AFlogo1-300x135.png[by Melinda Gray] Advancing in your career is now more difficult than in the past. The strategies used by IT companies to promote their employees have suffered tremendous transformations during the recent years, and, especially because the IT industry is an ever-changing domain, it is no longer enough to be good at what you do. Here are some new methods to try out in order to increase your chances of getting promoted at your current workplace.

Expand your skill set

In the IT industry, it is very important to be up to date with what is happening, technology wise. Failing to do so will only lead to you being left behind, and your opportunities to grow and get promoted will only shrink. If you want to get ahead at your workplace, you need to show availability to grow. Start by identifying the areas you could be better at, and expand your skill set by taking online courses, participating in seminars and conferences, and striving to better yourself. It will help you more than you think when the company will need better expertise and knowledge from employees, and you will be the shining star.

Be a sport at your workplace

Many people feel miserable at work, and this may happen because they do not have the proper attitude. You have probably heard the expression 'be a team player' a thousand times, but this is more than that. Having the proper attitude at work can take you a long way, because it will inspire others to be productive, as well. Usually, these are traits to be found in a real leader and team manager, and they can help you get noticed by your boss, in order to get promoted on a managerial position.

Be prepared to take chances

If you just stay in your corner and do your job, expecting to be noticed, you may not get anywhere anytime soon. Now you have years of experience in your field, and your expertise should give you a boost of confidence. Be prepared to take some chances, by showing a new project to your boss, and proving that you have the capacity to take initiative and make things happen. This is the type of attitude leaders have, and it should come as no surprise that the boldest are those that succeed.

Be reliable

A true team player is the person that earns the others' trust. If your boss has no trouble entrusting you with new responsibilities, then it means that you should start tackling the issue, by taking it to your boss and asking for a promotion. However, you should be trustworthy not only for your boss, but also for your colleagues. By earning their trust, they will have no trouble seeing you as their leader, once you get promoted.

Cultivate your loyalty

The people in a company that get promoted are those that are the most loyal. Those that show in too obvious ways that they are constantly seeking something better are not exactly the best candidates for a promotion.

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