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By now, it has been reported and confirmed that Prince Rogers Nelson has made transition. Many people in the world were shocked and in disbelief given Prince's supposed optimum health. 

As for myself, when there is a lot of back and forth and endless speculation about an event in our world, I find it sobering to just go to the I Ching. I have been using the I Ching (Yi Jing) for over 3 decades and I have found it to be the most formidable advisor when it comes to even the simplest situations and events. 
The I Ching (Yi Ching) will give you an answer that will take you straight to the hidden causes as well as give you advise on how to perceive a situation and then on how to react to it. All too often we tend to jump right in and make so many speculations that we are so far afoot of the reality that we sound foolish.  Source

I have found the I Ching(Yi Jing) to have a sobering effect, even when you may want to line up with the party of conspiracy theorists, the I Ching(Yi Jing) has a way of pulling your reins and giving you the nudge you need into the right direction. Folks may not always want to believe it, or adhere to its advice or even discuss what one has received but for certain, the advice is powerful in its portent and sometimes it is so clear you cannot even pretend that it was not correct.
We have been studying the I Ching (Yi Jing) in our online workshops for over a year now. Our next series will be held this coming June 19, 2016. If you are interested please feel free to contact me. We have covered so much material and have learned so much from one another that it has become fun, fun, fun, more than I had even imagined.

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If you are interested in learning more about the I Ching Workshops Online, how to join us, what we discuss, etc. these videos will help give you that information. They contain a comprehensive look into the I Ching(Yi Jing) workshop materials covered in our series. Enjoy! (I Ching Workshops Online Video Playlist)
But let's get back to this Prince thing.
So, we did an experiment, when the whole Bill Cosby thing came about. We asked the oracles several questions and the answers we got not only put us on the right track of what was going on in Hollyweird, but it also helped us to see what part the Cos played in it and it showed us that he was far from innocent while he was also being manipulated. Maybe, I will see if I can post that workshop as well.
I have done some looking into things with other events like Sandy Hook, and the missing MH370 plane, which still hasn't been found, BTW, but those were done solo. This process involves others, and what I appreciate about it is that you who watch this video will get an opportunity to see how the I Ching Works, how the hexagrams come up and the reaction of the students as they watch the I Ching (Yi Jing) do its thing. Frankly, it is amazing and continues to amaze over and over again. I strongly encourage you all to follow along, write down the questions and ask them yourself if you are into using the I ching (Yi Jing). And again, if you would like to learn more about its usage, feel free to contact me.
This video will probably be a series with several parts. Bare with me, as I pull the video together. It seems that video equipment prefers short clips so I will work with that format and then put them in a playlist for you to watch.
I have watched and listened to several reports on the transition of Prince into the astral plane, and to be frank, after doing the readings, I really have no need for the back and forth speculations. The Yi made it quite clear what happened to him.
This is a process, and can not be done quickly, so you must be patient with the Yi Jing. If you rush it you may not get the depth of understanding from the responses that you need. You must also see how the Yi Jing works in responding to your query so you can follow along with its line of reasoning. And remember, try as hard as you can to create questions that are free from bias. If not, the I Ching will respond to your bias and seemingly not to your question at all. Now that's challenging, especially with situations that you have a passion for or deep connection with.
This process is developmental as well as educational. 
Feel free to leave your comments below. 
If you want to learn more about the Yi Jing, contact me as we will be starting our 6th Series of I Ching workshops Online, beginning June 19, 2016. 
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