On Wednesday, October 5th, the Newark AntiViolence Coalition (NAVC) will host a rally condemning the recent spate of violence in the community.
            It will take place at No. 7th Street and Abington Avenue, near Bloomfield Avenue, Newark at 5:30pm.
            The rally site is also the scene of the recent police shooting that left two suspects dead and one taken into custody. There been questions on both sides about how the incident was handled. The NAVC wants to remind everyone that the bigger picture is that that neighborhood was traumatized and they need support as well. There are two schools within walking distance from the incident.
            “We are rallying to help that community heal from that trauma from the incident and to condemn all of the recent violence traumatizing the city,” said Keesha Eure, the NAVC’s chair.
            “Gun violence, criminal violence like carjackings, armed robberies and burglaries, child abuse and police violence, where proven to have been excessive, all of it is wrong,” she emphasized.
            The rally will be the first of several this month that the NAVC will host.
            Just last week, they co-hosted an emergency community meeting with Mayor Ras Baraka. Nineteen organizations responded and agreed to create a network to work closer together on the issue of the violence still plaguing the city.
            The NAVC agreed to host an anti-violence rally every Wednesday during the month of October.

Contact:The Newark Anti-Violence Coalition (NAVC)
(908) 605-NAVC / newark antiviolencecoalition /newarkanti-violencecoalition group

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