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WANTED: African American Midwives - Non-profit organization seeks recruits.


Recent ICTC Doula Graduates

 Since 2002, ICTC has trained nearly 1,000 Full Circle Doulas(TM) with 90% being women of color to help reduce infant mortality by serving pregnant and new families. A doula is a trained community health worker, specializing in maternal, newborn and family health; and the need for doula services is growing.

ICTC is renowned for its culturally diverse curriculum that includes the legacy of the African American midwife, the effects of health inequities on birth outcomes, public health, and traditional comfort measures for labor, birth and the postpartum period, supporting the father and entrepreneurial skills.

Founder Shafia Monroe, comments, "Pregnancy, birth and mothering are special times, and it should be a time of joy. It’s proven that in many instances misinformation surrounds birth and parenting. This can cause women to experience unnecessary fear and stress that could contribute to early labor, poor birth outcomes and postpartum depression."

Interested ones are invited to train as an ICTC Full Circle Doula (FCD) in just 29 hours and graduate as a labor and postpartum doula. They can build a career while helping to improve birth outcomes. In response to the demand for more cultural competent doulas, the ICTC will be hosting 15 trainings across the US in 2014 to fulfill the need.

To register and/or to learn more about the ICTC doula program, visit or call (503) 460-9324.

The ICTC is an equal opportunity non-profit organization.


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Comment by Torgbui Y. A. Ametefe on January 28, 2014 at 11:26am

Greetings global family, 

my mom had 6 pregnancies in her life and 3 of my siblings did not finish their journey into this dimension/world. I was my mother's last born and I too could have been her 4th not to make it. The doctor had given up. Whom brought me into this physical world? A midwife! A smart backup move by my mom. At 1st lesson in Life. Woman is God's Gift to Mankind.

Please, take a look at:

Thank you

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