do the heaving lifting and research themselves.

Mind you this doesn't have to be a super long piece or a documentary – though that would also be acceptable. I know we're in the age of sound bytes and 800 word articles; but have you noticed that the New York Times still goes into great detail to make their point? And they're still the most widely read publication in the world. If it takes that long to educate the masses, do what you gotta do to get the point across.

Or, it could, likewise, be as simple as a quote, or as elaborate as a video of the President engaged in something. It could be a list of his accomplishments to date; BUT WE HAVE TO MAKE HIM A PART OF EVERYTHING WE WRITE GOING FORWARD – not just up to election day, but election and beyond.

A photo of the President and/or the First Lady, or Vice President Biden, and a caption or quote underneath will also be great. Then make sure you send it out to your fan base, tell them to upload it on FaceBook, Twitter, etc., as well as Mocha, BET, and all the social media, Black, White, Asian, etc., that exists. Make it viral.

The multi-billionaires who mean us no good are trying to buy this election out from under the people of the US. Let's cut them off at the pass!! This is community guerilla warfare. And the guerilla's always win because they think outside of the box.

Everytime someone reports that Obama is being outraised in funding sources, remember the Supreme Court has given corporations human status, and carte blanche to underwrite and undermine our President. It is our job to remind America that our votes are not for sale, and that DOLLARS DON'T VOTE, PEOPLE DO!!!

This is no time for side line, or idle observations; this is no time for regurgitating the swill that generally comes from meanstream media. This is the time for us to use our highest and best sources, coupled with the fact that, rather than so-called objectivity, you have a stake in the outcome as much as the readers you write for; because you're not just a journalist, you are also an American citizen. You owe it to yourself to take a little enlightened self interest and be more than a reporter – be a supporter. A support of the truth that BARACK OBAMA is the best President this country has had in more nearly 150 years.

So, consider this DAY ONE of my OBAMA-A-DAY KEEPS THE MITT-TWITS AWAY, and keeps us informed and free.

Let's make it a contest: The Blogger, writer, or journalist who can log in the highest number of positive content about President Barack Obama (including his wife, children and cabinet) will win a prize. Starting Monday, August 13, 2012, and ending midnight the day after the Presidential Election. All quotes, photos, articles, etc. have to be dated and time stamped for verification. We will have an independent jury do the tally. There will be a first, second and third prize. If you're in, let me know. We are the most brilliant people on the planet. Let's make it happen AGAIN!!!

Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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