Nineteen activists and organizations responded to Mayor Baraka’s Emergency meeting hosted by the Newark AntiViolence Coalition (NAVC) last week.
            The Mayor is seeking fresh community based strategies to help stem the tide of gun violence. Summer ended with an ugly spate of violence that continues to trouble all sectors of the city and community.
            Participants to agreed to meet every two weeks to bring their respective efforts and services closer together and to do united projects when and where possible.
            The NAVC will host weekly rallies for the month of October.
            “We are still struggling with the plague of gun violence in our town,” said Zayid Muhammad, media advocate for the NAVC and gun violence.
            “We are not facing the dangerous indifference that we confronted in our earlier efforts.
            “Our work definitely made a difference in changing that dynamic, and electing a mayor seeking united and organic participatory responses has and is also a making a real difference,” he finished…
            On Wednesday, September 28th, ‘Occupy The Block,’ the antiviolence community engagement initiative of Mayor Ras Baraka, will take place at Oscar Miles Village, 190 Court St, Newark 5:30pm. 
            On Thursday, September 29th, the ‘Occupy The Block’ engagement walk will take place at Georgia King Village, 250 Georgia King Village, Newark at 5:30pm.
            The Newark AntiViolence Coalition is a co-sponsor and participant of  ‘Occupy The Block’…
            For more information about the Newark AntiViolence Coalition, please 908 605-NAVC…
The Newark Anti-Violence Coalition (NAVC)
(908) 605-NAVC
Facebook.com / newark antiviolencecoalition
Facebook.com /newarkanti-violencecoalition group

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