And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” Ephesians 5:11

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It is a known fact that the oil services giant, Schlumberger/Schlumberger Limited (SLB) has been allowed to practice decades of "confident" discrimination. (i.e. racism, sexism, sexual harassment...)Why does this concern "YOU"?* Do you really know what's in your drinking water?* How much does it cost you to "Fill up" at the pumps?* How many innocent people lost their lives, family and friends during 9/11? (September 11)

Schlumberger/Schlumberger Limited are listed as "Corporate Criminals" in regards to President Bush's Corporate Criminal Task Force!!! This corporation's illegal activities are nothing short of "Ethical Failure". A term recently used in regards to an undercover sting operation that also relates to "oil".

Women of all races, African Americans and other minorities are being stripped of their constitutional rights as United States Citizens.

Once again, why should this concern "YOU"?This could be you and/or someone very close to your heart. Discrimination is no different than the unfortunate tragedies of slavery. If it does not stop here, then, when and where will it stop???Schlumberger (SLB) was found "GUILTY" on allegations of Fraudulent U.S. Visas and Perjury, among others. Also, let’s not forget about previous and recent inquires of "Kickbacks." The Rich has gotten Richer, but the Poorer has gotten Poorer… What’s wrong with this picture? As Schlumberger(SLB) virtually laughs all the way to the bank, good people are sacrificing at the gas pumps. Yes, the prices are declining at this time, but for "How Long???"Evidence presented includes an abundance of audio files and hundreds of documentation. Due to the nature of the beast, evidence was reported and disturbed to government, law enforcement, special agencies, media resources and others. Schlumberger’s usual cover-up will no longer exist. Place yourself in a few of the victim’s shoes.

What if you experienced the following?- Exposure of Private Parts by Employees- Grabbed on the Buttocks- Stares to your Breast- Stalked and Harassed- Hostile Work Environment (i.e. F-word, MF-words, B-word...)- Used/Worn Condoms on Schlumberger's premise- Referred to by the N-word- Racially Motivated Comments, Jokes, Discussions...- Employees Afraid of Sharing True Race (i.e. I pass for white, much rather than Hispanic due to Schlumberger's racism...)- Extreme Daily Sexual Harassment... (i.e. terrified to visit Schlumberger's rest room facilities without constant sexual harassment...)- Stripped of your Constitutional Rights to Privacy (i.e. unethical methods of surveillance, missing I-9 information from personnel...)Racism, Sexism and Oil are three "KEY" factors in the upcoming presidential elections. Women and African Americans continue to be plagued by discrimination inside of "Oil" services giant, Schlumberger(SLB). Based on recent CNN Poles, people are asking lawmakers to take action against "foreign” oil companies operating above the law, such as Schlumberger(SLB).Many people are outraged by the actions of Schlumberger, and continue to ask the question “Why hasn’t Schlumberger been held accountable for decades of discrimination?” Enron’s scandal proved the need for government intervention. Employees lost their livelihoods, as the world witnessed this “black hole” of deception. Schlumberger's(SLB) unethical acts of discrimination are just as scandalous.The same law firm associated in defending Enron is potentially, the same law firm hired by Schlumberger (SLB) in a few of the cases. However, the name of this law firm dropped Patterson and renamed, "Bracewell & Giuliani. Although incorporated under a different name, the objective remains the same, defense of “Corporate Criminals” . Just check out this law firms "Special Investigations" Division located in London England...Ironically, a victim of Schlumberger (SLB) medial records were pulled without her permissions and/or "signed authorization of release", but when inquired to physicians, it was stated that medical files were requested by the Plaintiff's attorney, Mr. O.J. Usoro, whom denied having anything to do with such