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Dr. Tyrene Wright, Ph.D.  is the author of the book "Booker T. Washington and Africa:The Making Of A Pan Africanist." She is a scholar, human rights activist, publisher and local TV/radio producer. Dr. Wright is the founder of African Women for Africa, a health literacy organization and Global Africa Press. Currently, Dr. Wright is a host for Community Action Roundtable, a New York Tri-State Area Community Affairs Program on MNN. Dr. Wright teaches African and African American History for the Center for Ethnic Studies at the City University of New York. 
Dr Oya Adowa Ma'at  is a scholar and internet broadcaster.  She is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. She is a U.S Army veteran who served a total of 8 years. While serving in the military, she received her undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Morgan State University. She continued her education at Morgan eventually receiving a Doctorate of Engineering degree. Dr. Ma'at has received a number of honors: Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, Lockheed Martin Scholarship recipient, Society of American Military Engineers scholarship recipient, and Distinguished Honor graduate of the U.S Army Finance School.
Dr. Ma'at is currently a professor at Morgan State University School of Engineering in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, where she teaches the four core classes. She is also a committee member and instructor for FACS (Females Are Cyber Stars) Summer Camp at Morgan State University, which was created to increase female interest and participation in STEM.
Dr. Ma'at is a strong advocate of African centered education and is deeply committed to make learning enjoyable for children. She is the co-founder and President of EdAnime Productions, a Baltimore based company that creates educational programs that promote favorable self-images, heighten self-esteem and cultivate a profound sense of self-awareness. She is the executive producer of Meltrek, a comprehensive program that utilizes multimedia to teach children about the history, culture and achievements of Continental and Diasporan Africans. Meltrek is being utilized in 30 states and 10 countries.
Dr. Ma'at is also the founder and host of "Truth To Power Talk With Dr. Ma'at", a platform that is committed to elevating the voices of African researchers, scientists, doctors, humanitarians, and entrepreneurs. She has interviewed people such Dr. Wade Nobles, Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, Dr. William Darity, Dr. Julius Garvey, Dr. Leonard Jefferies, Professor James Small,  Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro,  Dr. Julianne Malveaux, Dr. Kaba Kamane and Anthony T Browder.
Dr. Leonard Jeffries, a political scientist, historian, educator, and Pan-Africanist, is a founding director and a former Vice-President and President of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations (ASCAC). Jeffries, known for his African-Centred scholarship, achieved national prominence in the early 1990s for his historical statements about Jews and European people. In a 1991 speech he stated that Jews financed the slave trade, used the movie industry to hurt Black people, and that whytes are “ice people” while Africans are “sun people”. Jeffries was discharged from his position as chairman of the black studies department at CUNY, leading to a lengthy legal battle, before he was reinstated. Jeffries remains a leading voice and theoretician in African-centered education.
Dr. Leonard Jeffries was born January 19th, 1937 in Newark, New Jersey. As a teenager, Dr. Jeffries sensed he was on a mission. He said, “I grew up with the idea of becoming a lawyer to save the race in the civil-rights movement and to be mayor of Newark.” Like other Black youngsters coming of age in the late 1940s and early 1950s, Jeffries faced racism from his whyte schoolmates as well as from some of his teachers, but he buried his rage and strove to excel. His formal education came from the Newark Public School system were he became President of his graduation class at Sussex Avenue School, January 1951. His later schooling was at McKinley Jr. High School and Barringer High School where he graduated with honors.
Jeffries took his first trip to Africa with the Crossroads program. His leadership abilities and proficiency in French made him an asset to the program. By the summer of 1962, he became the group leader of a trip to Senegal. By 1964, he had traveled to Africa a dozen times. To date (though he has stopped counting) he has traveled to Africa more than 100 times—usually leading groups of young people whose lives might be touched as his was.
