War on the People



by Natalie ~

  Police across the United States have declared war on the American people, particularly on Blacks and other minorities.   More than one person is shot by the local police on a daily basis, most of them under the age of 20, and most of those shot tending to be unarmed.  Many of these victims have been children.  The victims have included fathers, mothers, children leaving birthday parties to go home, people on their wedding day preparing to be married, young parents celebrating their birthdays with their families and other unarmed innocents who should have had the expectation of police  protection — not of being shot by the police.  Often the victims’ hands have been up with the victim surrendering to police as the fatal bullets are being fired.  Victims with their hands up are frequently shot in the back. One teenager made the mistake of going down a stairwell as an NYPD officer was going up and the officer was startled that someone would be on the stairs at the same time he was.  While the police show no mercy, district attorneys and grand jurors, chosen from societies elites (too often from the KKK elites), generally give the officers a pass.

A small but representative sampling of the unarmed innocents executed by police across America in recent years includes: Oscar Grant, Donte Jordon, Andres Avila, Manual Diaz, Michael Nida, Jose de la Trinidad, Martin Angel Hernandez, Kimani Gray, Kendrec McDade, Timothy Russell, Malissa Williams, Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond, Ousmane Zongo, Timothy Stansbury,  Jr.,  Sean Bell, Orlando Barlow, Aaron Campbell, Victor Steen, Steven Eugene Washington, Alonzo Ashley, Wendell Allen, Ronald Madison, James Brissette, Ravares McGill, Ramarley Graham, Hans Kevin Arellano, Binh Van Nguyen, Jason Erling Hallstrom, Gerardo Diego Ayala, Jessica Gonzalez, Jonathan Ferrell, and Michael Brown.  Other innocents who died are also important but the volume of innocents being shot by police makes it impossible to include all in this article.

Unarmed and Innocent, Donte Jordan was shot 12 times in back by Long Beach Police

Virtually all law enforcement departments in major American cities  have been involved in the unarmed shootings of the innocent, including the NYPD, the Santa Ana Police Department, the Anaheim Police Department, the LAPD, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, the Long Beach Police Department, the Tustin Police Department, the Cleveland Police Department, the Pasadena Police Department, the Pomona Police Department,  Oakland Police Department, the Portland Police Department, the Pensacola Police Department, the New Orleans Police Department, the Sanford (Florida) Police Department, the Detroit Police Department, the Boston Police Department, and the Chicago Police Department, to name just some of the departments that have commonly engaged in such shootings.

While whites aren’t immune as some, such as Kelly Thomas who  was brutally killed  for no reason by the Fullerton Police, have discovered, the primary targets appear to be Blacks and Latinos.  According to the “Operation Ghetto Storm” Report, in 2012, 177 shootings of unarmed Blacks were declared “Justified” shootings.  91% of the people killed by Police in Chicago in 2012 were Black. 87% in New York. 100% in Saginaw and Rockford.

Chris Dorner’s alleged trial by fire at a cabin in Big Bear set the precedent that trials are unnecessary when the police choose to shoot and kill.  This article does not examine oddities in the Chris Dorner case (though the official version was ridiculous, unlikely, and contrary to evidence accumulated by honest reporters)  but it is important to note that the news media, most alternative medias and law enforcement accepted and approved of the  abandonment of the Sixth and Eight Amendments in connection with Chris Dorner.

Those in the street are aware that the police have guns —big guns and that the local and federal governments have abandoned theConstitution of the United States.  In ridding the public areas of Occupy Wall Street residents, mayors across America let it be known that this is no longer the country of the people but rather the country owned by and run for the elite.  Citizens United played into that by establishing that corporations have more election rights than people.

And what about the frame-ups that put have thousands of innocent persons of color on death row?  An innocent Troy Davis is dead.   An innocent Kevin Cooper could die.  An innocent Mumia Abu Jamal was on death row for 29 years .   Attempts to silence him are continuing as he remains in prison without possibility of parole.  Why was Mumia framed?  Because he was a reporter who told the truth about police activities.  Lesson: this is what awaits police targets who aren’t shot in the back or those who stand up for freedom.

So where do the people go from here? Following the failure of the Ferguson Grand Jury to hold Darren Wilson accountable for the brutal slaying of Michael Brown, in Los Angeles, citizens (the true owners of this country) closed down U.S. Highway 101 and Interstate 10.  In San Diego, citizens closed down Interstate 405.   Other actions took place in other American cities.  Various streets were the scenes of die-ins.  The California actions took place half-way across the country from Missouri.  Cities all across America joined in the protests. Solidarity actions also took place in other countries.  On Black Friday, 2014, protesters closed down shopping malls .–even in the white upper class areas of this country.  On November 30, it was learned that Darren Wilson had been forced into resigining  without benefits.  This was effective but was it limited to a short-term operation?  Will the movement die down?  Will Americans allow police to keep shooting the people?  Will your child be next?  Will Chinese and Dubai corporations continue to own your city halls and public areas?

There is a belief that the American people are too stupid and complacent to act in their own interests.  Will that change?  What makes Americans any different than those who allowed Hitler’s death camps to kill millions of Jews, Arabs, Blacks, Gypsies, reporters, professors, and others?  Is the Swastika the true symbol of lazy and disinterested Americans who are sitting back enjoying the fruits of corporate America while others starve and die in the streets?  And what about the prison industrial complex that houses a significantly larger percentage of our population than any other prison system in any other society in the world’s history?  Who are the real terrorists?  What gives us the right to dismantle other governments when law enforcement agencies across the U.S. are effectively authorized to continue to torture and kill our own citizens?  Why hasn’t the Justice Department acted to prosecute the officers in all the cases listed above?

