By Doctor Sapphire:


Americans can seek forgiveness from the Egyptians whom our taxes suppressed for 30 years by visiting there in mass over the coming years to tour and help the economy recover.

As people to people who work for our living versus those who just profit off the sweat of the masses, we should try to help the Egyptian revolution by planning tours and vacations there over the next 5 years. This will help recover some of their financially loses.


Also, we do not want to see them with a US style democracy that secures those who legally steal, like US banks, mega industries, the international club of US sponsored regimes, as they greedily pile up wealth off the sweat of the under-paid US public.


Send out the message for people all over the world who want to see a real democracy that distributes wealth among all in Egypt; not one like the USA where a minority of the dirty rich dominate politics, medicine, media and all aspects of life as the rest of the Americans work 8 days a week to pay for basic living. Visit Egypt and share with the people the pitfalls of the European version of democracy that is about to blow up in the USA. Visit Egypt in groups, for honeymoons, for conferences and to study. Help the people earn money so that European governments have less opportunity to buy them another government; one that supports the European colony of Zion against the indigenous peoples of Palestine.


We do not want the Egyptians to have a democracy that does not provide health care and good education to all it citizens! We do not want to Egypt with a system that requires one to be a millionaire or be sponsored by private industry to run for public office. We do not want the Egyptians to be deceived about the reality of the violent nature of the US government that now speaks PEACE AND NON_VIOLENCE with the fork tongue from the dark lips of a brown man.


Egyptians! Know that the US continues to be the most violent nation on earth inside and outside. Americans can not demonstrate like the Egyptians did without getting permits and still they are placed in cages and surrounded by armed police. The USA for most of its life has committed genocide against Native Americans and Africans. The US has been invading and at war with nearby and far away peoples from its beginning until now. The US is into BOMBING and most nations with bombs got them from us. Obama! What is all this peace and non-violence about? Are you not bombing Pakistan and Afghanistan every day?


So Egyptians! Do not be deceived with all this peace and democracy talk coming from this warring Europeans. Egyptians! Africans! Asians! Arabs! Please do not once again listen to these Europeans with their newly elected brown speaker who would make you think that white folks (Western Europeans) invented democracy and that everybody else needs them to be civilized and democratic. The fact is that they are as cognitive disconnected as Mubarak!


Know that one fourth of the American people are barely making it these days; that the jails are full of black and brown people and the rich are getting richer and the middle class is stressed out. Profits from street drugs, alcohol and tobacco crack (cigarettes) is a major part of the USA gross income. Egypt! DO NOT look to the US and Western Europe; look to what is already in your culture as you began to construct a democracy that secures the basic needs of all your citizens..


Americans can seek forgiveness from the Egyptians whom our taxes suppressed for 30 years by visiting there in mass over the coming years to tour and help the economy recover.


Dr. Sapphire Mann Ahmed, NYC :

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