The 8th Pan-African Congress has called for reparations regarding the extensive and continuing damage colonialism has done, writes Bennie Bunsee.

The 8th Pan-African Congress, held at the University of Johannesburg last week, broke new ground and showed that pan-Africanism is a developing ideology that can meet the dynamic changes occurring in our world.

African governments were not invited because of intervention at the last such congress, held in Uganda, when President Yoweri Musuveni's henchman, Uganda's chief intelligence officer, took hold of the meeting and moved it away from its original purpose.

Kwesi Prah and his colleague Bankie Foster Bankie of Namibia were the driving forces behind the organisation of the 8th Pan-African Congress.

Pan-Africanism can be described as the universal and abiding doctrine of global African liberation. It was born in the diaspora in the wake of the Atlantic slavery of over 20-million Africans and reflected the hunger of the enslaved Africans to overcome their dispersal, dispossession and dehumanisation...CONTINUES

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