[by Ben Pate] Trying to decide where to go for a family vacation can be very challenging. You want something that will be memorable and exciting. Also, you want to find something that is unique and doesn't break the bank to pay for. If you consider yourself to be the adventurous type you should consider going on an African safari. Children will love seeing all of the exotic animal life that they probably thought did not really exist. If you are going to travel to Africa, however, you will need to make sure everyone has a valid passport. If you need to get a passport for a minor you can go online and hire a firm that handles issues for passports.

New Rules

Children and infants used to be able to travel on their parents passports. However, in today's society there are stricter laws safeguarding children. For this reason all minors are required to have their own passport, including infants. Obtaining a children's passport is quite easy, the standard requirements pertain, plus a letter of parental consent. If the parents are divorced then both parents must consent. The one stipulation regarding children's passports is that they are only valid for five years, and there is no renewal for children's passports.

African Safari

If you decide to take your family on an African safari you will never regret it. You can actually go online to look for deals on African safaris ahead of time. This will ensure that you are getting a great deal on your safari adventure. Not only will you get to witness incredible animals in their natural habitat, you will be viewing some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere in the world. By going on an African safari with your family you will be creating memories that will last forever. You and your family will never forget your African safari adventure.

South Africa

Many people are unaware of how modern South Africa is. They hear Africa and they think desert, wilderness, and third world. However, South Africa is very modern and features malaria-free game parks as well as clean structured roads that make an African Safari comfortable. When planning a safari it is much better to go through an independent company or privately book it. This is due to certain age restrictions regarding safaris.

Choosing Tanzania

One of the best places to go in Africa is Tanzania. Tanzania offers some of the most spectacular safaris in all of Africa. In fact, most people who are going to Africa for the sole purpose of going on a safari adventure choose Tanzania. The country has fantastic hotels and is very safe for travelers with families.

Great Destinations

Along with Tanzania, Botswana is a favorite among American tourists who travel to Africa. This country is also home to some of the most amazing safari experiences in the world. However, this country is more expensive to go to than Tanzania. If you are smart you will begin planning your safari vacation months in advance. By doing this, you will ensure that you are getting the best deal you can on your African adventure. Botswana is a great place to take the entire family, and you will surely never forget your time there.

More Information:

Your passport must be in order and all children no matter their age will require a passport for a minor. By keeping this in mind and ensuring all US passports needs are in order your family will be ready for the trip of a lifetime.

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  • Africa

    As others have said, do not go to Africa as a tourist, you won't taste the real Africa. Also make sure you go with an American African who has lived on the continent for some time. This person will ensure that you have a realistic expectation of Africa, protect you from the flimflams, show you where the good deals are, etc. Most important, start populating your gut with friendly bacteria (pre/probiotics) 30 days arriving in Africa.

  • Caricom

    Brothers and sisters,

    Africa for those of African descent is not a vacation destination. It is a return to our Motherland. The place our ancestors were kidnapped, enslaved and shipped under horrible conditions to these shores. Here our ancestors endured almost 200 years of humiliating slavery, reducing them to the level of animals. Today, almost 400 years since our ancestors kidnapping, we, their descendants should seriously consider returning to Africa, our homeland.

    Ghana is a great place to visit. My wife and I went for a month a few years ago. I experienced the sensation of two halves of my psyche coming together. Two halves I was unaware existed until I returned home. I left Ghana reluctantly and returned to the States determined to learn more about my home and my ancestors. This search led to my becoming a whole person, comfortable in my own skin and able to KNOW who I am. 

    My hope and prayer is that those who can afford to do so, return to Ghana. Notice what happens to you when you get off the plane and see hundreds and thousands of your distant cousins operating their own government, businesses, etc. You will see faces that are extremely familiar to you - relatives, neighbors, friends. 

    However, do not expect the native Ghanaian to embrace you with open arms. Just as we have been brainwashed, they have also. Thus, we have a distorted view of them and they have a distorted view of us. Many will call you 'obruni', which commonly means 'white man'. Why? Because of your language, clothing, mannerisms - not your color. 

    Take the time to strike up conversations and discussions with them and you will find a kind, warm loving people. Just as any other nation, the poor and dishonest will rob you blind if you let them, so beware. 

    Safari? To go a see some wild animals? No. Go to Africa to see your distant cousins. Go to Africa to feel the experience of becoming whole - one - content with yourself. Go to Africa to experience KNOWING who you are - a descendant of a mighty race of people. Indestructible and unconquerable.

    Let these brothers in Atlanta, GA assist you in this venture. They are highly qualified, experienced and honest brothers. Plus, their prices are honest and fair, considering all that you will receive. Shalom family.

    Africa for the Africans


  • South

    Please, if you are  a descendant of Africa, do not go to your home - Africa, as tourists. Go as if you are going to meet your people. Go as an African. Just like a European goes to Europe or a Jew goes to Israe. Do not try to be an American in Africa if you are a descendant of Africa. Most of the views expressed in the above email is rejected by SADA. We are an African people. We were uprooted; derousened. We have not really seen masses of our people governing themselves except in DC where we alway mess up by the usual problems among Africans. MONEY. Whether here in America or in African, we are very poor and those who have the money do not want to be part of us in our communities. So, if you want to be part of our people in the 21st Century, do not be a tourist in the land of your ancestors. Do not even go if you do not know anybody in the country of your choice in Africa. I realize why Safari is great to most Americans but it should not be for Africans. You should go home to your people.  We are therefore requesting that all those who want to go to Africa should join a home bound organization that is willing to lead you towards areas where you should go. African Americans are being miseducated. I thought it was during the Carter G. Woodson's time that most of us were miseducated and that since 1957, when FREEDOM was taken by the PAN AFRICANISTS to Ghana and then spread to all over Africa, the miseducation should come to an end.  There are 54 African countries in AU. What is impressive is that in all these countries we have one thing in common. Our Africanity. We as Africans have preserved most of the most important and colorful festivities in the world and that is what an African or a European going to Africa should be grateful to see. There are many other things that Africa and Africans can offer. Depending on what you want to see, you may go to East Africa, where animals abound or West Africa where the preservation of the traditional Africa is more preserved or go to North Africa where Arab influence and ancient Africa is predominant.  Also in Southern Africa, there are pockets of interesting things in South and Southern Africa. We in the SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF AFRICA (SADA), (AFRICANIZATION SOCIETY), Inc., invite you; Americans; blacks as well as whites to join us at www.sadainc.org and www.sada54.org.

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