On Sunday, May 3rd, the People’s Organization for Progress will host a march and rally against police brutality in solidarity with the people of Baltimore!

          Calling it ‘Baltimore And New Jersey, Same Struggle, Same Fight: A March In Solidarity With The Baltimore Protestors And To Demand Justice For Freddie Gray For Freddie Gray, Abdul Kamal, Kashad Ashford, Jerame Reid And All Victims of Police Brutality,’ it will begin at 2pm at the Lincoln Monument in Newark.
          Yesterday, the state prosecutor from Baltimore announced that charges ranging from second degree murder to manslaughter and assault were being filed against the six officers involved in the April 19th death of Freddie Gray in their custody.
          Gray’s death, ruled a homicide by medical examiners, triggered sustained historic protests in very large numbers.
          “What is happening with the prosecution of this case should be happening in a whole number of similar cases of police brutality all over the country, including cases right here in New Jersey like that of Abdul Kamal, Kashad Ashford and Jerame Reid,” said an emphatic Lawrence Hamm, the founding chairman of the People’s Organization for Progress.
          The NJ state attorney general has an abysmal record on prosecuting police brutality cases, according to march organizers.
          They cite those cases as recent evidence of that problem.
          An unarmed Abdul Kamal was shot 10 times with his hands in his pockets and yet no charges were brought against those officers. Kashad Ashford was unconscious in a crashed automobile when he was shot in the head nine times and no charges were brought against those officers involved. In fact, because NJ State troopers were involved in that incident, the attorney general’s office is fighting to keep all evidence in that case away from the public! Jerame Reid was shot with his hands up on videotape and yet no charges have been brought against those officers involved.
          The People’s Organization for Progress is hosting a National Million People’s March Against Police Brutality in Newark on July 25th
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NEWARK, NJ 07101
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