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Every 4th of July, we are reminded of how "great" the united states is, beating its chest, if you will, as the elite example of freedom and equality. When one thinks of America, one of the first things that comes to mind is the historic Statue of Liberty. But have we really looked at this monument and asked ourselves what does a white woman dressed in a cloak, holding a tablet in one hand and a torch in the other, have to do with liberty? In order for us to fully understand the origin of our history and the wicked evolution of european lies (not history), we must question the origin of everyting we claim to be a part of. Which bringz me to the subject at hand—this "great" statue that supposedly depicts freedom for all inhabitants of this land.

You should know by now that freedom doesn't ring for everyone, namely us Afrikanz. When I look at this camouflage of the real truth of what amerikkka is about, I see the caucasian putting his woman on the pedestal once again (as if billboardz aren't enuff). What has the caucasian woman gone through that my Afrikan sistaz haven't, to receive this shout out? Besides, if we were to compare, the trialz and tribulationz Afrikan women have gone through far outweighs white women! So Y isn't Lady Liberty a black woman?? If you do your research, you will find that the original statue of liberty was an Afrikan woman!

According to writer, Jack Felder, the first original U.S. Statue of Liberty was to be dedicated to the liberation of the Afrikan slaves recently freed in 1865. He also reported that the original model had broken chainz of slavery at her feet and in her hand, as well as having a dark Afrikan-featured face.

Eduord-Rene Lefebvre de Laboula, of France, was the first to have the idea of building a statue in dedication to the liberation of Afrikan slaves in the U.S., in 1865. Laboula was an internationally renowned jurist and the author of a three-volume history of the United States. By 1865, he was already known in the U.S. from his pamphlets and articles published during the American civil war. His writingz, which were circulated all over France and, in translation here in the U.S., were crucial in persuading the French government not to recognize the confederate government. He was chairman of the French Anti-Slavery Society and vigorously defended the union cause. His celebrity would later be vital in gaining the support of Americanz to build the Statue of Liberty as a joint venture with the people of France.

EdFred.jpgA man by the name of Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi was a young sculptor who was a true believer in the freedom of man and woman. At 19, he opened his own sculpture studio in Paris. He had a passion for the colossal that was encouraged by the 19th century enthusiazm for the monument building. However, he drew his inspiration from ancient sources, most notably from ancient Kemet, a land he visited in 1856 to view Her-Em-Akhet, the pyramidz and the giant granite statuary of Abu Simbel and Thebes (all in Afrika). It was this man who was responsible for the development of this colossal monument.

The French liberalz had been watching very closely the events leading up to, during and after the US. Civil War. In 1860, after John Brown and a few men with him were murdered for physically attempting to free the Afrikanz held in slavery, Victor Hugo and Lefebvre de Laboula took up a collection among his countrymen and presented a gold medal to John Brown's widow.

Eventually, Bartholdi built a model faithful to the wishes of Laboula with broken chainz in her left hand and with distinct Afrikan facial features. The broken chainz were to indicate the broken chainz of slavery, for it is the Afrikan woman that truly has been violated. The Afrikan woman was, and still is, dehumanized from Queen to a "piece of ass;" raped mentally and physically of her dignity and was forced to mix the seed (Afrikan) with a weed (caucasian).

What's worse is to analyze the history of genocide strategically designed for the Afrikan woman... the base of the whole Afrikan race. Our sistaz are victimz of male chauvinizm; which initiated from caucasian philosophy. Prior to, and during the Kemetian Dynasties, our sistaz were field generalz, as well as the highest skilled warriorz in the many battles fought to protect our villages from invaderz. But today, bruthaz degrade them to the level of "Bitch or Hoe".

Bruthaz, if we don't patch up our relationship with our sistaz, our race will cease to exist. Think about it; if every sista on the planet decided to no longer bear children, what will happen to the Afrikan race? On the other hand sistaz, what if every brutha decided to sell out and embrace jungle fever?? What would happen to the Afrikan race? The point I'm making is that we need each other! No one can exist without the other. Now that we know that, let's act on it. Let's stop stereotyping each other as bitches and dogz because these acts were inflicted upon us by the slavemaster on the plantation. We are the product from yearz of our motherz being gang-raped in front of our fatherz. Our healing must begin now! We owe it to our childrenz grandchildren, yo!

It is a known fact this society is a male chauvinistically based one. The woman, no matter what color, has been seen only as a tool at the expense of the man. If any of you disagree, ask me Y they made up the story of Adam & Eve?! This story blames all of the negativity that exists on earth today on Eve, for eating the forbidden fruit. Therefore, every woman after Eve has been damned eternally because of this one womanz mistake.

In present society, mainly every image of the female is sexual. Look at the advertisement empire (billboardz, Tell-a lie-vision and magazines). What's even a deeper spell is the constant image of caucasian women. Everywhere you look you see "beauty adz" that portray white woman as the figment of ultimate beauty! Even our Afrikan businesses are glorifying caucasianz through advertising their products (ie, Essence. This is supposed to be a magazine for black women, yet for the past 5 or so yearz, I've noticed how they've been sneaking a couple caucasoidz between the pages). Which bringz me 360 to the topic at hand. The statue of liberty is seen as yet anutha caucasian portraying liberty and freedom.

