Visiting on a Lumbini Buddhist Tour

Lumbini has the greatest significance in Buddhism for it being the birth place of Lord Buddha. Located in the foothills of Himalayas in Nepal, this world-renowned Buddhist pilgrimage site is quite close to the Indian border. Lumbini is among the four main Buddha holy sites, the other three being Bodhgaya, Sarnath and Kushinagar. Tourists usually plan a combined tour to Lumbini and Bodhgaya, the respective places of Buddha’s birth and Buddha enlightenment.

There are a number of places in and around Lumbini that are worth visiting on a Buddhist tour. Apart from various sacred sites, there are many historical and natural sites with a great appeal for the tourists. Here are some of these places you must be familiar with while planning a tour to Lumbini. Buddhist Monasteries

Lumbini Garden
Among the highlights of Lumbini Bodhgaya Buddhist tour is the Lumbini Garden, the site of Buddha’s birth. There are many monasteries and temples surrounding this garden and one can find Ashoka’s pillar made up of stone erected at the exact birthplace of the Lord. The pillar is popularly known as the Rummendei pillar.

Maya Devi Temple
An architectural marvel, this temple was built in the honor of Queen Maya Devi, mother of Lord Buddha. The temple has two sections, one constructed from stone and other from marble. The temple is also famous for the Pushkarni Pool, where the queen took a bath before giving birth to Buddha. The prince was also given the purification bath bat the same pool. A trip to this place is essentially included in the Lumbini Bodhgaya Buddhist tour packages.

Buddha Vihara
Dharmaswami Maharaja vihara is a Tibetan Gompa which is a popular Lumbini buddhist tour packages take to. Besides, there are many more monasteries located a few km from this Buddhist vihara. These monasteries belong to different styles, hailing from China, Vietnam, Japan and Korea and are must to see on a Lumbini Bodhgaya Buddhist tour.

Other Important Sites
Kapilvastu is another historical town located near Lumbini and is counted among Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Lumbini Bodhgaya Buddhist tour packages offer visit to Aroarakot, the birth town of Kanakmuni Buddha. Gotihawa and Kudan are among other sites with historical ruins which must be visited on a Lumbini Bodhgaya Buddhist tour.

One can plan to visit Lumbini during Buddhist fairs and festivals. Buddha Jayanti, Chaitra Purnima, Maghi and many such religious days are perfect occasions to choose among Lumbini Bodhgaya Buddhist tour packages. If you can’t schedule your trip for these occasions, you can plan it anytime round the year to have one of the greatest spiritual tours of your life.

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