Dr. Jeffries is a founding director of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations (ASCAC) and is a former president of the African Heritage Association (AHSA). His scholastic exploits have taken him to Ghana, Brazil, Switzerland and throughout the Caribbean.
Dr. Obari Adéye Cartman is a father, son, brother, uncle, thinker, writer, therapist, photographer, and drummer. He is a Chicago native, where his cultural and educational foundations were firmly planted by several African-centered institutions and communities. He received his undergraduate degree from Hampton University and a Ph.D in clinical & community psychology from Georgia State University. He has worked as a therapist is a variety of settings ranging from a family center to a women’s prison. He has worked as a professor of psychology at Georgia State University and the Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies at Northeastern University. Currently Dr. Cartman works as a restorative justice coach with H.E.LP., LLC (Healing Empowering and Learning Professions) in Chicago Public Schools. He also conducts trainings for adults and workshops with youth about maintaining good mental health, critical analysis of hip-hop and media, racial and cultural identity, developing authentic manhood, and healthy relationships.
Dr.Cartman’s new book is called Lady’s Man: Conversations for Young Black Men about Relationships and Manhood. It is a critical thinking guide that addresses historical trauma, hip hop, emotional intelligence, intimacy, communication, power, purpose and a variety of other topics. It has been received with great critical acclaim: “.Cornel West referred to him as ..one of the wise and visionary writers of his generation.” The book is called “…penetrating, poignant and personal...” by Na’im Akbar, and an “instant classic” by Jessica Care Mooore. Jawanza Kunjufu says is does a “brilliant job in empowering Black males to reach their full potential.” The book is a tool for families, teachers, mentors, and coaches to help young men think critically, and build character, discover their purpose, love themselves and each other, communicate with clarity and intention, understand the need for proper education, relate to women with integrity, express their emotions, understand their place in history, develop healthy coping strategies, and learn how to build a world where all people are truly free.
Brother Sababu Plata, edited most of Amos Wilsons Books. He has continued the business African World Infosystems. He insured the publication of Blue Print for Black Power after Amos Death. There is no one who knows more about Amos Wilson, his plans, his day to day routine, his study habits and his organizing than Brother Plata
Brother Raymond Dugue was born and raised in Ayiti (Haiti) and educated in the U.S., Brother Raymond Dugué serves as the Second Assistant President General [PG2] of the UNIA♦ACL. He believes in One God, One Aim, and One Destiny. So much that, all he has ever wanted to do in his adult life is to serve this beautiful, Black and noble race. He attended the City College (CCNY) School of Engineering in Harlem graduating with a Bachelors of Engineering in Chemical Engineering in 1984. Afterwards, he completed a second degree in Mathematics, following in the footsteps of his African ancestors, the race of men andwomen who enlightened and educated the world in not only mathematics, science, and the arts, but were the first to establish the belief in God. As Black People were the first architects, artists, engineers, mathematicians, physicians, pyramid builders and
scientists, PG2 is but a modest and humble servant of African people. As such, PG2 Dugué always greets his African brothers and sisters with his familiar words, "I am at your service."  PG2 Dugué’ s role at the UNIA♦ACL is to interact and direct the UNIA Divisional Presidents throughout the world. PG2 Dugué is the editor of the Garvey's Voice, theofficial publication of the UNIA♦ACL. He is also the co-host of the Community Focus Radio Show broadcast every Monday and Tuesday from 8 PM to 9 PM on WVIP 93.5
FM IRIEJAM Radio in NY where the ideals of the UNIA are put forward in a news and
dialogue format. The host is the President General of the UNIA, the Honorable Michael R. Duncan.
PG2 Dugué has been married for 33 years and he and his wife - Dr. Marjorie Dugué -have four children: Rodney, Kemet, Khafre, and NZinga. Finally, in addition to being a committed follower of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, PG2 Dugué considers himself an offspring of the Great General Jean Jacques Dessalines and Francois Mackandal, two African warriors who espoused Race First and


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