request. On top of that, all of the victims calls were tapped/wired and rerouted to "specific" ATT technicians, as well as, her computers hacked, where as, the "hard drives crashed". (audio/video turned over...)It would seem like a scene out of "Borne Identity", but real beyond any doubt. Even the victim's children remain under attack. Who really are involved in these malicious acts of deception??? "You" be the judge!!!These victims are not within a vacuum, and certainly not living a lived of perception. These nightmares are real, reagardless of the fact that they are all 'AWAKE".GenXTalksUrNews host, "Justice" appreciates your support in her upcoming trail next week. However, trail by jury has been set for November 26, 2008. COME OUT IN SHOW OF SUPPORT FOR JUSTICE!!!! The defense job will be to rub this victim's face in the mud, but everyone knows what happened to Judas from the Bible...It is not credibility that is at stake, but the pursuit of justice for Women of all races, African Americans, and human beings. Our constitutional rights are being stripped away by the rule of money... Money will not be who will judge us in the end.So Schlumberger's (SLB) defense is allowed to "disprove" what has been already "proven". Thierry et al v. Schlumberger LimitedPlaintiffs: Tawanna ThierryDefendants: Schlumberger Limited, Schlumberger Technology CorporationCase Number: 4:2007cv01086Filed: March 31, 2007Court: Texas Southern District CourtOffice: Houston Office [ Court Info ]County: Fort BendPresiding Judge: Judge Vanessa D GilmoreNature of Suit: Civil Rights - Other Civil RightsCause: 28:1343 Violation of Civil RightsJurisdiction: Federal QuestionJury Demanded By: Plaintiff

- truth without bondage- honor without fear- spirituality without embarrassment- pride without being proudTogether Let's Break the Lease on Ignorance...www.victimsofslb.com commented in the Movie Apollo 13, “Houston, we have a problem.” However, Schlumberger's(SLB) discrimination transcends across the globe.

Women are people too!!! What part of NO don't they understand, the N or the O? If you experience abuse at the hands of Schlumberger(SLB), you are not alone... Stand up and make a difference.Television and Radio Links:ttp://;jsessionid=480A4772E8F18842B078ED1F797B6855?contentId=3956427&version=4&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1">;jsessionid=480A4772E8F18842B078ED1F797B6855?contentId=3956427&version=4&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1">ttp://;jsessionid=480A4772E8F18842B078ED1F797B6855?contentId=3956427&version=4&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1;jsessionid=6B0AD5A8312FCE6CD5411E259BE85B68?contentId=5915442&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1">;jsessionid=6B0AD5A8312FCE6CD5411E259BE85B68?contentId=5915442&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1">;jsessionid=6B0AD5A8312FCE6CD5411E259BE85B68?contentId=5915442&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1“Bad things happen, when good people do nothing.”TAKE ACTION RADIO & NEWS - GenXTalksUrNews:JOIN JUSTICE, AS YOUR HOST TO DISCUSS THE REAL ISSUES:Just take a look into a FEW discrimination lawsuits from 2004 - Sept. 2008 against this oil services giant, Schlumberger:Parties District Court Judge Type of Lawsuit Cause of ActionJune 3, 2008CARHEE v. Schlumberger Limited et al TX Southern Ellison Employment Federal QuestionPlaintiff: SHIRLEY CARHEE; Defendant: Schlumberger Limited, Schlumberger Technology Corporation, SUJITH TENKODMANEApril 8, 2008Newton v. Schlumberger Technology Corporation et al TX Northern O'Connor Employment Federal QuestionPlaintiff: Allison Newton; Defendant: Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Schlumberger Technologies, Inc.February 15, 2008Heilhecker v. Schlumberger OK Western Miles-LaGrange Employment Fed. Question: Employment DiscriminationPlaintiff: David L Heilhecker; Defendant: SchlumbergerJanuary 18, 2008Klish v. Schlumberger Technology Corporation CO Matsch Americans with Disabilities - Employment Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)Plaintiff: John Klish; Defendant: Schlumberger Technology CorporationOctober 29, 2007Blakley v. Schlumberger AR Eastern Wright Employment Job