If you believe the failure to indict Darren Wilson was fairness or justice, go back to your TV sets and listen to your propaganda — until you bury your own children as casualties of a war you didn’t care existed.

If you do care and are willing to stand up, you have a lot in common with the founders of this country, the authors of the Declaration of Independence.  Whatever their personal interests, they stood up and risked death for committing treason.  In the case of the protesters closing down freeways and business establishments, the fight is for the enforcement of the U.S. Constitution and that is not treason –that’s patriotism.

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  • Caricom


    Since it has become quite clear that American businesses are more concerned about “profit over people” and protecting “things over “the youth”, my family and I are officially declaring a boycott on Black Friday and all other unnecessary purchases promoted by an American economic system designed to exploit and take advantage of poor whites, blacks and other minorities.

    The erosion of civil and human rights, the broken American educational system, the school to prison pipeline, the tacit support and approval of police gunning down unarmed black men and the governments lies, deceit and promotion of constant war are no longer acceptable or tolerable by my family.

    All of these developments have caused us, as a family, to decide to stop purchasing anything and everything we do not absolutely need. We have also made a conscious decision to patronize black businesses whenever and wherever we can, in an effort to re-build a black economic base that has been historically and systematically destroyed and/or discouraged, as in the case of the 1921 Tulsa Riots.

    During that riot, on the part of whites against blacks, an entire prosperous community was destroyed, on the ground and in the air, by the state of Oklahoma. To this day, the state, the city and the nation refuse to acknowledge or compensate the black families and businesses that were destroyed. The whole story is on YouTube. Check it out.

    As a family we cannot tell others what to do, but as for me and my household, we will, from this day forward, never buy anything that supports a European holiday, festival or celebration. In addition, we will make every effort to consciously patronize black businesses whenever and wherever we can. We are not anti-white, but are certainly pro-black.

    Unless and until America is prepared to level the entire playing field so that black people have the “equal opportunity” as promised, we withdraw our families financial support of the American economic system and work diligently to create our own black economic system. Remember, it was an economic boycott that dismantled apartheid in South Africa. Let’s dismantle apartheid in America. Otherwise, we continue financing our own destruction.

    This message will be sent to every solicitation we receive online to make sure that American business gets the message. Black Americans control over $1 Trillion dollars and are white America’s Number 1 trading partner. In other words, we put more money into the American economy that the top 10 trading partners America has. If we stand together and withdraw our financial support, America must decide to either make righteous changes or perish.

    The rest is up to you and your families. We have the power. Let’s put up or shut up.

    Wes Bernard and Family

  • Baba Lukata's reply - 12/1/14 

    Asante Sana (Thank you very much) Sister Natalie for your insightful and passionate Akoben (Call to Action) for People of Afrikan Descent.  However, unless We also offer some definitive steps to take, most of our people will only know to explore and put themselves at farther risk of harm by the "judicial system" of america.  Those that don't get killed during the revolutionary that you are calling for will be entwined in the injustice system for life, which is a slow death.

    While i wholeheartedly concur with your Call for Action, i also feel the We must prepare for the war.  We need to better understand war strategies and elect our own generals, lieutenants, sergeants, and frontline warriors.  We need a national strategy session to map out our initial steps in this war against our humanity.  We need to get clarity about our commitment to fight to win, as Malcolm said, By Any Means Necessary!

    In the meantime, in MedgarEversville (Jackson), ms, We are prepping our children for battle through The Spring Break Youth Leadership Symposium will be held March 9 & 10, 2015 at Big Mama's Restaurant.  Students will be taught intellectual self-defense skills for "Ferguson-like situations" that could very easily save their lives and preserve their dignity.  Students will also be engaged in empowerment sessions ranging from historical misconceptions to current events to futuristic pursuits.  These sessions will be designed to sensitize the students to the imperative of developing a solid intellectual foundation for building a prosperous future for themselves.  We plan to share this type of REAL Learning with our children; Parents should make arrangements for their middle & high school students to be a part of this empowering event.  For more details call Mama Robinson 601.942.2224 or Baba Lukata 601.918.2698.

    These Training Symposiums are designed to engage our children from the community in constructive strategy sessions and positive interact with caring adults that will put them on an affirmed path to responsible adulthood. By engaging our children in interactive discussions with expectations of helping them appreciate the Cameroon, West African Adage - Knowledge is Better than Riches, we expect them to come out better persons. Parents, encourage your children to enroll early, due to limited seating and limited space.

    We feel that these kind of Freedom School Sessions need to be replicated across the country as an Akoben (Call to Action) by People of African Descent.  Sister Natalie, you have made a major contribution toward the Akoben for which We say Asante Sana (Thank you very much).  To learn more about the National Akoben (Call to Action), contact the REAL Learning Institute at realsoulutions@yahoo.com or call 601.918.2698.

  • I agree with a lot of what you have said.  Thanks for posting this. 

    War has been declared on Africa and people of African heritage, not just within the United States. 

    However, we can transform this situation.  We Need Solutions that Work

This reply was deleted.