What to the Afrikan born in America is your Thanksgiving Day? 

A day whose genesis was born in the misery and pain of the usurped and slaughtered true Natives of this land, mayhem wrought by the hands of the invading savage and bloodthirsty European. The Puritans, the pure satans, who hid their true satanic nature behind zealous religious dogma. Your Thanksgiving Day of blood sacrifice was super-imposed on the indigenous Day of Giving Thanks for a bountiful harvest, as was the custom of every indigenous people who tended the land. 

Thus had the Pequot Nation gathered themselves together in 1637 to Give Thanks for their Green Corn Harvest, their annual ritual, when you descended upon them in their sleeping hours and slaughtered over 700 men, women and children. You bashed in skulls, you scalped them, and you burnt to death men, women and children yet alive. You celebrated over their screams of agonizing death. It was the very next day that the Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony declared a ‘Day of Giving Thanks’ for the successful slaughtering of over 700 men, women and children. What to the Afrikan born in America is your Thanksgiving Day? 

You continued to maraud your way thru the land, and after each successful slaughtering of an indigenous tribe your so-called ‘holy’ churches would announce a Day of Giving Thanks, you would feast. After you successfully beheaded men, women and children and allowed your ‘kids’ to kick their heads thru the streets as soccer balls, you would gather and feast in a Day of Giving Thanks, you would have many such days, your lust for blood was unquenchable. You would publicly display the heads of native chiefs impaled on poles for over 24 years, what savagery, what barbarism, what to the Afrikan born in America is your Thanksgiving Day? 

The more you killed, the more you gave thanks; your George Washington finally suggested that only one day of Thanksgiving be set aside per year, instead of celebrating and feasting after every massacre. Your Abraham Lincoln would in 1863 officially decree Thanksgiving Day a national holiday, incidentally this would be the same day he ordered troops to march against the starving Sioux in Minnesota. This is the genesis and history of your Thanksgiving Day, what is it to the Afrikan born in America? 

What vested interests have we in your celebration of blood sacrifice, of slaughter and mayhem, of the suffering and pain you inflicted on the natives to this land? When we ourselves were being beset upon by European slave hunters? Over 20 Afrikans would be sold into chattel bondage around 1619, your subjugation of the Afrikan would continue unabated as your first slave ship ‘Desire’ would be rolled out in 1636. Unchecked, the hoards and whores of Europe would plunge the Afrikan into the most brutal era of human existence known as the ‘Maafa’, the great Hellacaust, to date no other peoples on this planet has endured such savagery, much less survived. You gave thanks for that, why should we? 

It is estimated that hundreds of millions of Afrikans were kidnapped, slaughtered, worked to death over a 400 year period in order to build the wealth of America and Europe, you saw much to be thankful for as you still benefit from this era. We, however, have no vested interests in your Thanksgiving Day, it is not a day that we can with a clear conscience and informed presence of mind celebrate with you, to do so we would have to be sufficiently and effectively brainwashed, to do so will be but madness. Imagine a mother and father celebrating the murders of their sons and daughters with their murderers. It runs counter to reason and sanity. 

What to the Afrikan born in America is your Thanksgiving Day? it is a day that we will fast against your imperial greed, we will read and recite the truth to our youth, it is a day that we will gather with family and friends, not to gorge ourselves in gluttonous revelry, but to bond and re-bond, to plan and reason the seasons with each other, yes to laugh and relax but not at our own expense. To the Afrikan born and or residing in America your Thanksgiving Day is yours and yours alone.


In memory of our Ancestor Frederick Douglas



The Lions Tale © 11-27-14


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  • I have never heard this story of what happened in 1637.  Seems more lies have been told, more information has been withheld. 

    According to Wikipedia, the first Pilgrim Thanksgiving in the American colonies was celebrated in 1621 and was a harmonious celebration in which the original people were joined by the new British colonists (i.e. the pilgrims).

    It is also said that earlier Thanksgiving celebrations were held by the Spanish in Mexico and Florida, and by the Virginia colony.

    This information about the slaughter of the original people needs to be spread more widely.

    For me, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to join with family and friends in celebrating and sharing our good fortune.  It is important to give thanks, but this obviously should not be done on the back of the oppression of others.  We can give thanks at any time of year. 

    As my father has recently become an ancestor, I published this Thanksgiving blog post.

  • South

    absolutely Charles, I singled out Ancestor Frederick Douglas because the tone of the message was inspired by him 'What to the slave is your 4th of July'

  • South
    Remembrance of Ancestors of Carib, African, and of India.
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