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to whom it may concern,
i don't usually post anything on this board. but due to the recent attacks in kenya i find myself compelled to state the following. first of all, it is afrikan people who are caught up in the middle of a quasi-religious, racial conflict. and let's get this afrikan definition shit straight: the indigenous dark to brown-skinned populations of the motherland continent, whose descendants have also been spread about other regions of the planet through physical slavery. now, on one end, there are so-called muslims, who profess to be followers of a most beneficent god name allah. on the other there is a coalition of christian-jews, who project themselves onto the world as the true holders of godliness. yet, both groups have been responsible for the enslavement of my people on both sides of the atlantic. we have been persecuted for not being muslims, which means we are classed as infidels. on the other end, we have been persecuted for our lack of christian ideals, which identifies us as primitive and pagan.
in the mean time, the muslims and christians have renewed their ole war, for supremacy of this planet we call earth; while the so-called jews have exploited the conditions that have been created. therefore, afrikan people have no friends, which means we're on our own in terms of our self-preservation. therefore, the attacks in kenya have left us vulnerable on all fronts, vulnerable to the point that when such atrocities occur we're the ones who will usually suffer the most.
as a result of islamic imperialism, some afrikans became non-afrikans in their psyches and have taken part in the enslavement that the muslims have practiced on our people. one such example is the traitor tippu tip, a devout muslim religious-wise, but one flowing with afrikan blood in his veins. therefore, islam has had a grave effect on the maintenance of afrikan unity. 
on the other end, christian imperialism has managed to convert many afrikan people into its fold of control, creating another chasm where it now becomes a matter of being afrikan, muslim and christian, while, at the same time, all three groups have the same blood flowing in their veins. a classic example is the situation in the sudan, a name of which the muslims bestowed upon that part of the motherland. therefore, sudan has been partitioned into three sub-states with the muslims and christians at the forefront over the region's natural resources. in essence, what has taken place there is the same thing that's behind the attacks in kenya.
it was reported that when the attackers released some of their hostages, they did so according to ones so-called religious beliefs: those who professed islam were free to go. hence, the perception that the attacks had nothing to do with racial identity. yet, i'm quite sure there were no euro-amerikkkans set free because chances are none of them could not cite a passage from the quran, which was a method to tell who was who religious-wise. all the while, some afrikans were able to leave, and others weren't because they were either practitioners of our traditional afrikan spiritual beliefs or were christians. and who does this benefit? the euro-amerikkkan slash christians, that's who! it allows them to come in and appear as the good guys, under the various investigative agencies, the same ones who have fomented war after war on the afrikan continent for the sake of our mineral wealth, upon which euro-amerikkka is dependent on. now, let us ask what is the chief natural resource of the kenyan state? answer: oil! therefore, it is imperative for the euro-amerikkkans to have control of that part of our motherland, whereas the muslims portray themselves as the friends of afrikan people providing that they are muslims and not non-muslims.
it is when my people began to realize that neither group has our best interest in mind beyond religious affiliation, political position, economic wealth or racial makeup that we can restore our humanity and dignity as god's original peoples of this humble earth. then and only then, we can throw off the yoke of foreign imperialists whose vested interest is in controlling the planet's most wealthiest part: the motherland. and like fanon said so correctly, we are going to have to build a new afrikan man in order to do so. and we are going to have look inward where the key lies, regardless of what non-afrikans say and feel about the way in which we worship our god, whether called unkulunkulu, olegba, or oludumare. it only matters what we feel and think. damn the rest! and i do mean damn the rest!

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