Africa for Africans - doing it for ourselves! Transforming conditions in Zimbabwe right now! Today, Africans from around the world are joining the All African People's Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP), coming together as one people to bring our skills back to Africa and to restore our motherland. Our latest endeavor is the Zimbabwe Farm Irrigation Project. We need your help to raise $6,000 to get this project off the ground. Will you contribute?

Donate securely online The Zimbabwe Farm Irrigation Project AAPDEP has taken on a project to construct a 50m deep borehole (pressurized well) for irrigation of a 25-acre section of farmland of the Ujamma Youth Farming Project (UYFP) in Gweru, Zimbabwe.

For more than ten years, the people of Zimbabwe have endured severe hardship due to hypocritical economic sanctions imposed by the U.S., EU, World Bank, IMF and others in response to the movement of Africans in Zimbabwe to reclaim their land that has been occupied by white settlers whose ancestors stole it at gunpoint during the colonial era. Currently, Zimbabwe has an unemployment rate of around 80%, suffers the highest rate of inflation in the world, and has been hard hit by drought and lack of funds for farming initiatives. AAPDEP's participation in this borehole project will help to support the efforts of UYFP to provide valuable training, employment, and of course produce to the people of Zimbabwe. Ujamma Youth Farming Project Established in June 2005, UYFP is an African youth-led farming cooperative that has secured a 100-acre plot of farmland in the city of Gweru under the Zimbabwe government's land redistribution program.

UYFP's mission is to empower African youth through gainful farming initiatives so that they are able to demonstrate the essential skills necessary to function as life long productive citizens of Zimbabwe's agrarian reforms. One of our immediate goals is to offer produce to wholesalers and retail outlets in and around Zimbabwe's midland provinces. A longer term goal is to establish a training program so African youth from outside of Zimbabwe and even outside Africa will visit, meet, train, work, and bond with their counterparts on the farm.

Kwanisai Mafa UYFP Founder and Chairman African people do not need charity. We need self-reliance and self-determination! For 500 years now, Africa's labor and resources have built prosperity for Europe, the US, the Caribbean and everywhere else African people have been dispersed. Africa's immense human and material wealth must now benefit Africa!

Donate securely online Or send check/money order for "AAPDEP" to: AAPDEP, P.O. Box 454, Normal, AL 35762 256-489-8715 • PO Box 454, Normal, AL 35762
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  • AISHA, this is a opportunity to empower our words and our strongly held beliefs.
    So, the question remains, will you be a donor for your own or mus we we depend on the "Donor Nations" and other "Charitable Organizations" or "Well Meaning Celebrities"? Yes, this is a fork and not a knife in the road!!!
  • DMV
    Afrikans killing afrikans
    this is the same as Trinadad in Washington DC
    stop being your own worst enemy!
  • DMV
    Ma sha ALLAH!
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