They set up quick and easy; they are wonderful for making great impressions at a trade show or event within budget. Lightweight and portable, they are an ever increasing favorite option for exhibitors and marketing managers. ‘They’ are pop up trade show booths. offers budget friendly imported models, and more durable, made in the USA models built for long term use. Fabric and full graphic pop up exhibits are available in a wide variety of colors. Accessory items such as monitor mounts, shadowboxes, shelves, and waterfall brackets can be added to most pop up Trade show Booth models for enhancement.


As with most products sold on the internet, you will find that there are hundreds of pop up displays available with an even wider price range. While offers the budget friendly, imported models at half the price of the ‘Made in the USA’ brands; we caution buyers and highly recommend staying away from these imports. Why you ask?


1) Quality – We have found that the quality of the material used in imported systems is nowhere near the quality of materials used in the USA models. In fact, we find that over half of the imported models sold, are returned within one year due to manufacture’s defects and/or breakage of poor quality materials.


2) Size – The majority of the budget import models are built below industry standard dimensions. We have found that imports are either shorter in height or width, as compared to models made in America.


3) Returns / Repairs – Getting an imported pop up trade show booth repaired or replaced can be a real hassle; often requiring an investment of time and money beyond that originally planned.


You may ask, “Then why does even offer a budget friendly imported pop up trade show booth?” The answer is simple. In order to compete in today’s online market place, we must offer a wide variety of solutions in order to accommodate every marketing requirement and most importantly, every budget. While we are constantly explaining the pros and cons-trying to steer our buyers to domestically produced systems-there are those who are doing only one show; have a very limited budget; or just simply feel the import is their solution.


Either way, a pop up Trade Show Booths is a favorite of many exhibitors because of its portability, ease of set up, and ability to deliver an impactful marketing message. offers the largest variety of pop up exhibits on the market including 8 foot, 10 foot, and 20 foot sizes; we carry island and stretch fabric models as well. Available within a large price range, a portable pop up display system (foreign or domestic) landing within your budget could be waiting. Visit our website and allow one of our knowledgeable display consultants to assist you in your search.

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