Discrimination (Employment)Plaintiff: Relenthis Blakley; Defendant: SchlumbergerOctober 2, 2007Coleman v. Schlumberger Technology Corporation LA Eastern Vance Employment Job Discrimination (Employment)Plaintiff: Donald Coleman; Defendant: Schlumberger Technology CorporationJuly 25, 2007Knight v. Dowell Schlumberger LA Western Haik Employment Job Discrimination (Employment)Plaintiff: Lashanda A Knight; Defendant: Dowell SchlumbergerJuly 13, 2007Pollard v. Schlumberger Technology Corporation TX Southern Hoyt Employment Job Discrimination (Sex)Plaintiff: Emily Pollard; Defendant: Schlumberger Technology CorporationMarch 31, 2007Thierry et al v. Schlumberger Limited TX Southern Gilmore Other Civil Rights Violation of Civil RightsPlaintiff: Tawanna Thierry, Candi Hudson; Defendant: Schlumberger LimitedMarch 21, 2007Moore v. Schlumberger Technology Corporation et al AR Western Dawson Employment Job Discrimination (Employment)Plaintiff: Brent S. Moore; Defendant: Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Schlumberger MI, Inc., Schlumberger Omnes, Inc.July 14, 2005Hertneck v. Schlumberger Infrastructure Services TX Southern Hoyt Employment Job Discrimination (Employment)December 28, 2004Morgan v. Schlumberger Technology Corporation TX Southern Lake Employment Job Discrimination (Race)September 10, 2004Veal v. Schlumberger Technology Corporation et al TX Southern Atlas Employment Fed. Question: Employment DiscriminationApril 30, 2004Cheramie v. Schlumberger Tech LA Eastern Engelhardt Employment Job Discrimination (Age)reference additional information: IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE??? THESE VICTIMS ARE NOT OPERATING WITHIN A VACUUM. of MAÁTTruthJusticeHarmonyBalanceOrderReciprocityPropriety****************************************************************************************************************************************SPECIAL REPORT As of October 2008 - Attempts to Sabotage GenXTalksUrNews Radio & Talkshow , as this program was inspired by many victims of discrimination confidentially practiced by oil service giant's, Schlumberger Limited (SLB). Ironically during the interview with Sunnyside's Mayor, Ms, Sandra Massie Hines (Houston, Texas) a hacker took charge of the cursor, and proceeded to silence and delete what they assumed to be (Evidence). This "Computer Fraud" was reported over Police. However, your host, Justice of GenXTalksUrNews hard-drive was destroyed. No fear, evidence was release and surrendered some time ago, as it is now "Public Information". This may read as a scene from the movie "Borne Identify", but as real as the DISCRIMINATION inside of Schlumberger Limited. Let's not forget about the fact that your host phone lines remain tapped, and personal medical records requested without her permission. This is a direct INVASION of PRIVACY, and is against the Law. THE THINGS THAT MONEY AND POWER CAN PURCHASE. Fortunately, it cannot purchase your host soul, as it remains off limits. Please note, ATT are the ISP providers. So this would mean that your host, Justice has no privacy within her HOME PHONE, CELL PHONE and/or BOARD-BAND SERVICES. "DIRECT VIOLATION of the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AS A RESPONSIBLE UNITED STATES CITIZEN" (Particularly, the rights to privacy, freedom of speech, and other rights as a United States Citizen.) HUNDREDS of AUDIO, HUNDREDS of DOCUMENTED PROOF and MUCH MORE SURRENDERED OVER TO GOVERNMENT, AUTHORITIES, AND MANY MANY OTHER RESOURCES... Will the victims of discrimination at the hands of oil services Goliath ever have a chance at JUSTICE or even a fair trail??? CONTINUE TO FOLLOW THE STORY CLOSELY, AS YOUR HOST, JUSTICE CONTINUES TO BE JEOPARDIZED , ALONG WITH HER FAMILY IN THE STAND FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE. Most of the same victims, regardless of admission, suffered discrimination. Luckily, audio was captured previous to the following events and circumstances: recent promotions of Women, African Americans and minorities, pay increase without rule out of (kickbacks...), improved retention and hiring of more Women, African Americans and minorities, speedy changes to Schlumberger Limited Policies and Procedures, additional sponsorships (such as funding support related to Hurricanes in Texas and Louisiana), Donations and Ground work to provide homes to citizens in those areas of Texas and Louisiana (Particularly around the districts of New Orleans..). Why start now??? Particularly upon the presidential elections, as well as, based on the increase of Discrimination Lawsuits against this Corporation??? This is an obvious COVER-UP, while your host, whom by the way has never had any "run-ins" with the law, attempts to be SET-UP, as well as, her family. Even her children are not off limits, as they have had strangers approach them at school, even during "X-box live". The Games are certainly Over!!! The objective is to gain enough time to "DISCREDIT" Justice while she continues to expose the TRUTH. Believe me, it is on a much larger "POLITICAL" conspiracy. Thankfully, the world now is aware, as you will say "I TOLD YOU SO, IF ANYTHING SHOULD HAPPEN". God forbids!!!. MONEY continues to Rule over POLITICS. Therefore, let's encourage our justice system to slam- dump these ethical failures of this company. Schlumberger Limited deceptively provide "investors" with false information that "People" are their greatest assets. IIf this were the case, why not admit the truth and change this preposterous behavior of discrimination??? all inside and outside criminals helping Schlumberger Limited. In is a fact that HOUSTON, TEXAS has many problems within the Legal system. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!!! This is an SOS. THEY ARE GUILTY, and this is an honest plea. Although Justice is out under paid suspension, I would not be surprised by a 'Wrongful Termination." This tactic would be to continue to ABUSE her during the most horrific time in life. All caused by the discriminatory hands of Schlumberger Limited. Investors please do your homework, as well as, all applicants. These change are only to COVER-UP during this obvious web of deception. What a shame??? The same legal system supported, is also the same system that is against your host. MAKE A NOISE AND BE HEARD, AS GenXTalksUrNews offers you a path to heal through the vessel of communication. THE SHOW WILL CONTINUE!!! STAY TURNED FOR THE NEXT PROGRAM. BLESSINGS...**************************************************************************************************************************************Thank you Brother Moorbey for making a difference. Schlumberger Limited's message of discrimination cannot be any clearer. Money rules, while confidently raping the self-esteem of Women, African Americans and other minorities. My release could not have been more disgraceful.Just imagine the detrimental message to other victims as I was told to leave... If they were ever encouraged to stand, Schlumberger Limited definitely intended to "nip any of their courage "TO STAND" in the bud." When has reporting discrimination been considered a crime? Even to be burdened with the comment, "at least I am not leaving in handcuffs". I was literally "stripped" of all of what I thought to have initially, my "constitutional rights" as a responsible citizen of the United States.Take a look at the following email messages of others reaching out to me via email (Names intentionally suppressed):Ms. Thierry,>> My name is Kyrston, a black woman who was> previously a Field Engineer in Arkansas. I agree> with> your assertions about the problem of discrimination> at> Schlumberger. I finally had enough this past> January> and resigned. The company as a whole is very> diverse> but my experience was far from that in Fort Smith,> Arkansas. I was the only black woman in the> district> and the diversity only extended to less than 10> other> minorities or non-Americans. The district was run> by> white men and I was not welcomed from day 1.>> I addressed my concerns with management and HR to no> avail. I am currently in a fight to ensure that SLB> is held accountable for their actions or inactions.> I> will be monitoring your case closely and I wish you> the best of luck. I can't believe you were> suspended,> but don't give in! They should address your> concerns!> I have a lot more I could say but I would rather not> send it through an email.