Young bruthaz growing up, being cloned into the wack educational system and being home tutored by tell-a lie-vision, learn nothingabout being Afrikan, but everyting about being white. Needless to say, some bruthaz get caught up in the image of this alleged caucasiodial form of beauty. Some of our bruthaz begin to think the ultimate level of success is to have a long blonde-haired ghost at their side.

How does this tie into the Statue of Liberty? Ask yourself, "just who's liberty doesn't the statue stand for? Does she represent who was stolen and shipped to other landz to build empires and countries not of their own, then promised 2 mules and 40 acres but instead was stamped with the stereotype of being unintelligent, lazy, non-creative liabilities to the very society we were responsible for engineering?" Would you believe the answer to this question is the caucasian? Some may think it's the so-called jewz, but their experience was but a teaspoon out of an olympic-size swimming pool compared to what we Afrikanz have and still endure.

Has the caucasian had a history of being violated by anutha ethnic race? Is there any group from the caucasian race who was stolen from their land, packed into ships like sardines and shipped across the seas, and upon reaching the docks, sold as if they were a piece of meat to the highest bidder? So who's liberty does this statue stand for? If you look at it, it has the appearance of a caucasian woman, so evidently the engineerz are referring to the "harsh tribulationz" the caucasian must have endured to reach the level of freedom, right? But what has YT had to endure that outweighz the embattered, yet still surviving Afrikan?!!?

As stated before, the initial model was an Afrikan woman. This original model was presented to the American Committee on the Statue of Liberty. This committee denied the original model and demanded changes. The broken chainz in the left hand of the original model were removed and replaced with a tablet tucked inter her folded arm and the Afrikan face was altered to look more caucasian. On October 28, 1886, the revised model was erected and still standz today.

There's a little trivia surrounding the molding of Lady Liberty that's been omitted from the history books. You see, Lady Liberty is a direct descendant of an earlier project. It seemz Lady Liberty is a carbon copy of Bartholdi's made for Ismail Pasha, the young Khedive of Egypt. It was called, Egypt bringing light to Asia. The 75-foot-high lighthouse was to be erected at the entrance to the Suez Canal, at the tyme under construction. It must be noted that before the Suez Canal project, some Afrikan inhabitants did not want to leave and be relocated because the land was sacred. The culprits behind the project ended up flooding the land killing the people, totally disregarding their right to live on their own land.

Lighthouse.jpegIn 1869, when Ismail lost interest in building the lighthouse, Bartholdi turned his attention to creating a monument to American independence. He later hotly denied there was any connection between the 2 projects: "Everyone had seen the models of the Statue of Liberty made at ignorant of what it has cost me... My Statue of Liberty was a pure work of love, costing me the sacrifice of 10 years and $20,000—little perhaps for Americans, but a great deal for me... The Egyptian affair would have been purely a business transactions. I declare most emphatically, and I defy anyone in the world to contradict me, that the Statue of Liberty was offered to any other government." I guess because Ismail lost interest, Bartholdi now claimz he wasn't all that pressed and felt, because he was dissed, that he wasn't all that interested in return; but as far as doing the same model (just changing the color of the woman) for the American government, "it was an act of pure love," I seriously beg to differ. I think his love initially was catered to the Afrikanz in egypt. Anyway, the statue was erected; basically the same one that was to stand in the waterz of Afrika, now reside on the shores of amerikkkan soil.

The caucasian has and will continue to try keeping the masses ignorant to the truth. Just as with altering the face of Lady Liberty, he has changed the faces (thus changing the meaning) of Nefertiti, Cleopatra, the Virgin Mary and the Black Madonna—to name a few.

Look how they changed the appearance of catholicizmz Black Madonna. She is very dark-skinned yet she has caucasian features?!!? Is there such a thing as black-skinned white people?! The funny thing is early egyptologist used to describe our Ancestorz of Kemet as 'dark-skinned white people'. No where on the planet is the such a race? And if anyone think they can prove it, step to the mic.

In closing, the statue known as Lady Liberty cannot be based on true liberation because the very figure we see has not been violated then liberated overcoming the wickedness of the caucasian as our Afrikan sistaz have. The white woman cannot even begin to fathom an understanding of strength and perseverance Afrikan woman have endured. Therefore, I do not recognize this statue—WE should not recognize this statue, nor this country for that matter, as a symbol of truth and honesty! This work of lies is symbolic to the many deceitful and cover-up tactics practiced by the founderz of this country and handed down to the current 'rulerz' of today.

If you'd like to see an original copy of the real Statue of Liberty go to the Museum of the City of New York on 5th and 103rd Street. Strive for the truth. LIK SHOT!!

*This and similar articles can be read in M'Bwebe Ishangi's book, 'Analitikul Cogitationz'. For more info, gotodaghettotymz.com/analitikul/analitikul.html

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