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queen%2Bi%2Bgreet%2Bu-1%2Bcopy.jpgYou Don't Know Me


You don't know me

you had a chance to know me

before we made love

you had a chance to know my mind

understand my fears

learn about issues

help me heal some things

but you wanted to make love

so you don't know me

we made love

but you don't know me

don't have a clue

think I'm a good d

or some good tight p

but you don't know me

and never will now

because you wanted to make love

you wanted to get a nut

we didn't even talk much

a little bit leading up to sex

I went along

I was horny too

but you don't know me

and I don't know you

now we never will

we blew it forever

because we made love

too fast too quick too soon

now you think you own me

I can't breathe

can't talk on the phone to friends

because we made love

because I gave you some d

you gave me some p

now I'm no longer human

I'm your love slave

you my slave

we're in love but you don't know me

we gonna get married

but you don't know me

we're gonna have children

but you don't know me

you're gonna beat my ass

but you don't know me

you're going to jail

but you don't know me

we're getting a divorce

but you don't know me

now we're friends "Just Friends" Charlie Parker tune

But you don't know me and never will.

--Marvin X

From the Mythology of Love by Marvin X



New York Vision Festival, June 5-11

Posted: 24 May 2011 12:34 PM PDT

Louis Reyes Rivera


Woody King

Ed Bullins

Amiri Baraka

Marvin X


take a stand
• Take A Stand – Arts and Community
Arts For Art maintains a commitment to understand what is at play in the world around us and theeffect on our creative community. We are leading the way in building opportunities for uniting the spectrum of the innovative creative jazz music and related arts. The Vision Festival draws people from around the world who are interested in the great, the creative and the innovative with a shared sense of social responsibility. AFA has been working to strengthen the artistic communities by holding town meetings, panel discussions and creating opportunities for artists to perform and come together – to build a power through unity.

This year’s festival features 3 Public Discussions:

June 5 – 4pm

Opening the Festival - Obama, Class Struggle, The Media & The Arts
Amiri Baraka - The last Poet Laureate of New Jersey
Ed Bullins – Playwright; former Minister of Culture of the Black Panther Party
Woodie King - director and producer; founder and president of New Federal Theatre
Marvin X - Prime Minister of Poetry, First Poet's Church of the Latter Day Egyptian Revisionists
William Parker – bassist, composer
Louis Reyes Rivera, moderator – Poet; Former host of Perspective on WBAI

June 6 – 5pm

Imagining a Culture of Resistance & Radical Vision: Artists & Social Action
A panel of artists and activists from different perspectives explore the role of art and culture in
changing the world today, challenging people to think critically and envisioning another way the
world could be.

Panelists: Marc Ribot, David Henderson, Patricia Parker, Annie Day, Brandon Ross,
Michael Heller moderator.

June 9 – 5pm

Innovative Music in Education –

Musicians take on the struggle to include innovative music as part of arts curriculum,
and discuss the why and how to accomplish this critical task.

Panelists: Gerald Cleaver, Daniel Levin, Tom Zlabinger, Nicole Federici, Juan Pablo Carletti
Michael Heller moderator

Abrons Art Center is at 466 Grand Street (at Pitt Street) New York, NY 10002.
For more information visit www.artsforart.org, or contact us at 212-254-5420.
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