Black_Lives_Matter_protest.jpg?itok=rr8McWijWhere is your voice, Mr. President?

Akyaaba Addai-Sebo | Where is the Pan-African spirit? The absence of African solidarity with African Americans who are being killed in US cities by state security forces driven by white supremacy is deeply saddening. From all over Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia, Black people must rise up to condemn the killing of our sisters and brothers in the US and offer any support we can to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Where is your voice, Mr. President?

Mr. President

Let your voice matter

Where Black Lives Matter

My President

Where is our voice?

Africa, Mother Africa

The Womb of Diaspora Africa

Mother Africa, the womb of Pan-Africa

Where is your voice?

While your children are gunned down

Where is your collective voice?

As the blood of your children is let out

In execution manner in the streets

And neighbourhoods of America

Where is your voice Mr. President?

As the police in America

Like their kith and kin the Klux Klux Klan

Humiliate and brutalise our kith and kin

And so brazenly do the American police

Kill our young ones with no white hood

And white cassock but with guns

And in uniform too

Yes, guns and uniforms paid for with public money

To protect the public but not the Black public

As in their eyes

The eyes of the American police

It is the lives of the White republic that Matter?


Mr. President

My President

In America of President Obama

Our kith and kin are being assassinated

As was done to Lumumba and as was done to King

By arms of the supremacist establishment order

Who throughout the years

Have kept our communities in a permanent state of disorder

As young men in America are being gunned down

And protests mount

In cities across America, Canada and in the United Kingdom

Crying and moaning and speaking to America thus:

“All we are saying…Black Lives Matter”

Why, Mr. President, Why, My President

Why is Africa not hearkening to the wailings and tribulations?

Our kith and kin are mourning, Mr. President

My President, where is your voice choked with grief?

Why is Africa not rising?

Addis Ababa of the African Union, do you have TV and Radio sets

To set your hearts asunder?

Accra of Kwame Nkrumah, where is your thunder?

Cairo of Gamal Abdul Nasser, where is your lightning rod?

Algiers of Ahmed Ben Bella, where is your steel?

Conakry of Sekou Toure, where is your voice?

Bamako of Modibo Keita, where is your voice?

Lusaka of Kenneth Kaunda, where is your voice?

Kampala of Milton Obote, where is your voice?

Arusha of Julius Nyerere, where is your voice?

Maputo of Samora Machel, where is your voice?

Lagos of Murtala Mohammed, where is your voice?

Harare of Robert Mugabe, where is your voice?

Windhoek of Sam Nujoma, where is your voice?

Pretoria of Nelson Mandela, where is your voice?

The praetorian voice of collective action

That will wake up anon

The resounding voice of New Delhi of Nehru

The arousing voice of Belgrade of Tito

The commanding voice of Jakarta of Sukarno

The inspiring voice of Havana of Castro


Why are we not hearing the

Pan-African rallying voice of Port of Spain of Eric Williams?

Pan-African rallying voice of Kingston of Michael Manley?

Pan-African rallying voice of St. George’s of Maurice Bishop?

Yes, the Pan-Africa rallying voice of Ouagadogou of Thomas Sankara?

And the illuminating voice of Georgetown of Walter Rodney?


Oh, my President, where is your voice?

Oh, African Union, where is your collective voice?

Oh, Caricom, where is your collective voice?

My Foreign Minister, where is your voice?

Why have you not summoned the US Ambassador?

What are you waiting for?

Pan-African lives are being riddled with police bullets

Day in and day out

In the streets and neighbourhoods of America

Can’t you hear the shrieks of the Souls of Black Folks?

The Invisible Man - this human

Whose blood remains

Remain with us from the slave trading

To plantation life

To Civil War to broken promises

To Civil Rights?

Oh, why is Accra not responding?

Expressing no feeling?

Why is Kampala not responding?

Expressing no pain?

If Addis Ababa will not rise up

Accra and Kampala should

Pronounce to our kith and kin, that

They do not walk alone

Their pain is our pain

Their grief is our grief

Mr. President,

Instruct your ambassador and chancery staff

To carry your flagstaff in solidarity marches

With their own placards attesting firmly that

Black Lives Matter

Let our embassy staff join the human rights protests

For Black Lives Matter

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  • Europe

    Statement from a commentator on

    BLM (Black Lives Matter) was funded by an elitist bankster named George Soros. Documented here: 7:00
    A Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante) video

    Another commentator stated, "Black Lives Matter is a trick and a government psyop itself."

    Then, there is this gem: 8:38

    Here is what one man in the United States said of Obama:

    On Sat, Aug 22, 2015 at 4:24 PM, Bob <bobj3631@ wrote:
    There is no doubt in my mind that the goal of the Jesuit/Vatican/Khazarian Zionist Criminal Cabal for America has been achieved by none other than the Obamanation Administration. Watch how the Pope rewards our illustrious leader for his great accomplishments when he comes here mid-September. Do not be mislead, or mistaken by what you see and hear. Obama did accomplish what he was put in place to do, and he did an exemplary job for the World Powers to set America up for the Great Tribulation. With the level of debt developed by the last four administrations, we are so deep in the poor house that likely nothing will save us from the debt we incurred. Just watch and see, unless you and thousands of other 'Mercuns wake up and smell the cawfee, it's 'game over' for Amerika.

    Consider Ronald Reagan's suggestion some 30 years ago thereabouts and read II Chronicles 7:14, then act on it at least in some way. Do something, do anything, unless like so many others, you believe doing nothing will get you something. Unfortunately, that has been the 'American dream' playing out,...and look where we are now.   Bob J

    According to Philip Agee who authored Inside the Company, the CIA is in every country. Thus, that nefarious agency that President Kennedy wanted to disband, which was one reason why he was assassinated, is able to control all African leaders. And according to my Ethiopian friend, Joseph, any journalist who wants to disseminate the truth gets arrested. So the African press' hands are tied.

    There is only one source of truth other than my e-zine. That is my friend, Ibrahim Oridota's newspaper, Africa Diaspora, about which I have posted here in the recent past.

    If you doubt any of these links, there is a lot more I could post.


    Arlene Johnson


    To access my work, click on the icon that says Magazine.

  • Africa

    Wonderful piece. Kudos!

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