>> I am not sure what your schedule is like or what> your> attorney advised you not to discuss. But if you are> interested in a conversation, please feel free to> contact me. Please give my best to the other> plaintiffs.>> Kyrston______________________________________________________________------ Original Message -----From: byronSent: Monday, February 25, 2008 7:36 PMSubject: callsI have been tring too reach you all for a couple of days, but have not recieved any phone calls. The only person i have talked to has been shirley. Even when i call o.j i have left several messages for him to call. He never calls. Now if Mr. Oj doesnt want to take my case he needs to let me know.And for the record i am not suspect. Lets get that straight. I have been through the same things that u r going through if not more.I have tried to reach Mr. lawrence and he wont retur any of my calls.Thats fine. Like i said if you Mr. O.J dont not want to handle my case. Please by all means let me know when i can come and get my info. It's like iam being left in the dark about everything. Maybe its not for me to know. Maybe its better that i dont know (i dont want to be suspect too anyone).YOU ALL HAVE A GOOD DAY____________________________________________________________MY NAME IS ISMAELI AM ALSO EMPLOYED WITH SCHLUMBERGER AT THE ARDMORE FACILITY, I AM A HISPANIC MALE AND HAVE BEEN EMPLOYED WITH THE COMPANY FOR 3 YEARS NOW. I EXPERIENCED A SITUATION BACK IN AUG. 07' I HAD BEEN CALLED MANY RACIAL THINGS I HELD MY GROUND SO I WOULD NOT BE FIRED DURING THE MONTH OF AUG. I WAS INJURED BY AN EMPLOYEE I WAS TAKEN TO THE HOSPITAL, THE EMPLOYEE HAD RAN OVER MY FOOT ON PURPOSE WITH A FORKLIFT I COULD NOT BELIEVE THIS WAS HAPPENING TO ME I GOT TO THE HOSPITAL AND THEY TOOK X-RAY'S TO FIND THAT MY FOOT WAS SLIGHTLY FRACTURED. WHEN I ARRIVED BACK TO THE FACILITY I TOLD THEM EVERYTHING THAT HAD HAPPENED AND THAT IT WAS NO ACCIDENT I ALSO TOLD THEM (HR) THAT I HAD BEEN BULLIED BY THE EMPLOYEE FOR MONTHS LEADING TO THIS ACCIDENT. THEY SAID AN INVESTIGATION WAS GOING TO TAKE PLACE THE EMPLOYEE WAS SUSPENDED FOR 2 OR 3 DAYS AND WAS BROUGHT BACK TO OUR DEPT, WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME I BELIEVE THIS WAS WRONG BECAUSE OF ALL I HAD TOLD THEM IN MY EYES HR AND PEOPLE IN CHARGE DID NOTHING SO I CALLED THE POLICE AT THE FACILITY TO FILE CHARGES THE POLICE DID SHOW UP I HAD A WITNESS AND THEY TOOK A STATEMENT FROM ME BACK IN AUG. THEN ONLY DID HR TAKE ME SERIOUSLY AFTER I PULLED THAT MOVE THEY TOLD ME TO CALM DOWN AND THAT THE INVESTIGATION WAS STILL ON GOING, BUT HOW IS IT THAT YOU ARE GOING TO ALLOW THIS PERSON TO COME BACK TO WORK WITH OUT LETTING ME KNOW. ALL THEY DID WAS HAVE A SIT DOWN AND TOLD ME WE NEED TO MAKE UP AND GET ALONG. THE EMPLOYEE WAS WHITE AND HAS BEEN WITH THE CO. FOR 20 SOME YEARS, I KNOW IF I HAD DONE THAT I WOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED NO QUESTIONS ASKED. WELL WE ARE NOW IN FEB 08' AND THIS GUY GETS A PROMOTION TO LEADMAN. I AM TRYING TO FIND A DIFFERENT DEPT TO WORK IN AND I HAVE RECENTLY GOTTEN MY CERTIFICATE FOR INSPECTION IN MAG.FROM SAN JAC , I HAVE TALKED TO THE MANAGER IN THE INSPECTION DEPT, WHICH IS ALSO WHITE" TO LET HIM KNOW THAT IF IN THE NEAR FUTURE IF HE NEEDS IN INSPECTOR TO LET ME KNOW, I COME TO FIND OUT THAT THEY ARE HIRING FOR A MAG INSPECTOR AND AFTER ALL THIS HAS INTERVIEWED OTHER OUTSIDE PEOPLE AND STILL TILL THIS DAY HAS NOT CONTACTED ME FOR THE CHANCE AT THIS JOB.____________________________________________________________________Now in the midst of my affliction, I may be "burdened" with having to seek employment, regardless of my mental, physical and spiritual state of mind all due to Schlumberger Limited. Where and how do I start, especially when I have nearly lost faith in "humanity"???To learn more about the Schlumberger 2 and other incidences of corporate misconduct by Schlumberger please peruse the following links and pass them on to your contacts: ANNOUNCEMENTS BELOW:***** Additional Information to prepare YOU for college - Catch the Wave of Knowledge presented by Ms. C. Herd: Planning and Preparing for College (Scholarships, Internships, Etc) (click to retrieve)

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