While the majority of our clients use their Trade Show Display for trade shows; there are other venues where they can be impactful. In a corporate lobby where your customers and the public frequent, pop up banner stands can convey a powerful message about your company in quick form. Eye-catching, graphic art work says more in short order, than a long sale pitch ever could. If room allows, a modular trade show display with back wall interchangeable graphics, is a good way to post up-to-date information or the progress of ongoing projects. It can also be used to recognize employees’ accomplishments or milestones.

Many times, major trade conventions tend to have smaller “side” venues located in hotel meeting rooms. These events are a great way to participate in a larger show if your budget is tight. Often, tables dressed with table skirts, and simple table top displays are all that is needed to “fit” right in. Of course the side halls of a major convention center have always been an option for smaller Trade Show Display use. Don’t discount the effectiveness of being in a “side” venue; you never know who might be seeking solace from the hustle and bustle of the main hall. A great exhibit-strategically placed in a side hall-can often outperform a less-than-optimal booth space in the main hall, i.e., hidden behind a column.

Powerhouses in a particular industry hold special events catering to their target audience. Even though you might be sub-exhibiting under a corporate conglomerate; you will be in the right lane right out of the shoot owing to the focus attendance at such venues. can assist in putting together a unique trade show display to help you rise above the crowd, versus assimilating into a sea of participants. Take a look at some of the exampled trade show displays we have on our website, to get started. When you speak with our display representatives, explain that you will be attending an “all-in-the same” industry event and ask for some unique idea suggestions.

Using a trade show display in a retail store or mall, to promote your product or service ,draws a larger crowd than attempting to do the same without any visual aids(save the product itself). How many times have you been in the grocery store with someone dispensing samples of who knows what-literally? In order to even see the package (branding), it was necessary to stand right next to the table and look down. Colorful graphics “brand” a company or product in the consumers mind. Even if they don’t approach for a free hand-out (product, literature, etc.,); the high-impact graphic panels have done their job-potential customers have received a visual image of your logo/company name/product.

If attending a large trade show is cost prohibitive because of either the booth space fee, the cost of purchasing an exhibit, or both; consider partnering with an affiliate on a rental exhibit. If the trade show displays you presently own needs new graphics; but the cost of replacing them, added to the show rental fee, exceeds your budget; considerer “sub-leasing” a back wall panel to a collaborative partner and share the show attendance expense. For example, if your company sells shoes; partner with a company that sells shoe cleaning products or perhaps a hosiery distributor. For the building trades, a symbiosis can be easily created between cabinet and hardware manufacturers. You get the picture.

Despite the economic climate, companies much forge ahead by learning to bend rather than break. Do not forego trade show attendance altogether because you can no longer participate at the same level you once did. If your marketing department has the will; has the way. Remember, necessity has always been the mother of invention.

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