2nd Call for Papers

Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika’s 43rd Annual


Over the next five years health has to be a priority and its emphasis is designed to underscore the need for "strong and intelligent warriors" to move our nation forward. As america losses its prowess, the PG-RNA must strengthen its resolve to formalize the collective vision of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, Robert Williams, Gaidi Obadele, Queen Mother Moore, Mama Betty Shabazz, Dr. Imari Obadele and others. The PG-RNA must focus on building the capacity of Afrikan families to better reflect African values for our New Afrikan Nation.
Remembering and honoring the work and workers that has brought us to this point, we must prepare for the change that is inevitable for a people whose spirit refuses to be bonded by oppression and injustice. Preparing For Change! requires that New Afrikans ReAfrikanize our communities, families and individual selves into warriors for justice and ambassadors for peace in our communities. Mweusi Chui, General Rashid, Chokwe Lumumba, Herman Freguson, Hekima Ana, Tamu Sana. Addis Abba, Mau Mau, Aisha Salim, and Karim Njabafudi still wanna see us FREE THE LAND!, and we can.
2011 Nation Day - "Preparing For Change - Healthy Families = Healthy Nations"
Presentations - Saturday - March 26, 2010
Site - Tougaloo College - - Jackson, Mississippi
Hosted by the Tougaloo College Pre-Law Society
Presentation Titles - 1. Food; 2. Clothing; 3. Shelter; 4. Education; 5. Health; 6. Security; 7. Commerce; 8. Government (Please attach a description of your presentation, including scope, objectives, content, and relevance to the theme; a 100 words or less abstract and photo for inclusion in the program booklet.)
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Asinia Lukata Chikuyu
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Email: afrikan_tbt@yahoo
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