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ARE YOU READY? I am sure that all of you remember Hurricane Katrina and the effect it had on the Black Population of New Orleans and Mississippi. I am also sure that you've heard all kinds of stories about why so many of our people perished and some of them may be true. I won't get into those old stories but instead will allow those ghosts to rest. But there is one Ghost -- that will not rest, until All of you have taken preparedness to the next level. It is "The Ghost Of Things To Come." I am therefore warning all of you today to take time out to prepare Now!

We, the founder, associates, independent reps and friends of  Noah's Secret Inc., put this company together for YOU. Upon  visiting us you will find everything you might need to help protect you from the wrath of Mother Nature and man made disasters.  You should be able to survive for up to a week on your own if need be. So just grab our survival kit which delivers that peace of mind. If you think this message isn't for you... think again. Remember Tuscaloosa,AL and Joplin, Mo just weeks ago. We will be doing a membership drive in the weeks ahead and I want everyone who's reading these words to join. This is important people. How many African Americans and other minorities are prepared? Are you? What about your Mother? Sisters and brothers? What about your children? Join hands with us so we can account for you,your families and to set the record straight about Black Folk not taking Disaster Preparedness seriously. Many will perish if they are not prepared, Don't be one of them. This lesson we've already learned. We do not know WHEN or WHERE the next disaster will strike,but we do know for sure, another one will. You may not have enough time to prepare when it does, because Tornadoes do not give much warning. Disasters will be happening with more and more intensity and frequency. Learn why in our upcoming newsletters. So let's get busy and order your survival kits now.   Ask me about it!


We need all of you to prepare. It is not the government's responsibility to save your life my friends. That responsibility belongs to you and you alone. I look forward to serving you. Remember...."It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark!"

The Time To Prepare is NOW!      If you are a Business, Church or other Organization and would like to do a fund raiser with these products... call 770-572-6103 and ask for Delores. If you want to participate in this Membership Drive email us at


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How fast we can circulate this message throughout our communities?  Test your Power!

  Thank you in advance for lifting your voice.

One Love

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