What is Devotions- Feeling of Ardent Love

“There is always the danger that we may just do the work for the sake of the work. This is where the respect and the love and the devotion come in- that we do it to god, to Christ, and that’s why we try to do it as beautifully as possible”- Mother Teresa.

It is the love, often selfless affection and dedication, as to a person or principle. Devotion is the source which gives you the kindness, zeal and power to decide and to do the best from your conscience. This holy word is not confined to a single meaning rather it has multiple definitions which make it more pure and sacred. It is the journey of Faith of a person for the almighty, the highest power. It is the duty of a father towards his family and children. It is the zeal of a man to achieve success in your work. It is the joy of a bird to fly up above in the air. It is the prayer and chants of a monk to get enlighten. It will be tough to relate it to a single term. Our existence is nothing but our devotion towards our life, so to make it prosperous. This is the faith which we make and discover through devotion.

Faith gives inspiration and power to attain the goals of life. It helps a person to realize the inner self and his responsibility toward others. Devotion towards the god is one of the easiest ways to realize yourself and your duties. It gives you a positive energy to dedicate yourself towards your goal. The almighty never ask for anything else but only the love and affection for him. The beliefs you have, the teaching you received, the lessons you learned and the knowledge you gathered makes you devotional. Family also plays an important part in person’s devotions; it is the family where a person adapts and nurtures all the habits. It is always what you learn is what you teach, so getting a good and sound knowledge is essential to make others understand the same. It is about sharing the knowledge of god, his messages of wisdom to make a person a better man. Daily by sharing the thoughts and wisdom from the holy book will make your family devoted towards goodness.

“Every one of you has to live so that through your bodies, through your way of life, through your deeds, words, thoughts, books, and films — people may learn to love God!’- Jesus Christ

Devotions for family are the route to make your children and family understand the rich and positive teaching of god. It takes them to achieve moral and good ethics. By which the faith at home for god will be more and doing which will make the members of your family wise and humorous. Devotion is required to be a perfect man, without devoting your time in your passion it will be tough to become known, famous and a true person. Path to perfection can be achieved by keeping faith on Messiah. He is the only one who don’t judge people or become selfish. He is same for everyone and anyone. You should have faith on him and rest he will take care of provided you don’t indulge in committing any sin knowingly. Faith keeps a person devoted on god and in his living so one should preach god and should be thankful to god for giving him a life to live and also for showing a way to earn a living.

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